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Clinton butera ll dosages and protocols i'm dr tony huge, and i have assembled for you various experts in the field that you recognize from other videos from olympia competitors, bodybuilding competitors and coaches. So we're going to go down the line here, and we're gonna get their opinions on clenbuterol, dosages and protocols. So you have a palermo style that's always ah, popular one and his is ah, the theory behind our concept mind is to run clenbuterol, and even though you don't feel the effects that still working, which is true to an extent, but at the same time, you stay on it for maybe eight, twelve weeks for your whole prep, and you can actually cause a lot of cnn's damage that way. That protocol is basically we're starting with the twenty micrograms, and then you work your way up some people as high as one hundred hundred fifty i think it is so you have a pyramid, you have a pyramid style up until your show and that's like an entire, maybe eight to twelve weeks or so. And then you have the standard approach. Usually you hear about online where you would do two weeks. On in two weeks, off of a substance. And you would do the same care miss him, but in a much shorter time frame in two weeks there's another side to that too and it's just up regulating those receptors with things like you can do but benadryl or prescription versions of that drug. Enough regulated so you can take longer time on this drug and not cause much damage to the cns. Beautiful initially raise his blood pressure. But then it comes back down and you actually it'll do the exact opposite. Unless you're taking extreme amounts that's gonna throw off your elector gold posters and your heart. So it goes up initially and then comes back down. So remember, it does increase blood pressure and also can lower it to an extent computer all happens to be hard on the heart so it's to each his own with that poison and qatada finn being the other anti histamine that causes recent cessation of the receptors. All right, marco has been known for using extremely high dosages of compound. So i want to know from you what are the high side of the dosages people have either started with. With club you'd roll or they end with at the end of one of these pyramids, and i assume that most people would start with twenty micrograms while they're sensitive to it that's effective enough, and then what do they work their way up to over what period of time ? Marco, that will be my recommendation to start very, very, very low dosage is due to the fact that you don't want to hijack your brain and shut down your receptors right away, and if you are planning it, and if you're planning to use these compound for many weeks, or should i say more than two weeks, i highly recommend benadryl because you will keep your father's open, especially during the night when you're raised in you. The whole idea is to drop your blood pressure from this compound because he tends to increase your heart rate and your blood pressure as well. So a lot of people can be sensitive to this. Some people can't even feel it, even though i always say this to people. If you can't feel it, the basking to do a m in the morning is to go get a thermometer, the ones you used to take the temperature for the babies and put it under your tongue forty five minutes before you take it in forty five minutes after you take his compound to make sure that this to see what level of degrees of temperature is going, because for the most part, if you are really not sensitive to this and you don't fill it, you body does. Teo fills the effects, and if you are how high blood pressure so you have a heart condition, you have to be more conscious about this compounds because he can cause damage and you can ended up in e r so if you have a twenty week prep and you're overweight and then you, i highly recommend you get some fat burners when your body right away. So you're going to do a four weeks on the weeks off and north for wigs on and that's the best way to do it, you get a tow weeks and and then at the same time, there is joe, him mine and i call ready. You can take right in between cycle's because ann and i like janine by and all the way through, because he's, really a great compound to run with the clan is almost like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yeah, and ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin stack is another one. People run in between clenbuterol cycles to keep the fat burning going, but re sensitized those clinton you're awfully receptors, by the way, i like adrian, ask corinne and ba twelve closer to the show because he makes you flash your water. And while you and lok are keys of energy throughout the workouts and slowdowns, your appetite, marco mentioned testing whether you're sensitive to the specific dosage of colombia raul, you're taking is checking your body temperature the way i check is i put my hand flat on the table and i see if it's shaking and if it's not shaking at all that i know i didn't take enough clenbuterol. If it's shaking just a little bit that i know i took the right amount and if it's shaking too much, i know i took too much clenbuterol and i should back down the dosage. Erm two sentinels that does also i i've known off of competitors, they go to sleep at night and when they shot everything off, they can. Hear their hearts go on going and going and going, and they can't sleep closer eyes well, that's, because they're extremely sensitive to these drug and that they should be taking a benadryl a night and maybe some camomile tea to relax. Calm your nerves and your blood, your blood pressure so your heart doesn't beat us fast and you can relax and get some rest at night. Otherwise you counteracting the effects all the fat burnings because, you know, getting your sleep in your breast and your hormones are not being active, and there is a debate online as to how effective benadryl is versus qatada fin that cantata finn is supposedly much, much more effective. It re sensitizing receptors let's go with court coach norm speaking for enhanced coaching. For thomas and i, the people that we have on prep, a lot of enhanced athletes will usually run it for the last six weeks not to dispute trevor. Two days on one day off on lee for the last six weeks. But as you know, i complain about diet so much if your diets on point, you're crushing it like you're supposed to. I don't think you really need to do the high dose ? I mean, we don't for us, we don't. We usually do over sixty. Only one day with the half life being longer. Beautiful one day isn't enough to totally flush out all the clenbuterol. So there's still some level in the body, but you're only running it for do you say six weeks ? Okay, six weeks. Give me an example of dosage that you do