Intermittent Fasting Bodybuilding

Fasting and intermittent fasting for bodybuilding! First, we’re going to get Coach Trevor’s opinion then we are going to come over to Jamie and Akash, who actually do implement fasting and their routines as they prepare for that their next bodybuilding and physique competition.

Coach Trevor on Intermittent Fasting Bodybuilding

Trevor, your first opinion.

I don’t use it, and the only times I do actually, I think it does work is for times when you’re doing a detox and cleaning your body out. A lot of times from bodybuilding, you know, people are eating so many frequent meals all the time, even when they are off or on, you know, doing a show or not and a lot of this sits in their gut, which will build up toxins in your body.

If I were to do a fasting there are still other things, I would put in it,  different, you know, fruits and stuff like that and it’s a way to get extra fibre and lots of water and different things that will actually excrete a lot of those toxins out of your body.

But other than that, especially the more size you have fasting just in terms of weight loss or anything for that it starts becoming a reversal effect. It’s good for insulin sensitivity but there are better ways to go about it for maximum effect.

But you can still implement it. It’s just not going to be the best results they could get from some doing something else.

What does physique competitor Jamie think of intermittent fasting?

Jamie, tell us what their most recent fast you did. Whether you lost any muscle and what positive effects you got from your fast.

I like fasting. I actually fast every day, usually around eight I stop eating and I don’t eat again until eight in the morning. So when I’m doing my fasted cardio I’m completely depleted.

And then if I do like a refeed because I am a Keto dieter. I do refeed, and I will actually do a 24 hour fast after my refeed to put my body straight back into ketosis to keep on burning fat.

I haven’t lost any muscle. But I also take Ostamuscle to help prevent muscle loss. That’s what I’m doing right now, in the future, I might change things. But that’s what’s working for me right now.

Akaash Loves Intermittent Fasting For Bodybuilding


Well, yeah. I mean, I think there’s like a lot of misconceptions about fasting. In my opinion, its just another tool in the tool belt, like carb cycling, meal frequency, manipulating those things.

There’s you know, a boost in insulin sensitivity and yeah, I can put you back in ketosis in twenty-four hours we do a fast, but I still like to, like, follow the normal macros that you would just follow tailored to your diet, just put it in your eating window, in intermittent fasting so anywhere from, like, 4 hours to 8 hours as optimal as far as you’re eating time, and then outside of that eating time, you would just fast and only drink water or like zero calorie drinks.

So i’m using that, you know, as a tool to help boost insulin sensitivity around your workouts, especially for eating time, is after your workout post workout, you get a big insulin spike when you first eat some food and you’re depleted.

So all that goes straight to your muscles, your first meal, and I just think, it’s just really good to utilize – if you haven’t played with it, I would, it might work

The Problems With Intermittent Fasting For Bodybuilding

Well, you’ll never know until you try it yourself. The problem I do have with it for ketogenic dieting is you might lower your blood sugar a little bit by being on it, but your body has stores, for example in your liver for up to three days.

So what happens is, if your blood sugar starts getting low from not eating enough, you have stores in your liver that’s going to release this in your blood to keep a constant, steady supply of glucose.

And then at the same time, it’s still can break down protein for glucose as it’s doing that. So that’s the big problem I have with it for keto dieting.

Oh, you know what – that actually brings me to my next point. Just a touch on what Trevor said the three days of that your liver has a stored glycogen that you will use when you’re not eating. I find that if you ride those three days out and you let your body fully deplete, you get massive fat loss effects passed that three days.

So, Trevor, I don’t know if you concur or not, but if you wait till you know, you wait three days and you haven’t given your body any substantial amount of glucose, just maybe, you know, seven hundred to one thousand calories worth. You know, pre-workout something that will be burned up during a workout and then the following three days later, you’ll experience massive fat loss effects because there’s no glucose anywhere in the body.


I found out that with the Keto diet it is usually around day 5 day, day 4 to day 5 tops. After all, that glucose is gone like you said that’s when the weight drops off very fast and people that do too much carbs cycling when they are on that keto diet, that’s not really a ketogenic diet.

So they’re playing with that. But if you get to that point when there is zero in your body left, and your body does kick over in that state, it’s a lot more extreme.

Intermittent Fasting Bodybuilding Guidelines

Akash, you’ve experienced extreme fat loss from fasting for multiple days in a row with no food, but you say that a lot of people do it wrong. After the fast they go back to the normal diet and actually gain the fat back because their metabolism slowed down.

When you fast, your metabolism slows down, and then when you eat the same amount of calories again, it’s way more calories than your body needs.

So how do you prevent that rebound?

Yes. So your body will in again, this is just, you know, from my experience, a little bit of broscience your body will calibrate for that, you know, there’s going to be, of course, with a little bit slow down their metabolism, but if you break your fast with just whole foods and don’t do anything over the top, and you’re just eating like oatmeal, rice and chicken, you know –  it’s impossible to get fat on oatmeal.

So if you’re breaking your fast on those good, good, wholesome whole foods, your metabolism will go back to normal and you’ll still get all those fat loss benefits that when you did that one week of fasting, whatever you lost, you still keep that.

Can you give us an example of what not to eat after a fast?

Oh, yeah, like so anything super processed like when you go to a restaurant and order like a cheesecake. Stuff like super greasy food with a bunch of oil will just sit in your stomach. It takes forever to break down something like that is not optimal to break your fast.

I like to eat sushi, not the fried rolls the cold ones because, you know it’s good, good, simple carbohydrates and wholesome fish. You know those type of carbs, fats, proteins.


The right way to Intermittent Fasting

We learned that it’s not necessarily the optimal way to cleanse our bodies. And for insulin sensitivity or fat loss or for building muscle.

But it is a tool it could be effective for some people, something that people should try to see how their body reacts that you do burn a lot of fat when you fast that you burn less muscle if you’re taking a supplement that helps preserve muscle like a SARM or a Steroid.

Then also not too diet terribly after the fast, not eat bad food afterwards. Because you’re going to rebound and gain all the fat right back, which is probably what most people do.

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1 year ago

What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting on restdays off from the gym(2-3x a week), basically fasting for 10-15 hours including sleep and doing 20-40min liss cardio in the morning during the offseason. Ive heard a lot of anecdotes that this helps keep appetite going, digestion going better and maintaining insulin sensitivity better.

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