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Die aside, bodybuilding diary tick, not potassium sparing were on the phone with guru a mean, we've got kane bishop preparing to compete tomorrow here in dallas at the europa f b b pro bodybuilding show, and we're talking about diary tics, strategy and mineral manipulation for a bodybuilding show to come into the best condition in the show. Now we're not going to do anything weird or different for this show because we already nailed his condition pretty good, but there's some things that we need to know about di aside, which is one of the most common, and probably if you had to choose one diary tick to use in bodybuilding besides lasix, it would be that we die aside to be the one is the most commonly used one in body building to pull out the water from under the screen. Skin to look is shredded is possible. It's known as a potassium sparing diary attic versus lasix. Lasix makes you lose all your minerals. And so with lasix, we know that we have to load potassium before taking lasix. Otherwise our mineral balance going to be so far off, we're not going to be able to. Fill out and we're also going to cramp up, but i mean, was just talking about how we may be overestimating the potassium sparing effects of di aside ? I mean, can you explain to us a little bit more ? Every one of these diabetics are pretty much gave for somebody with hypertension ? Denny. Generally, they're holding a lot of water in their overweight turn on the condition that a body builders in right before you're doing a contest, they've actually never done studies on people that are in that type of condition. So the problem you have right off the bat is that the studies that you believe in aren't taken on the actual people like the case studies that we're doing this stuff on being the diuretic is used for a person with hypertension, he's holding water, then he's already holding the task you'd already holding sodium. So as long as he's not getting low potassium levels in his blood test, then they consider the drug to be potassium staring. And, for the most part, if you're, you know, holding a lot of water and a normal human being, and you're using drugs for hyper attention, which means you're going to be even holding more water than normal. So you're actually living overweight, usually. Okay. Then it would have to stick with it. Would make you cramp up. It wouldn't have potassium sparing effect. The differences is used when you use these same substances on a person who has not d cut back on water very, very little bit goes up to water. Would came, you know, very, very little water pieces because already in the muscle. So where is the water going to go ? Once you stop drinking a to go two sips. And if you're not getting enough your food that you're taking a dies i actual truth. Is that one of the waters ? Not they're in the bloodstream. Forget to take it. We'll take it from the hubble. Yeah, here's what you do. Hey, can you do this ? It would won't hurt you. It'll only benefit you if you don't do it. You know, you may look flat. You may not. It all depends on how you look before your student diuretic. But this will not hurt you in any way at all. Take about a quarter of a teaspoon. Only a quarter that's, not a lot tony knows of the no soul, which is fantastic and provide an excuse and just take that about five minutes before you take the diocese. I've, you know, relatively right before you take the guy's eyes and all that does is it acts as a a safety guard, basically preventing any water to be taken from the muscle in the event that the dye aside overpowers the kidneys and makes the body bullet will demand water to be excreted. It's decipher simpson from so to prevent you from becoming flat, and they sure that you stay dry on this side. Just a quarter of a teaspoon of that you saw makes a huge difference. Just a quarter. You don't need it before you don't eat it after its not like doing lasix. You don't have to soak you load are not a little potassium voting no, that is just making sure that you have enough so that when a dye aside it's you, it did through the potassium chloride you took and it doesn't take it from your muscles. Okay, so show us what kind of potassium you do have. Bishop, can you grab it ? All right, he's going. To grab what type of potassium that he has so that we can check if it is the potassium chlorate you're referring to so that we make sure we get the dosage correctly. Because if it's a different type which it looks like it is, it is. Oh, it's. Potassium chloride tablets. Ninety nine milligrams for one capsule. Okay. That's actually pretty effective time release it's. A capsule is probably not time release, which means it's pretty much the same thing has taken the news. All but the castle did, and they probably got rid of the taking agent in the no salt, which is probably better. It's not that strong, but it's not meant to be that strong. It's just meant to make sure that there's enough task in the bloodstream that whatever dies i doesn't try to kick out of the muscle people vessel. So on the on the label, it says that one capsule is three percent of the daily value of potassium. So one capsule seems like such a small amount. But you think that's that's adequate enough to tilt the balance ? Because i do too. You posted milligrams. I didn't hear you because usually the doses up, you know that surprise you ? Yeah, it's ninety nine milligrams so only a tenth of a gram it's ninety nine milligrams should want to do about five hundred milligrams dies that's. Nothing because you're thinking you're thinking like a tablet can use up tio. And if you put a detention and that's about that's about five hundred milligrams, probably of potassium, which would be about five pills. So it's. A very right. Okay, amazing god, that's, great information in perfect timing. So thank you so much for that information, and we're looking forward to killing it at the dallas europa tomorrow it hopefully came. Bishop will have his best conditioning on stage and will be touching base if you mean mohr on some or advanced body building stuff. And also you guys follow guru mean tto learn more about his advanced pioneering. He went. Evolution be swollen, swole, my pioneers of human evolution, my friends of freedom. Coach. Travel. Only huge love fan staying true to the badness. Nobody came out last way. Get away! Thank you. Get away!

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