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Hey, wait. Talking about Jess is back in the house. That's right. Got don't you? Big Tom Brady was actually wearing the new and hand that waist trainer right there. Guys, you have fun with floating size, medium weight. Medium to Yeah, I actually tried a small and a small fish, but I like it just a little loose. You're expected. You know, when you're driving in the car, that's what. Thanks. That's true, man. You don't want to type, isn't it? Here you want. At the Rock. Just dropped off the first. That way, All back here, We're gonna wait it out. Wait, People wait, Suckers! You stick around, man. I got your back. You got to say I'm sure, boss. Making sign off on that. I get a quick way. Wait. What? What do you want to kill myself? Got the big hand rocking the latest hands. At least sport Frost, Former military jacket here. It's pretty sick love ejection killed. And I'm here with Thomas. Take a guy's body and the thing you know he's here with this was also in hands. Athlete Bodybuilder sweats classic. You both just sick. Get down here. I wanted to do some chest with this, but I gotta get back to work. And he is on the clock, but his boss to sign off on that right now. And he could stay and make this tape. Somebody's got supplying all the happy times, right? So you look Hey, this is the guy. Take your all the orders. Ships amount everything. So yeah, we get a up order, Quick. Wear. Herewith enhance athletes over here and finish rock owner of a Christian right here. And we have two questions for the gentleman who actually delivered exploring the last three weeks over an agent right here. You sure you want to know the Ghost River over there? But you know what? They don't know. You got the Internet like something in town. You got to say I might stay there, ask him about your tattoo on the back of his, But that says something like right? And so kind of writing a detective who is a boy. Oh,. That is elastic. We'LL have the other one, right? He's not telling you the way he fell asleep Way Just want to know how much fun was it And how often was it? That's all you want, Teo. I just want to know that I feel because to question how much fun and how often The main thing We came back with wear T test write a new one. That's awesome. So we're here, actually, like I said it for this, right? They're going to make it out. Chess workout. With Tony in a coach. Trevor and I, we're going to try saps, and we're gonna make it fun for you guys. Twenty back in the States. Stay too. All right, let's say we were gonna work on one of the chest today. Going today. Do like what you see. Ready. Took our enhance supplement waiting for it to kick in. Took about ten minutes ago. Started feeling very go. So let's make it happen. a . Yeah, I did it. What again? His came bishop over here with Coach Trevor. The body, of course, of this operation, so fine. Thankyou, States, No. Right. So happy. Really super happy. See some buddy. You're not Act around. It's all Brandon. Tell Phil, right? Just form it up those joints. That's a heavy way, because that's what we're looking for. Three weeks out now from nationals and we got this game plan put together so far, shocked about within hands manned and supplements that with the new actually brought out even the ones they had me. All right now and now with coach ever and Dr Hughes back. Oh, it's by police and chemistry in this. Uh, I like the chemistry they had over there. And Beijing, when they're banging, stay with me. Girlfriend. Just a heads up. This is the best condition. Kane's been in here, so you're on track for the first time. So what's out? What's out for him? I'm on DNP today. So, Philip, Flat, exhausted, hot, sweaty, tired. But that's exactly when it counts. You know You don't want to work out. You're going to stay consistent. That's why it helps working out with friends keep you on track like this. Here. How many minutes are you online now? I did only six hundred milligrams yesterday, but for some reason, I felt really sensitive to because I lost seven pounds in one day. Sometimes one day. Now, this isn't for everybody. The disclaimer, of course. You know, right? You don't do what I don't do what I do. But that actually isn't a really high dosage. I just was extremely sensitive to it yesterday, and so I dropped mostly water and carbs. But I definitely must have lost at least two pounds of fat. And I decreased my carbohydrate intake yesterday. So you were doing six hundred over in Asia? No, I just did it one day yesterday and dropped seven pounds. So it could I mean, personally, I think, You know, we take into consideration of, like, climate Set. You're in him going from that particular climbing over here. The time changed everything. Maybe it just took a toll on his body. You know, he was really working pretty hard. Why? There's over names. So it's been you put, take put being tired in there DNP cards that using our fourteen hours of walking. So this guy, it would have been a great fat burner if we would have died it with, Yeah. What? Paul this fall from the gym. He's so enhance right now. Yeah. Would have been a chance. Try steps just a warm up, that chance squeezing out. I know I said this before, but on another shooting video. But I'LL