Facial Changes from Anabolics and PEDs | Coach Steve

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Can you discuss change in facial features with regard to steroid use? Yeah, it was a good one. Okay, so what happens is you have this job Bone jaw muscles here When you start taking steroids, can't remember not only the muscle that train crows, but every other muscle in your body. Girls as well as basically combined a girl from the get go. So when you chew food you created a micro had virtual free John. That's when a lot of guys, when they start using stand ***, they start blending their food because they get a job from the dry chicken, terrible food and then your job. This little reports. There's a lot of Thai guys. Here's a funny story. They do both talks your job so it doesn't grow. So they get a nice facial features even though there were guys on steroids. Yeah, Bo talks in there, John John don't grow their dramas. And then worse, the bone structure. You could change because growth ramon, especially guys to go into high growth hormone dosage is they get that tooth problems because their facial features change. Then they usually have pull the tooth. You don't know about this. No. So many guys have to start going through those holy cow again. That's a busy time for us to know you're on a truckload of girls. I see the eyebrow loans growing that peanut foreign shaped head. Yeah, I see that growth from a massive growth once that comes from having quit using problem eyes is a lot of years. So much use lower case in just over a longer period of time. But I do remember. Is that kid the first time I heard about like when they're talking about Barry Bonds, when there's guys like those crank in home runs in there, it's got huge. These guys were not paying things died much, so they always get bloated. Steve, next question for you is what do you think about the low dose H gh spread throughout the day? Great works. Great. Make sure it's for me. You like it? Okay, so I mean style with too many carbs. Monitor your blood sugar guys, make sure it doesn't go too high, Especially in the morning. They want you to talk louder, Josh and I'm picking a question that's trying pick question. That's not repetitive. No. Well, there's no lady questions. There was a couple of moments getting and Domina ll Hernia operation soon will in Cacic seven's up and help me recover quicker. Yeah. Yeah. In case six seven seven caused your body to produce more growth hormone, which heals tissue. So, yes, I'm sure you get some vitamin E in your diet is wall official help AIDS in recovery.

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