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Well, here with coach trevor, i'm dr tony. Huge murder, and we're talking about cycling. Insulin pumps, travel, used love, family staying. Stop that! Boy. Wait. Too bad. Nobody came out last. Wait. Yeah. What's the difference being fast acting insulin and slow acting insulin. And can we just stay on insulin all the time to get freaking huge coast ? Trevor, are we going to desensitize the insulin ? Do we need a cycle ? Its cycle off of it ? Yes, of course. How do you become insulin and sensitive ? You look a diabetic every day they're eating sugary foods, which was producing more and more insulin, their body, and what happens is you do this for too long, your insulin sensitivity is going to diminish meaning when you do have this sugar your bison and produce more and more and more every time you do this, the same thing goes with insulin, you start taking insulin, you're giving your body and exogenous amount that one, depending on how you're dozing in your body, can't produce this much. So you're doing the same thing to an extent as if you were let's, say, eating a whole bag of ah, some sugar candy, right ? You're going to get this huge insulin spike, but even more so. And if you keep continuously doing this, whether it's through the day or everyday for long periods of time, you'll see. Is also in diabetics, where their insulin starts increasing, increasing when they're not changing their diet, or doing things like exercise and metformin or glucose disposal. So it's the same exact concept. Here's what i have noticed in my own body heaping mind everybody's body is very different, and how we respond to insulin is there's anything that i mean. People respond differently to steroids and supplements, but there's something that people really respond differently to its insulin. For example, one person could take two units of insulin would be like another person taking ten units of insulin. That's how big of a difference in each of our individual sense activity insulin is. What i've been really surprised in my own body is how fast i become insulin sensitive and how fast i become. Insolent, insensitive. So lately i've been experimenting with a long acting insulin. What i notice is when i take the long acting insulin. What ? I'm not getting my body a break from the insulin, i start desensitizing to the insulin very quickly, but if i take a human log huma's a very short acting insulin let's say it it's out of your body within four hours. But it peaks so much faster than that that the levels dropped pretty low even after three hours. So it's, like even even if you take ah large amount of human log twice a day, you're still giving yourself more than half a day of low insulin to recover your insulin sensitivity. And it really does seem to recover very quickly. And it also goes away very quickly because when i take the let's call atlantis it's not atlantis, actually a blend that i was prescribed in another country, and it lasts almost twenty four hours. So i noticed what this is it's quickly desensitizing media insulin so i can see how if we're using a long acting insulin, you definitely need to cycle it. Otherwise we're just going to keep needing more and more for the same effect of becoming less and less sensitive to it, which is the worst thing you could do in body building. And i know colette actually uses a very small amount of long acting insulin for over long periods of time, i guess. It's okay, if you're taking a very small amount, just keep blood sugar low on a very low carbohydrate diet. But as we go higher carbohydrate diet and we need more insulin, or we can actually make use of more insulin and then using a long acting insulin, i think that's the way to become insolent desensitized. I wouldn't say that someone's gonna, like, make themselves a diabetic. I don't know that it's that extreme, but the the risk is there indict ? Being diabetic is actually a sliding scale. I mean, yes, there's people that are one hundred percent type one diabetic, but if you're type two diabetic insulin insensitive, i mean there's so many degrees of that and you're just kind of inching yourself closer and closer, becoming type two diabetic or insulin insensitive. So my strategy is to use the faster acting insulin two times a day, one time a day, maybe even three times a day, even three times a day is still going to give enough of a break of especially if you're not eating carbs between the times that were taking insulin is going to give enough of a break where i feel my insulin sensitivity comes find also, i used the slim pills, which also could be met foreman. So are enhanced athlete slim. Pills or here they're mine actually right here or the met foreman regains insulin sensitivity really quickly and going on low carbohydrate regains insulin sensitivity really quickly, especially if you're taking insulin every day of fast acting and then you just don't eat any carbs and you a little bit lower protein when you're not on insulin. In my body, i recover my insulin sensitivity back in, like one day i'm even with a slim pills if i go heavy dose on one day the slim pills, the way i know the next day that my insulin sensitivity has come back is because i can take a lot less insulin and feel it a lot more, and this is why i feel like i'm becoming extremely experienced with insolent very quickly, because it's not like i have to go get lab work done to see the results of what i'm doing, i can actually feel how sensitive i am to the insulin, and i can change my protocol on a day to day basis, and i'm learning my body and insulin so quickly that i'm becoming an expert on insulin and insulin sensitization in my own body now, whether my results translate other people. I don't know, i feel like other people are having the same experience that i have in general, but i can only tell you what i'm experiencing my body and the summary is personally as long as i'm using a fast acting insulin, i do not ever need to cycle it. I could take it every day if i want if i'm using a long acting insulin and i definitely need to cycle it because my insulin sensitivity starts going away pretty quickly. Do you agree with what i'm saying ? Yeah, when we did that, we did a video and panama about this, about taking lan tous or long acting insulin, and i explain for me, there's no reason to do this, or it might be some other reasons for people to use it, but i see no sense and never doing this unless you were a diabetic, and the reason for it is any drug you can think of that has a longer half life, but lookit, oxy, codeine, verse oxy cotton. Look at what happens when you start taking these drugs and that lasts in your body for this long i'm trying to give examples that somebody could relate to you do this in the person's tolerance within days just skyrockets. You start having withdrawals within days as opposed to some has a very short half life where your body can come back and refresh those receptors. Same. We climb beautiful like a clam butera over suddenly, an albuterol. Anything with shorter half five he dissed sensitized less and that's because your body has time you when you deal with agnes antagonise and how those things work in relationship to each other. So you have all this time to the day to do the exact opposite and get those these receptors back into your body and waited like you said things like slim pills, doctor's choice. All these things i talked about in videos. You should always have your insulin sensitivity the best you could ever have it. And if you take these things through the day and not a glucose disposal per se but something actually makes you sensitive insulin. You start taking these and when you do insulin, your dose comes down and you can almost see and keep us in definite. I mean, i've been ableto run for the like two. Years running a three to four you dose of insulin in trying to go six to eight units and having my sugar crash even after a meal. So i mean that's. Two years of doing three, four shots a day of three to four units. Yeah, that's the same thing experiencing so you could basically never have to cycle insolence along was its short acting insulin. And then, even if someone was insensitive to it, you can add in something like this met foreman or a glucose disposal agent from doctor's choice and regain sensitivity very quickly. So long as you're not predisposed for other biological reasons toe having diabetes in the last thing i want to say, it's, just the longer the half life of a drug it's impossible to time peaks if you look at growth hormone and when insulin starts becoming our toe end when you look at peak charts medical pete charge of these things, every single one differs by an hour, hour and a half on their peak times. Every chart is different because always going to be different as how much minerals or president your body at the time of injection and whatnot, so just remember that you'll never build a time. It was something quicker. You, khun time, these things a lot easier. And then when you're measuring your food, you can go to the high. You almost program for ten grams or so, you can find out what was yours, maybe it's five grams for maybe it's. Ten grams lower the number. The higher the number, the better i subscribe to the enhanced athlete instagram, the youtube, obviously, and the facebook coming up for giveaways. You guys have asked for a lot of giveaways i used to do. A lot of giveaways were to start doing a lot of giveaways again, so follow all those different social media outlets, and you'll see behind the scenes snapchat enhanced athlete be swollen, swole, my friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution way. Wait, wait! They were becoming.

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