say that kid, if you have any questions about the exercise or how do you like control yourself for us, like nutrition wise, develop your body or would not do? Locate us on enhanced coaching dot com. Okay, you confined myself, Coach Trevor, Dr Tony Hughes or even coach any of the other that are actually on the website. Come find us, guys, stop guessing and know what you're doing. Person to ask about trusting your That's Akash. But I know to try and use one color well, I went with a blue shoes, blue shorts in the booth, the extent I know about style. Trevor. I like the way everyone its one way joints form. As you can see, I'm rocking fatigue because it's it's wartime. Manus, We're in the gym. Wait, Please wait. Wait. Yes, because you're taller. Wait, wait. I love that I loathe you. I get that fun? So So I do work out myself for a warm up before I work out, so, you know the second part, you just get here. No thanks. One. Park. I'm all the way up. Nothing to stop you. Okay? Yeah, That's Maria. It's just gonna be a lot more work out of here. Back to work tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, let's resolve. Definitely helps with guy. Know for sure. The problem is, if you take too much, you crash your oxygen too much. Then you're going to be really lethargic and lose all your sex drive. He's just giving some people look a couple of corners. Indiana. He as well as common. Some of the supplements we have out like mint in France. Like one point. He's always staying on it. This is the guy you actually can hit. Twenty four seven. Yeah. Any questions about the supplements along with Locate him on the post. The life that we know Tio Felix, but for, you know, just kind of hit him. If you guys have snapchat confined there, Tony. That. So I like to throw in a different body. Part between sex, but not a body part. Takes a lot of blood flow from the body. First time working I wantto really merrily on chess Day. Keep the blood in my chest. But doing my cab between sets saves me a lot of times. My intensity up and it doesn't take too much blood flow away from my primary muscle group of the day in my chest. Just do it. That way. Wait, wait. Wait. Oh! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Before going on stage for thirty minutes. It will help you nor more cards. So Yeah, totally fine, but not here. And last night for hours. I didn't have. So I'm trying my best to keep up with you guys on Snapchat. But I get about a hundred friend requests today. So see, I try to add all you guys and then see, I get, um, like, a couple hundred messages a day, so I do my best to try and respond to them all. But if I miss you guys on here, just be patient. Just message me again and eventually all get back to you. It's just I only have so much time in today, but I do my best. Things on that what we're going to do to get rid of. Move to incline done bill chest press follow with some dumb bell flies on the incline as well. Let's go. Yeah, over. Yeah. What? Here. That damned doctor like Dan. Doctor legs. Almost all walk back to that. We need you. Yeah. Okay, Make it happen. Yeah. So all the chest flies I don't come up all the way. Because if I come up here, my chest relaxes. So I come right here and I stopped right there, Right where the tension stuff before the tension stops. So when I do it, it looks like a really short range of ocean. But because I'm keeping taunts, constant tension, chess is working. And it looks, you know, yeah. I have. Caveman style Dragon by the back of her head. Yeah, well, that's where you're going. You ever like this? I just got a proposal to open up the first enhance athlete Jim in the Philippines. So that would be fun. Any excuse to get me back to the Philippines. I'm down for no. Yeah. Yeah. I just knew that I didn't want to go places that dark, like Here's our ground. Okay, question from the rest. Well. Go. First time he's down and he's always worried about being full. And he was struck down by now. And that's the first friend. You can't do it mentally. I'm telling you, Watch out. National says He's never has never been like this since. Three and a half years ago when he was first making his breakout in the scene. An NPC So we'LL see him You'LL see what I'm talking about when you clean show you pictures of this prep for us savours. Now he's gonna I have a business haven't seen like that. Say it said, for use way like this come front double bicep liniment across this over. So I'm not afraid to admit this. My wife talks about Anthony's chest all the time. It's not weird. Guy has a nice looking chest, and I see what she's talking about Now. It's my first time actually looking, staring, does, has a nice bubbly chest. Just very good at what you're saying now, pretty much. And I'm not even saying it right, especially with these pants off. It's. Do you see how I look? I'm not opposed to. It depends on how I how I died. Kind of looks like it could, uh, it's a long show and you can kill me. It's nothing. That right there. You're lucky you are. Yeah. Thank you. It's that fast life. Right there's used to play that song for the video When we do that like that's that fast like you hit him with that wild Bob. Was that bad boy Bill, get it fast. Wait.

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