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I'm Dr Tony Huge, and I'm in Dubai on going to the airport to Kuwait. Oxygen. Jim, this is a business success. Secret and tip is that when you travel the world, you find places where there's an exception, amount of opportunity, more opportunity than the place that you may be raised in. ER that you may go into a college in and you could move to these places and exploit this opportunity like a lot of foreigners do. Come to Dubai, I notice in Dubai there's a huge opportunity for anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit or anybody who wants to make a lot more money than they do at home. And this goes for Americans as well. I mean, we think in America that we make a lot of money and that way have more opportunity than other countries. It's just not true. There's more opportunity in Dubai than there is in America. More opportunity, make more money. It's more business friendly, and a lot of people come here to make a lot of money and then go back home very wealthy, even jobs that you wouldn't think pay a lot in Dubai. They pay a lot because there's no tax here. There's no income tax. There's no messing with accounting. There's no regulations on business now. There are a lot of social regulations, a lot of very strict rules and fines for things that in America we're pretty free about, so that there is that trade off. But if someone's intent as young entrepreneur is to make a lot of money in a short period of time and be able to let their inner entrepreneur out without the limitations that we have in America quashing small business, then Dubai is somewhere to consider. We've met a lot of young entrepreneurs on this trip and buy and other people who came here for employment to make more money. They are able to save a lot of money because although things air here are very expensive, you can also live very cheaply to just like any city. And when we first got here, we were spending a fortune spending so much money on groceries and food. But as we got to know the locals and learn some of the local places, we found some of the cheaper prices. But everything here is impor, so it is generally a little bit more expensive than a place that I would have local food and a lot more expensive than I'm used to in Thailand or in Philippines. But you also make a lot more money here, and you don't have to pay sales tax, which means our sorry income tax, which means you have a lot more money available to spend. I also noticed that when you don't have to pay income tax, look in this country, which they are going to institute a five percent tax in the future. But it's not active yet. When you don't have to pay income tax, the leashes air off as to how much money you could make it right. When I was in America and I started reaching over two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year at that point paying fifty percent tax, it was like, Why am I working half of my here? Think about this. Six months out of my here is working to pay the government, and six months is working for myself and for what? What is the government doing for me? Nothing. When you consider here they have no income tax, and yet everything is nicer and cleaner and more technologically advanced, and there's more opportunity. Where the hell's all the tax money going in the US? So here there's no limitation. You don't feel restrained. You don't feel like mouse wheel rat race. Just making more money to pay the government. Instead, you feel like here is more about the opportunity. More about the entrepreneurship. Money is more respected in the U. S. You developed more hatred and jealousy here. As you make more money, you gain more respect. So it's a good environment to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit. You don't have to move to Dubai to get this, but you do have to travel a little bit to find out which environment lets you thrive best. Don't just settle for what you were born into or settle for what you learn from the college environment. What you're comfortable with. You've got to travel to find out which location is gonna let you thrive. The best no.

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