for the two days on. We'll start with twenty, but the highest will go sixty. I won't go over sixty if i have to go over sixty to me, i think their time is just not on point four. Maybe we need to adjust the cardio. All right, since you're a professional bodybuilder and you have a lot of experience with clint beater, all give me an example. What you thought was like a really good cycle you ran or what would you do for your next cycle ? And do you like the two days on one day off ? Is that what you would adopt s ? So i've done the traditional the two weeks on two weeks off in the past and ran it for a longer period of time and then i've also done the last four weeks before a show and ran it at a higher dose before a shorter period of time. Like norm said, if your diets not on point it's not really going to make a difference. So for me personally, like i like the hitting it harder the last four weeks instead of running it for a longer period of time. Would you do for fresno ? Oh, and that's the thing too. So speaking of diet, if you die it's on point, sometimes you don't need it. Fresno didn't do anything didn't use clint it all ? Yeah, i felt like my diet was on point enough. I was coming in just the way i expected too, so if i don't need it, i don't not going to take it. So you know hundreds if many, many hundreds of competitors and what they use. How common do you think clenbuterol in preparing for a competition is, i think, it's very common in all categories across the board across across the room, girls bikini all the way up to bodybuilding definitely used alright now, bishop, since you're going to be competing in olympia, you can't actually say what you're using, but i want you to just say what you have experienced in this field of bodybuilding and other competitors you've talked to what kind of protocols have you seen with clenbuterol ? Okay, no, i know everybody's been talking about the diet and honestly, that's kind of where we know that i didn't even use clenbuterol for, like, the last prep for new york pro. There was none in there. I didn't use any because we had no the diet. I mean, everything's about preventive, right ? So if you're going to be doing clint here, all make sure you guys are also doing fish oils. You gotta take your your fish oils because that kind of helps which are hard to keep him home. A strong and everything helps the blood flow oxygen delivered. You sleep well ? Actually, when you take your fish oils, guys, so that kind of helps counter balance the clinton funeral. But like i said, if your diet is on point, you know, you probably don't even need it gonna either go up one like the amount of cardio you do try to fasted cardio or start cut back on the carbs. And try to go ki tto or something like that, but as far as like the mountain are what people normally use, i would say hypothetically, if i was not going, if i didn't use it for new york and i want to get tighter than i would probably introduced a little bit, but small amounts just based on like my body and what i've been doing, if you like. And if you know, in the cardio, if you'll know on diet and most likely clint heroes like like the last like type of league direction, you would want to go as far as like trying to burn off again, you know, you know him buying that's another one that we kind of run, like you say together, because, like, when i have used it in the past, i did not do the shaking, but if i did, it would be like a little oh no, see not that amusing, but but if i were, would be shaking, but that's, how you can kind of tell, tell ifyou're not because again, you know the shakes and the rule of thumb is if you're shaken, then you probably taken too much. And if you do not shake and trust me, it's working he's just not probably doing too much and that's just his weight in the bodies way of, like alert used to like, you know what ? You're putting a compound and that's raising up your your blood pressure, you know, so to speak. So okay, you guys ready for dr tony ? Huge final opinion on clenbuterol number one i don't think it's a super healthy approach to body building for me, it's an absolute last resort. I don't see the point in using it until we're already under, like eight percent body fat. I mean, if we're above eight percent body fat ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin is in the work justice good. Personally, i used dnp don't you guys use it ? But i feel like the mps a lot healthier and safer to get down to eight percent and then if we're already in eight percent, body fat and we have enough muscle because the more muscle that you have, the faster you can burn off the fat, then you don't have to be on clenbuterol for very long. We don't have to worry that much about set desensitization c i prepare for a bodybuilding competition between five and ten days, so i could actually run a high dose of clint beat all those last days. I don't have to worry about any desensitization or a low dose. I have to worry about any desensitization, minimal impact on my heart because i'm running it for such a short period of time because i saved it for that last few percent of body fat that i had to lose, so that goes right in with what they're talking about is getting the diet under control in the training, under control and the other supplements under control. And then clenbuterol comes in right at the last second and starts at twenty micrograms each day. As long as i feel a little bit of a shake, if i don't feel a little time not talking just a little time just to even be able to tell that it's in my system and then if i can't feel that that i increased to thirty two, forty two, fifty and personally, i don't see any reason personally to go over sixty because i would never need to run it that long because i'm saving it for that last little bit of burning that that really stubborn body fat and i use it in conjunction with your combined at the same time because they're synergistic stomach before you up your dose again. And then we'll hit harder doing it that way. So just little tricks like that. You can keep a lower dose and they start taking it again on empty stomach. And you'd say maybe another week's worth the time on that way are going to get into fasting and intermittent fasting for bodybuilding. And i would like to run some tests on using clenbuterol during a fast to release the fattened burn, more fat during a fast. I think in that environment going to be especially effective. The swollen school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution, some bad section with best approaches in my water, and i'm flexing it for else fragile ration rice. I love i won't bot here, fronting with cash, is getting moody over here, hon it's on my bed section with him, i watered and i'm flat.

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