Eliminating Stress Hormones to Make Gains

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How to reduce court assault for gaining muscle and losing fat. Very popular topic people hypothesizing that if you can reduce or eliminate cortisol than our body's going to build muscle much easier and lose fat much easier. What we do know about court assault is if cortisol levels are higher, it's much harder to lose fat and it's also harder to gain muscle. It puts your body in a stress state, it says. Your body is stressed almost like fight or flight and it's not time to grow it's not time to rebuild it's timeto basically tear down but not even tear down fat like tear down muscle. So we do want to mitigates and i didn't say eliminate! I said mitigate cortisol because there are court a sol drugs that will eliminate cortisol that have some serious side effects. Cortisol has health benefits to it. Our body needs court assaults in our body for a reason, it's just that we don't want court assault to get out of range. We want to keep it within a normal, healthy range. So tell me more about why the big court assault craze and when does it really apply in gaining muscle building burning fat chorus sauce ? It's very important in the body so eliminating court is all as dangerous as that is what happens when you stop whatever that drug was eliminating it. And the after effects of what happens it's something you really don't want to play with when it comes to eliminating maybe lowering it could be a good idea, but the on ly reason for really needing something else to lower it is strictly because of today's day and age, the way people do diet and training and rely on drugs. How everything is going on, i think that's why corner sol has been brought up again because everything they do nowadays, it's just creating more and more quarter solved your doing all this fasted cardio with all these hard core low carb diets or akio diet with intense cardio and then still training on top of it. That in itself is going to cause a massive amount of cortisol production regardless of you being on drugs or not, however, in a general sense of building muscle typically should be trained more than five days a week, but at five days a week building muscle, you're usually a calorie surplus. We're doing something like that just being on. Steroids alone suppress cortisol growth hormone does to a lot of things, suppress court assault. There would be no reason to take something to decrease cortisol more. It wouldn't really give any muscle building effects when you're building muscle, but today's day and age. Like i said, people are getting ready for contest there. Doing this hour fasted cardio in the morning first thing, no calories after fasting, trade ours and then they go and train sometime during the day and are trained for whatever reason. They're doing cardio again after training and then constantly breaking themselves down in your body's natural responses increased the cortisol and so that's. Why a lot of times, too people's metabolisms will stop on top of the diets. They're not giving enough in their training too much because it's much breakdown, so the drugs they're taking is not really gonna be able to hinder that. Because your body's still senses all the damage you not give me enough to kill and you're doing too much that would tell you right now, that's not the best approach into losing weight. We interviewed savvy in london. Oh, and he said one of the keys to bodybuilding. Is reducing cortisol, which is why he doesn't have his athletes to any cardio whatsoever. And i'm just saying this is an extreme example of how he could easily use a drug he knows about all the drugs that reduced court assault, not using the drug he's using the training and the diet, which with the diet he's doing the frequent meals so he's not letting them because if you intermittent fast or anything, you are potentially gonna increase court assaults that's just a factor you have to factor in, but for him, it was all about adapting the training of the diet to minimize cortisol or keep it in a normal range and not put the body into a stress state, not about taking a drug that faucet. Still, syrian is a supplement there's other supplements that reduced court assault when i bought and over the counter at very high dosage hospital syrian products like, why don't you just do less cardio ? Or why don't you just eat more frequently ? Or why don't you just rest more ? You're gonna have a way better response than taking any supplement that's gonna reduce cortisone, but we'll do some experiments i'm going to take some going do experiment with high dose false little syrian and see if i know the difference when especially talking about taking cardio totally out of the equation. Some people that will work too, and you can also take drugs to get into a good condition without cardio. For the most part, i mean it's possible, and by lowering the cortisol that way you can come into shows much fuller and rounder. Now not everyone is the same, and sometimes taking those drugs can either eat muscle or cause the conditioning of the muscle to not look is good anyway. So i think cardio is. It still could be used as i still use also use it in clients, but it's being missed used nowadays and i think you could be using implemented mohr effectively alongside with training. So that's, i think, that's, just my opinion, but yes, you can come in a lot fuller and rounder without cardio. I do think most people to get to that condition level there's, some form of cardio is it's, not there.

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