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Emergency gyno treatment. Trevor, what do we do when we want to spare no expense ? We want to get rid of the guy noah's fastest possible. We're not worried about isolating the issue. We can do that later. We just want to get rid of it, quick, what the fuck is that ? God! Oh! First thing you ever want to do would be letrozole you killing everything you're killing estrogen's to the point where your body won't produce or roman ties any of anything. So if we hit it hard with let's resolve, even if it was a prolactin issue, prolactin and progesterone need estrogen. You guys got to remember that it feeds off of estrogen. So if your ass surgeon was completely shut down, you just hit it from both angles. If you had to pick one single thing to take let's resolve re electrodes, all will kill it. So start with letters all that way. You don't have to sit here and guess where there was prolactin or whether it was estrogen. You're killing astra gem, which in turn will reduce the prolactin buildup in progesterone. And you don't have to sit there and mess around with taking things like, you know, trying to find real k burgo, lean or tryingto use prom and then end up having some really bad side effects himself. There's one drug that you would have to take a letter. All right, dosage of letters, all if we want to just shotgun, blast it. We're not worried. About the side effects you get with dino always taper down in the dosage later. What do we have when we hit it with the half ? Life is roughly seventy two hours give or take so i probably i mean, if you're going to go extreme, i wouldn't go more than three the first day and then start dropping it down three pills the first first day and then you can go right into just backto one pillow or two and then one pill because three day, you know, half life if you start doing three for three days in a row, you're going to be in a world of hurt for about a week or so you're going to feel your joints hurting your head. There's gonna be a lot of side effects with having zero estrogen's if you're really that worried or if it's that bad where it's gonna be a permanent issue, we go three, two, one protocol or three one one and then stick to one for, you know, it's going to still take two or three days for the symptoms start going away and just remember that still building up, so don't overdo it, but you could do the three to one or three one one, and then you do that and you go into backto half every day and a half every other day in taper down. So it sounds like letters all alone is enough. But let's say out of an abundance of caution, i just want a shotgun blast it with his many drugs as possible, is it ? Is it going to help a little bit, even if i were to add kay burr, tamoxifin ra locked feen terms and other don't adus. Erm, if it's progesterone based i would you would get plenty out of cable going and let's resolve. If you take those two, whatever you have is going to be gone. If you tried to take tamoxifin and you were having progesterone issues, you could make it worse. And then, you know you've got to remember that and then turn another just side note to any of the sermons. The longer you stay on the sermon, the more sensitive they become into estrogen. So it is a good way to hit something hard. But if you're taking any angelone base like or tremble alone if you weren't trying to hit it with tamoxifin. You could actually make things worse. Something important to understand guys is you don't want to be on letters all for a really long time. I know a lot of guys that are so paranoid about dino, and they know that letter's all works it's the blast letters although keep taking letters. All this is a quick fix to get out of the gyno zone fast, but once you get out of the gyno zone, it's time to figure out which hormonal balance is actually causing the ongoing guy. No problem don't rely on something like letters all for the long term figure out whether it's, progesterone based causing the guy now, whether it's, estrogen based which substances that you're taking your converting astra and that's causing the problem, whether you respond well to a sermon like tamoxifen, preferably like a real oxytocin, or whether you respond better to something that just reduces the estrogen your bloodstream, like in roma, tae's inhibitor and also keep in mind the guy does often caused not by the amount of ash surgeon, but kind of the ratio of your androgynous to estrogen. So ifyou're androgens air really low even if your aspersions low, you, khun still have dino. This is videos on lee about the quick emergency fix, think long term after that be swelled swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. So i guess i'd like to consider myself a studious person. Usually weigh all of the options very carefully before making a decision. That's. Why my choice to begin steroids was so carefully calculated after weighing all of the benefits versus all the risks. If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily, get this subscribe.

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