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All right, so something of the week as s for, uh, by enhance athlete, which actually helps with your hardness, strength muscle as well as fat loss. It's, pretty sick. You just put some of crap very strong. You don't want to go with fifty milligrams, they run twenty five peach hill, good stuff. You'll see the difference. It was four weeks, guys, and we're going to hell in hand in a national. You don't have to tell you a little. You already know stand he's. Gotta have a slim what ? This is what i'm gonna be taken. The energy by enhanced athlete. I popped three of these things, man, they're going. I don't need that. Here it is. I still have two russian holding back to the wires. You okay ? Okay. See that ? No wireless. We'll see you. No excuses. Butcher not watcher. Go. Working on his own. We don't work on excuses. So we wait. Ha! Iron funnies, shirt up sleep aren't funny. No. Yeah. This is a a machine flying press. Yeah, that's. The one yeah, everyone over now, baby chris chest declined, is working up the bottom part. Yeah. Pretty twenty five story. Yeah, right. Yeah, i know. Really ? Anything. Well, look, look, after this, we're gonna go with, so we're gonna go pretty good company, go happy today. So we're going like, a basically ten to twelve breast, and this was kind of like me. So we're gonna really go up when it really hit well, push, play. B day today, we only have a week. We don't show up looking like some peace, so hey! Forty five. Uh, no. Probably a few. Probably a couple of forty five. I might have been, like, righted. Well, jane stop! Won't stop. Can't stop! Won't stop. Come on. What for ? What ? Burn. One soon three four. Hey! Nine. Three. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And well. Oh, i like to hear. Yeah. Enough. Yeah. Whoa! Yeah, please. No loki, for weeks. Holy you already know that you're working hard. Who ? All that for, for all right. National two thousand fourteen never before. You know, bigger barry. Okay. Oh! You three poor good! What ? Not you. Oh! Oh! Yeah. For home. Please. King. Yeah! Yeah. No. What ? Four. Well. Oof! Oh, oh, oh, oh! We won't be ready. No. So i just had a question about the king of enhanced athletes as me. Dr tony hughes gets back next week from bay from asia. You know everybody is gonna be missing them in the states and that's all i keep hearing where's. Antony, have you seen anthony ? We need to come back. When did he leave ? So those who've been following them and to keeping up with him a kind of know what he's been doing over in asia ? That's what i'm trying to help you, the company developing grow more as well, it's making more connections and you know anthony and is a pt or downtown having his fun. Has he been at me, lady boys, that's all on this thing, fun lady, i want to talk to, you know, get back in. I was just joking about the lady boys. I don't know it's gonna take me a second seriously, trevor, you don't talk to me. No five one. Four. Whoa! Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Wait for me. Well, front four. Yeah. No, no! Homer gush! Yeah, there's. A lot of living right now. Yeah. Over. Yeah. Move! Ouch! Little people problems. No, no way. Certainly two short like that. Let's. Sit down, it's like no. Little big problems. That's. Not a little problem. Three, four, five, six hey night, there's, someone i want two, four push, thank you, night. Hi! Fuck, you know. Uh does it ? What ? Yeah. School go! Yeah. Foreplay for what ? From where we were supposed to start before, so as a p j said earlier, thank you, thanks, mandy. So we're hitting, replying on this, we're going to do, ah, a giant sit, just decline, starting with this with this press flying machine, the combo. It takes a lot of other because the way that it seems is i can't really put that much on there, but highly effective it's worth like development, involuntary. Most of that we normally missile vinspresso, are inclined press any type of press for that that matter. Then we're going to follow this up with a dumb bell, declined press and finish it up on the hammer. Strength declined. Chris, right. When we get there, we're gonna be problem up with the first two exercises. Basically, we're just gonna isolate, declining to squeeze him out. It just kind of a range of courses in between ten and twelve, you know. You're talking about. Don't tell nobody, don't tell. All right, let's. Get you your man looking like this before we left. Two, four, six. I'm seeing, i'm first call out easily, faiveley. But then again, you know what i told you, don't stay next to me, man. I'm going to use that line trick, that plane two inches in front of, like something big. You have told you that one, that one turns. I'm like, wait here, please, he's gonna mike tyson. Mimi, we'll be like amanda holmes jumping up and down. But i want your first time on the seconds. I didn't leave you on your own, so you're left behind. I left him taking it off. Oh, did you bite the number two, i want you to get out of the way. I think you're all right, we're gonna fight number two. So, let's, go. No, i like you, it's like a pressed. Why, man ? Hit by the pants off. Poor no! Oh, doing a flat or be fined. More what now ? I see what it's like water. Yeah. Oh! Okay. No. Who ? Oh! Over. Yeah. Please. Yeah. Who's that. It's! What ? No! Oh! Uh, what ? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who ?

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