Electrolytes | A bodybuilder’s View on Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc

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Today i'm going to talk about electrolytes and athletic performance in bodybuilding. There's more electrolytes, just sodium and potassium there's also calcium chloride, magnesium, phosphorus and then sodium and potassium. So i just had my blood test last week. Turns out i am very low in chloride. Now fluoride is is like corinne's like bleach it's in our water supply. You drink tap water from the municipal water source city water. Then you're going to get a lot of chloride for it also absorbs through the skin. So if you swim in a pool where you take a shower with municipal city water, then you're gonna get cool. Ride well, my house is on a well, so there's no floor right there. I drink water purified by reverse off moses so there is no glory chloride in my water, and i don't usually the tap water, so i'm not getting enough chloride. And, uh so since i got the test results back last night, i've been drinking a lot of tap water to get my chloride levels up. Sodium potassium are are the most important ones because of the ones of athletes that affect us, the most sodium we shed. Through sweat, so if you're sweating a lot, you need to take more sodium. So if you're on a low carbohydrate, diets taking in more sodium will help filled muscles make up for the fact that your glycogen stores are depleted. Potassium is especially important for bodybuilders because tassi um, deficiency will cause cramping and imagine being on a bodybuilding stage and cramping up for magic being in the gym and your and your muscles just can't flex appropriately because you're fishing and potassium bodybuilders take a lot of influence that, uh, deplete the body of a task like clenbuterol is a fat burner bodybuilders take and if you don't supplement with potassium beautiful, then you're gonna have a lot of cramps also atari, which is not an electrolyte but prevents cramps full on funeral bodybuilders also take diuretics, some diabetic sparkle, potassium sparing diuretics and summer no, if you're taking a diabetic, we need to make sure whether it's a potassium sparing one or not, because if it's potassium sparing, then you actually want to reduce your potassium intake cause if you have too much potassium can cause problems like irregular heartbeats, and the muscles don't fire correctly, so as you could see, the electrolytes are hard for a number of body functions. They, for example, they help your body conduct energy regulator, fluid balance, transport, nutrients support proper muscle function, which is what we're concerned about mostly year port, mental function, health convert calories, energy regulate ph very important regulate. Ph means your body's ability to handle the acidity in your bloodstream, which is very important because weightlifting on were burning carbohydrates. Our blood become more acidic. Lactic acid builds up the by product of burning carbohydrates, so electrolytes helps your body compensate for those ph adjust. So consider having blood test done to see where your electrolytes are bi approach to electrolytes is taking way more that necessary and let my body use what it needs and get rid of what it doesn't loan you're drinking enough water, you begin your exercising a lot, you'll be able to flush out xs electrolytes and do not forget the other smaller electrolytes like magnesium phosphorous. All right and calcium let's talk about some of the sources of the minerals. So how i get those minerals so sodium that's an easy one. Obvious. I just add salt to my food. Or all even put salt in water and drink it. If i think i'm low sodium potassium, you could eat banana. You could eat a sweet potato. But if you're trying to go low carb, then potassium pills work justice good it's the same thing. Your body does not know the diff that's between minerals that are found in food for purposes of electrolyte purposes and minerals that come in a pill. It is really taking a pill is totally fine for minerals. Uh, in fact, for magnesium, getting your magnesium through ah pil is a great source. You do not need to try toe work your diet around getting enough magnesium from foods because you won't magnesium. As a bodybuilder athlete, you burn through really quickly. So you need you have to take a magnesium supplement. Samos, samos. Think. Teo the chloride as i mentioned it's, just tap water. If your municipal taps of water supply works fine or even to showering and the water absorbs through the skin were hopping in a pool. Also, magnesium absorbs through the skin. So if you take an epsom salt bath, it will supercharge your entire body with magnesium. Epsom salt is magnesium self. So for a bodybuilding competition, the things you want to have on hand is a little bit of salt. Potassium pills. Oh, and pedialyte pedialyte has all the electrolytes in it with dextrose. Also was sugar, which helps fill in the muscles right before going on stage, coach marco was telling us an important a story about how he, when he was competing, and he thought his potassium levels were low because he was cramping up and petition deficiency and potassium causes cramping. And he was taking a lot of potassium, and it still wasn't working. And he added, in sodium, and the cramping stopped. So sometimes sodium deficiency can actually cause cramping, and most people would never expect that.

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