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Joe no, those care because they move so quick and they have big teeth. I am tower at the tahoe show. Put on by chris means one of the best shows, best venues, best productions i always go to every year. Hi, guys. I'd be procaine disappear with kevin. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the winner of the bodybuilding competition here at the two thousand seventeen dollars show, but we're gonna have a few roundtable questions and just see how the champ fucking do it fast cardio. Do you do it ? Uh, yeah, definitely in the morning when i'm coming towards the end of my breath. Usually i'd like to push thirty to one hour fasted cardio morning, eat right after, uh, about two hours and after that workout and harder days do an additional thirty minutes, sometimes another hour after work to burn extra calories. I didn't do as much cargoes i should coach football, so i'm doing cardio run around, chasing our kids all the time on fasting. No, i did not do it faster, that's a pretty basic absolutely idea fast cardio every morning, whether it's an off season or on it's a big, big thing for me for losing fat, and i think it works best don't i don't believe in it. I think it brings a lot of muscle, so i don't do depending on what your goals are. So when i first heard it out of one hundred eighty, pounds i definitely more cardio, you know. Now, it's more about muscle, so i feel like if i do too much, too much cardio general, don't. Actually, i was only doing about thirty minutes a cardio three to four times a week now, it's, for the last two weeks, up until the competition. I do believe in it, it's, good to start a palace in the morning, and i have an aunt who's, a health freak, and what running free in the morning that drops low. You're talking about your body so nice with your boy. Start in the morning by doing some fast cardio. Guys feel like what you see, like describe down below for more.

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