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Professor here is from here for my three thirty extra credit appointment. I'm ready for you. GPO in bodybuilding. A riff reporting This is a substance injected in order to thicken the blood. It can make you more vascular, and it can create more satellites. Cell proliferation, which results in muscle hyperplasia of the permanent building of new muscle cells. We did a video with Boston Lloyd explaining his protocol, and he was mainly using it to volume eyes, the blood to make himself more vascular. He also noticed an incredible amount of endurance benefits. But this is one of the most deadly bodybuilding drugs there are. It can result in stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular disease because the blood gets much thicker. And then, if especially if you becoming a dehydrated state with thicker blood like that, then you can be much more at risk for a stroke and even death. So that being said and understanding that everything that we do is experimental purposes on ly, not medical advice. Can you explain to us how EPO is used in bodybuilding? Specifically, how you've seen it used, eh? Pigeons used multiple different ways. It can be used in the off season. I've had clients take it in the offseason with insulin and growth and there is an amazing amount of hyperplasia that's created. It's to the point, actually, where it can create what's called plasma leakage. Meaning that the cell walls they split and divide so quickly that this is the new cells that are formed, the wall is weak. And so one of the people that we've that we've experimented with this stuff, okay, One of the people that I help that was using it was telling me to back off these bruises everywhere. I don't know where they're coming at. Bruce is a strange areas. I mean, they were They weren't like it didn't look anything like you was an injection or a punch or something like that. And when I saw it immediately, something told me that this is abnormal. Me abnormal in a way that, you know, I've been I understand science, Mattis, medicine, stuff like that. It was extremely abnormal. Go to the E R. Right now. You sure I don't feel bad? You go to the e. R. And this is what they told him it was science fiction. They said they'd never seen anything like it. The cells were splitting, dividing and creating so quickly that the new cell wall on the cells weren't solid enough. And so the plasma inside the cells was leaking, creating a bruising effect under the skin. So that was how he this is. Well, Colin Carlos did it. And in the off season, uh, and then there's another way to take BPO on. A lot of people know that it's because if the performance enhancement effects that it has being able to increase your body's ability toe a teepee, oxygen and all that because of more red blood cells. So there is another way that it can be used again. This is extremely dangerous. Do not do this. Okay, Now there is another way that it could be used. And instead of taking diary tix the last few weeks before a show which drops your water, you increase your red blood cells, which requires more water. You see, I said, with the increase run red blood cells now that acts like not even like a direct effect, that actually kind of acts like the way we talked about using Anna draw or it swells following you up before. But you don't hold any water because the red blood cells keep pulling the water in the new, the newly developed red blood cells from the So it's it's extremely dangerous, you know, because we're talking about close the boss. So you know, you're the bodybuilder that was getting the bruising. Yeah, Dawson. Lloyd wasn't getting bruising, and other athletes I know didn't get bruising from it. So do you think it was because he was taking a higher dosage and what is a normal dosage of you media? His actual regimen was from a rebound where he was taking it for a competition. And then he rebounded from the competition, and when he was getting ready for the competition, he was also taking growth and insulin. So I think that maybe their difference might be the timing, because we did do the hell week. We did do the hundred rounds. We did do the sodium loading. We did do the potassium loading. We did everything. And then the only added factor was the CEO. And then afterward, when he rebounded, he rebounded. It was beyond a normal rebound. It was like I said, it was what it was. He putting on muscle extremely fast. Fifty pounds The first week, fifty pounds of weight gained in one week. You OK? So Hee Pio usually takes period of time to start working it right. It's a cumulative effect, right? The blood thicker. That wasn't from the That was from the rebound after the show from the sodium buddy. But that's what I think. The CEO for bodybuilding purposes. Do you always combine it with insulin and growth hormone? Because those increase I g f. And that's what creates muscle hyperplasia, new muscles. It makes it more dangerous. That's what makes it extremely dangerous, but it also is what makes it extremely effective. So this is where we run a fine line with science and evolution. Okay, the fine line is to find the balance between what's dangerous and what works and what safe, not dangerous. And yet you can be used in modification modified, and that's what we're doing. We, through the experiences that I've had over the years, people like Carlos, who had helped mistakes that I've made in the past and now coming back out to tell people about it. Suppose something that is normally cycled or is it ran for a long period. It's usually cycled, and unless you are actually taking it medically, for how long is a cycle? Usually you don't take it for more than four weeks. Okay, and then how long do you take a break between cycles? Well, the type of thing with the Because it is, it's a built up effect. We searched the building, so even after you stopped taking it, it's still working for like over a month afterwards. So it's not like something you want to cycle. So I'm not recommending that people take it, you know, with their cycles, especially the way that people are not focusing on their diets nowadays, you know, so it's it's kind of dangerous. But if you were to just take it for a competition or for a little while, you know you wouldn't want to run it for more than four. What things could someone do tow, minimise the risk of death or stroke while on people kind of really pay attention to yourself, make sure you feel the hydration because the main thing is is that what's called mud blood or the blood gets so thick that it's like, you know, it's quagga elated through the through, the body doesn't move to the veins and caused the heart to stop. So you can actually look at yourself and you can see how dry you get. And, you know, stop taking the pope because I'm getting two dry. Can't drink enough water to be full and get this dry like you, literally. If you just do a few reps, you're so pumped up you feel like you're going to rip your buy. It really makes you crazy pump. So then you start to realize that you can't possibly keep enough water and hydration and you from getting that much blood. That's when you got to stop it. So then that four weeks, four week program may be cut short. Teo, you have to stop for a week. That's the thing with the Pio. You don'tjust cycle it. You may start a cycle, but you may also have to stop it and, like, pull back and then, you know, add a little bit back in or pull back for a couple weeks because of accumulation. How frequent are the injections? Usually is that every day type of injection once a week, three times it can be every day or it can be three times a week it all depends on how much you take and how short of a time where you're trying to get it. It is a cumulative effect, and I don't recommend that people take a bullet does because then you're dealing with residual side effects. Later. What is Ebo classified in the United States? Is it in the river? A protein? Is it a prescription medication is a perfect prescription. It sze mostly abuse by a cyclist. Actually, bodybuilders didn't really get too much of a hold of it because when it was talked about in books like Steroid Opens for Dan Do Chains Underground Steroid Handbook was really available that much people couldn't get. It was like the girl from the human trap like we're talking about. It's not really available, so it wasn't considered to be so dangerous. Bicyclist on the other hands, they had sponsorship, lots of monies, people with doping. You know Lance Armstrong, and that's been going on for since the since cycling began, just like it has in bodybuilding. The only difference is, is that they're getting in trouble for it, and we're not on that Mohr advanced bodybuilding chemistry to come. Thank you, guru mean hottie alert. Be swell in school, my friends of Freedom pioneers Theo.

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