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Dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dotcom this video's about fake peptides with coach trevor here because i posted a video saying that i got some fake teeth three and some fake xms stain from probably the largest online peptide supplier prior to enhanced athlete selling peptides on dss arms inserm tze as well. And, uh, i talked to coach trevor about the let's talk about t three first cause that's kind of an exception. So trevor told me that my teeth three may not have been bad, that i had bought from this other peptide company. It may be because of the shelf life eyes so short when t threes in a liquid form and it's also very hard to dose correctly because of the microgram dosage. That's a very small, but we're talking like a grain of sand is a serving coming to scale is toe measure micrograms too hard to find a scale that can measure to that micrograms. So they usually make him a very large batches to make the mass simpler. And then what happens is to save money. They also make him in larger batches and they sit on the shelf for six months. And they're no good. So i think that's what was happening with this peptide company is they probably because t three's not that expensive, not very expensive problem is a pretty in liquid form. Actually, this goes also teo, the argument for capsules versus liquids guys, i already touched on this before and finally i think i've i've revealed the truth and all of you are following this that sarma mes are absorbed one hundred percent fine in a capsule form do not need to be sublingual they don't absorb through the mouth because they're in liquid form. Now that ridiculous stuff the only difference between liquid and capsules is that the liquid has a much shorter shelf life, and i didn't think that mattered that much. Remember i know this because i went to china actually met with the suppliers and manufacturers of this stuff. Oh, and i also have a chemist that on retainer so i the other guys that air talking about's arms and liquids versus capsules. I have no fricking clue of the truth, so i don't blame him for spreading misinformation. But it's really about making profit and that's kind of the problem i'm having. With the peptide industry right now, it hurts me on a deep level that people would do that to our community and it's a little different on how i'm approaching peptides because i do it because i love it. I do it because i personally use this stuff and my athletes use it, and i don't care if other people buy it. I'm not in this to make money, i'm not in this that's why my prices are lower than everybody else on all the charms and peptides to i'm just really not trying to make a profit. Now, i know i've pissed off a lot of other companies by doing that. I get calls all the time that i'm ruining the prices and the market, and everybody else is dropping their prices, uh, to to try and be competitive on it. But i just you know what ? I just really don't care, and i don't want to fight, i'm not trying to take their customers away, their customers are already, um i just hate to say it, but ignorant for even using them and that's fine, i don't need that type of customer, my customers or my athletes that i'm trying to help win bodybuilding competitions and improve my friends quality of life. So that's, why i get the highest quality stuff and something like a t three i will manufacture it every single week so that it never sits on the shelf for more than a few weeks. You have to i'm guaranteeing the only company that does that hundred percent because how how profitable is that to manufacture every single week like that's ? Not, but i could said i'm not in it for the prophet, but let's talk about ex investing now that has a longer shelf life with the ex investing uh oh, the reason i know the t three went bad is because i had my blood work done twice, as you heard in the other video, which is one of the reasons why a lot of you asked maura about this information and you asked for specific peptide companies that, uh, i knew were fake, and i'm not going to give those to you because i'm not going to invite another lawsuit from another peptide company trying to cover up the conspiracy of tryingto scam people you can figure out for yourself who they are and it's not just one company, it's actually a few people that own all of these companies and hide him under different names so that you think you have an option between three different sources of peptides. They're really all the same person, and they're controlling the prices amongst them that's why all the prices ? They're so overinflated because they're the ones controlling all the prices, and it wasn't until i came on the scene and a couple of other a couple of other good ones too, came on the scene, who don't ? We're not playing that game who are not part of that group because we're not trying to turn this into a massive profit center. All right, so back to the x investing has a longer shelf life, so it's not the shelf life issue with the ex investing i actually got fake ex investing because the price on that order that material for it is a lot more expensive, so and it's a higher dose so what's going on is you're ordering extra miss thing right for, say, gyno or water attention, usually for gyno. And so what these people do is they ordered tamoxifin and so much spend a super cheap a super cheap was one of the cheapest things you can get, and they're putting tamoxifin there in place of all these things of the, uh, any romans those drugs. So you're not getting gyno, so you think it's working so they just saved a bunch of money. You got some of that, you're not getting gyno, so you win, but you're not getting what you intended, lee, we're taking because you wanted to control your estrogen, so you're still having all these other side effects, which you don't need that much estrogen, depending on what you were doing, you know, they're making money think it's working, but you're getting the cheap stuff and then it's not giving you the optimal benefits you're looking for, especially that this is what kills me is, uh, that pisses me off so much is that here i am a bodybuilder preparing for this competition, and i was relying on that other ex investing that turned out to be fake. The hand i was relying on that t three that turned out to be bunk, and i was going to go into this bodybuilding competition, and it was ruining me for it. My estrogen wasn't under control, and my t three was tank so low because i thought i was taking realty three and said my metabolism was going so slow that my dnp fat burning, uh, stopped plateau, my energy levels were down, so i couldn't work out hard. And then finally, i'm here in mexico. We're here in mexico because we're exploring getting prescriptions down here in an advanced usage of human growth hormone with a lot of experts and getting our blood work done. But down here, i bought prescription and was actually prescribed t three because my blood work said the tea three was low and i took