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Your h gh human growth hormone fake or real way ? No, we contest it in a lab very expensive procedure way also know that we can inject a bunch of growth hormone. Go get our labs done and see what our h gh serum level is. Unlike when we use a g f, you can't test that in your blood through a simple test. So that's what we usually do. But there's another way that we test our growth hormone when we're overseas were in colombia, as you can see there's a lot of soccer in colombia, but we're actually inside a mall. That's a mall, a mall watching soccer. And here we got a whole bunch of growth hormone from our buddy, our friend of freedom, jonathan right there. Who's, a steroid dealer it's legal to sell steroids here. So he's, a full blown distributor. And he helped us up with more stuff than we can ever have hopes to have gotten here, including, nor the trope and franz gina trophy and all this growth hormone that were experimenting with. And i said, coach, homer, how are we gonna test this stuff ? How we gonna know if this is really, without having to go find a lab and get our blood work because we're we'll have a really busy schedule here before we head off to europe from colombia. So explain the test that we did, and we'll go into more detail on this test that trevor, josh and i all did on the northern europe in men that we got here. So the test we did it's ah, it's a bit overkill. So let me just say that first and it's overkill because we just i wanted it done. I wanted it done. Now i want it done fast. Really have so long here and waken pick up more. But if we were to do it slower and use less amount, we wouldn't know, so we wouldn't know by the time we had to leave, we want bill to pick up more. So what we did was each panel was fifteen units and we took the fifteen units all at once on the first day. And then the next day, we started with five unit increments. Well, the reason why we did fifteen and we did all at once is even though it's not really a good thing. To do fifteen units will produce a lot of side effects aton of side of face, which is why i tell people use less growth, less growth hormone, but more frequently because you get less side effects of the actual growth hormone. But you can actually take advantage of producing more idea this way, not have a problem with the growth hormone. And so we did the fifteen units and what the first thing you'll notice on the fifteen units, you might get a little pump, but the biggest thing is your sleep when ugo, fifteen minutes once in your sleep, you don't sleep, you actually just sit there and get these quick thirty minute naps and you wake back up in your heart's going, you wait back up your heart's going, that was one of the first things you get when you blast it. And so actually, me and josh, i were joking about it in the morning that we were exhausted. We've been didn't go out that night. Our plan was to go out that night, and we ended up staying home because we were so tired. Which growth hormone makes you tired, especially at that dose, which is one sign, and so we want to go to bed. Both of us woke up in an hour and a half and couldn't go back to sleep, woke up five or six times throughout the night and took little thirty minute naps and which is extremely exhausted after that. That's. A pretty good sign. Everything is everything. When you just talked about growth hormone, symptoms are fake. You could fake those. But when you start taking all of these things it's hard to fake it, every one of them at once. And one good thing, especially in order to open water. Attention is a problem. And potassium taking her potassium is actually a really good way to know if your girlfriend israel. So one of the things that you start getting the carpal tunnel everyone knows the carpal tunnel it's not swollen hands. It's your instruments well, right away. But it's your ability to make a fist the carpal tunnel. Feeling through the risk from the inflammation inside like your body. Your tendons were trying to grow and hitting those tunnels. That's what that feeling is same with the feet and the ankles when you talk about things that everyone believes oh, i put on fifteen pounds of water. This is by the best growth hormone it's just it's a dirty, dirty product based is that what you're getting some beginning that much extra water and think it's good. So what happens is the sign of fakes looking gravity. They go to your extremities, they go to your hands and your feet so their hands and feet swell up, causing the same symptoms. And everyone believes it's the same thing which is not you get it's a specific feeling you'll get with these stimulate it's, a tingling sensation and the pain and like the ankles, your joint areas all your joints will start to hurt. So it's different than just water attention, pain and people don't really know the difference. So things the late for is your sleep sleep problems. If you shoot fifteen units at once and try to sleep, you're going to it's going to be really hard going beginning those incremental naps is you're recovering so fast to the carpal tunnel, the joint pain, three water attention but water attention should be is bad is from some of these chinese things these chinese products people are kind of they're misleading to some people with the side effects, and so those were the first things to tell it's not one hundred percent accurate test you'll never know because it could have growth hormone. It could have other things in it that causes, but for the most part, that is, and after a few days what you should notice safe, you're doing the fifteen units a day after three days or so four days, you should noticeably see yourself a lot fuller and leaner at the same time, and that should happen every single time, if not aside, growth hormone. I mean, it's that a parent ? If you're taking fifteen units of northern trump in the day with some insulin, you should be noticeably leaner and fuller, and that should be a first sign. There's nothing you could do take toe bake you getting fuller and leaner at the same time. I don't think anything else, josh can. I can i can add to that. That really described all of the facts that we felt a swell. So yeah, exactly. Sleeping. Yeah. That was pretty interesting. Just going over with trevor with the same. The same we've got. Symptoms ? When i was having a lot of trouble sleeping. I mean, i felt sleepy all day long. It's really easy to fall asleep, but don't stay asleep very long. Wait back up. I definitely have the tightness in my hands and feet. A little more hungry. Uh, all day long. Did that tightness ? Two tightness in the hands and feet. You can see there's, no headaches. Oh, that ? Yeah. The blood pressure water attention, which is kind of scary from potassium and whatnot. But hands the tightness in the hands. It's not from swelling. So remember that most people get swelling in their extremities from, like, chinese growth hormone. It's not swelling that's making it hard to make the fist and the tightness it's actually, the growth hormone is doing it. And the tunnels, the inflammation that's happening with attendance and every remember that if your hand was swelling up and you think it's real growth hormone, it could have real growth room. But that's not what you want. This isn't the best way to test growth hormone. We've done other videos on how to test growth hormone that's more reliable and safer. But this is the best we have available to us, so i wanted to do a video with you guys to share, because some of you may not have access to laboratories, and this may be the only way that you contested it. Lauren countries final no on that is if you could average just your hands and pay one time in your life hey to pick up like in order trope in a size and a gino toping pan from your doctor. Just one event they cost you an arm and a leg and blast that pen. Take the whole pen. You don't remember what it feels like because i'm gonna tell you it feels one hundred percent different than these chinese products that are coming out there's some similarities. But once you understand what that feels like, you'll understand now how easily some of these things air, faith and why people get so confusing that misconception between two so that's your best way. You once you've taken real growth hormone at that dose, felt the side effects you'll know in the future from now. Yeah, and we've experimented with about twenty different growth hormones out there. I'm blown away at how many of them ? Are fake, so eventually will do a video. I just can't figure out how to do without it without get youtube and facebook taking it down. Every time i do a video about sources on things, the video gets taken down, so i'll find a way to get you guys the information on which ones we've tested. Which ones are real, or which ones are fake. Future be swell, stole my friend's, freedom, find yours. Human evolution.

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