that. It was like, boom, instant difference energy went up metabolism one up that you were fat started fast started coming right off because i haven't even started dieting. Okay, i lost probably another pound of fat in two days. Once i got the t three showing what you ate last night, we split forty tacos. And what else ? And i i ice cream. You weren't supposed to tell him. Yeah. All right. So some peptide companies are are selling clenbuterol, which is great computer all's. Fine, i don't like it compared to dnp because i don't like the side effects of plum beautiful, i think it's very dangerous for the heart, but clenbuterol something you can feel, you take it, it feels like you're on caffeine. You also get shaky, you feel very tense and it is a very effective fat burner it's traditionally the bodybuilding contest cutting fat burner because it really helps you get from seven percent down to five percent body fat. But i i said, trevor, every come beautiful i've ever bought from any company has always been riel in the liquid form, even no matter how long it sits out. Shelf life didn't seem to matter, and in your response, wass you can't. How do you fake those ? You can't fake a computer, so if they put fake clenbuterol, everyone knows you're going to know soon as you take it, this always happens. Everyone gets the shakes, so if you took that one extra dose and you're not even getting the shakes everyone's going to know these guys, they're all those shits fake would never take. Trevor has a lot of experience with all the different peptide companies and all. These different athletes and what trevor knows, and he has test kits, he can actually test all the different peptide uh, he knows that if a peptide company, uh, can get away with selling fake stuff, they will, they can't get away with it. They won't, so we'll give cheap clem butera ll is another cheap one. They'll sell real clam butor also, you feel it you're like, oh, well, if this product from this company works, then everything will work, but then the more expensive products that you can't feel as much those are the ones that are being faked, so you can't just rely on anyone compound. In fact, when you said you test steroid companies use test, you do run a test on their stuff. You test their prima bolander there halo testing because those are the most expensive compounds, the most likely to be fake and the least people are the least familiar with the results they don't they don't know if they have real stuff or not cause apparently most of it is fake, so he tests those and finds out they're fake well, if he knows that a company is willing to fake those too. Then the other stuff is probably think, see the company's not won'th going toe likely make fake testosterone cheap ? They're not going to make fake d ball because it's cheap and you can't hide that you feel it immediately and that's what they usually put in your primo bond is either echo poise or to see astro lower doses. So you know, if those two checkout riel nine times out of ten everything else we'll check out really ? So that's you go to those expensive ones and you see that's until you know, for the most part of their quality. So trevor's also want what i refer to other athletes, actually, other coaches that i work with that trialled the enhanced athlete products before they come on to the public. Ah, and personally experiment with him, travers one of them. So i have to tell you about that in a second, but really quick, i you know, if the company gives me a lab tests showing that this stuff is real, i actually don't know, and i actually don't give no credit to that. I don't give any credit to the lab test because number one lab test can be faked number two um, wait, how do we know the shelf life or how it was treated or how it was handled ? That it didn't go bad after the fact because they're manufacturing and two large quantities and things go bad. So the way that i test these things is i personally take him and i overdose on him, because if i overdosed, i should get the same side effects of an overdose of that product, and i should get mega effects of that product, so i personally feel it. And so, trevor, before your athletes, before you ever recommend anything to you at your athletes, what do you do ? I take it and do the same thing and the way i am now, and with training and everything, i don't train that much, and so i don't take all this stuff like i used to take. So when i take a product that's, you know my variables are so limited. I know i got something increased from a product that i'm taking so any time was taking here. Everything's always the same. I'm usually the same, but going difference training does very sometimes sometimes i get in once. Twice a week, sometimes three, sometimes none. But at least i'm not taking all these things that are making me do this. Yeah. So when i do take something after a few weeks, i should, you know, by at least a second week know if it works. So i'll give you guys an example of the next test that trevor's running is that he wanted to jump on something just to kind of do a little, but he hasn't been on any oral steroids for a long time. So you wanted to jump on something ? I forget what is gonna try, but then, uh, i said, wait, wait before you do that, take enhanced athlete y k eleven and take it in a really high dosage because i took six capsules a day for a few days and i felt like i was on an a drawl. I mean, my muscles were just so full and so pumped and it was crazy because because y k eleven is a dht based we'll call it a psalm. Although it's technically potentially us unidentified steroid and tamayo staten inhibitor. So it's something to do with the myostatin blocking that just really makes the muscle super full and i wanted him to experience this for himself and tested on himself before he recommends it in his athletes. I would never ask a coach to recommend or anybody else to recommend anything that they don't personally try from themselves. I told you, teo, i would tell you first if something didn't work, i would tell you, yeah, i'm not giving anyone this, and you've never told me give it to my athletes. I only give it to you if i think they need it, right ? And so it happened to work out. Yeah, so you've you've tried most of the enhanced athlete products ? Yeah, i'm still still got do that, jeff. I'm done idea haven't done that one. A lot of my god, you're gonna love the eye. Jeff and i would like to because i've rance so many, so many different brands over the years and then finding out about a lot of those companies to the same ones you're taking that i used to take all the fake things that are coming out of them. So be nice to take something legit. Yeah, and when we get back to the states, some of the prescribed hormones that we got, we're going to actually be running tests on those and showing you on video. What those test results are so lots of really awesome stuff coming up. Be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution. No.

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