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Fasting for bodybuilding and you guys get a load of touchy topic a lot with a lot of the different gurus and athletes. We've shown you some bodybuilders that do use fasting. Most don't use fasting here. I'm gonna get jerry wards opinions primeval lab and then also katie bishop just came bishop doesn't fast it all. So you guys know he's, a pro level bodybuilder. Incredible condition all year round doesn't fast. That is the norm. Most bodybuilders do not fast. They keep their meals, but evenly throughout today. But i want to know because jerry ward of a lot of old school experience and coached a lot of athletes what his opinion is on fasting for building specifically, my mind has actually changed over the years actually do like a modified passing now. That's because i used to make tea like these guys are talking about passing. Most of them are not very big guy, their lead, but they're not big. They're not carrying seven size now like herschel walker. A little bit different. I mean, here's, a guy like genetically is just a beauty so he didn't see very much and he's still making decide, but my thing is, i always looked at it like this. If you get sick or something, go to the doctor, you go to the hospital, they don't give you like a million milk inside one, i'd give you an i v drip. I mean, you get too much more being you're gonna die too much. Why anything ? It could be ibuprofen doesn't matter take doses just throughout the day even i'd probably do the four milligrams every three to six hours. Something right ? Food to me is the same way. You're not going to shove something in your body in excess and have it absorb it. Are you not going to happen now ? You know, it doesn't store it all his fast. Too slow stuff down. I don't know, but let's say you gonna eat six thousand calories a day and you're gonna do interest him in passing up three hours ago. Six thousand calories in you're trying to do it with very clean foods. That's a lot of food to shove in your body and have digested now can you do it with junk food ? Yeah, results continue saying no. So, like is their merit to it ? Me personally keeping my head down trying to stealing it works well, you know, i got out my old training partner, same forty years old, not meeting the mass. We give me a date with this guy. Still eat, like from twelve o'clock in the afternoon, like eleven o'clock at night. It's not like all one shot in, like, two hours intermittent fasting, but, you know, it has its matter, like imagine can imagine taking your food. Wait, you mean your stomach's gonna be swollen and get it ? You get all your water throughout the day you're gonna finish with all that. All that food, you know ? Is it optimal ? In my opinion ? No. So your current diet as a new element of intermittent fasting in it ? Okay, so why are you doing so ? I actually don't like to eat people like you're not. I don't like you want to get a morning ? I don't know. Like maybe with time and don't you forget it after that ? But i try to get in starting at noon time and just eat my meals whenever i'm hungry all the way to love if you don't come back propose even no one take it it's pretty much the same boots every day, but it started like i sort of feel better in the morning and that more like it's gonna be like the first two to four hours if i don't. So i started looking for that. It wasn't really about, like there's going be leaner is going to be bigger. It was like a more productive so let me do this than heat and it seems like after i eat for some reason blood sugar highs and lows i've gotta keep up. The longer i get pushed out let's have to worry about my blood sugar going up and down. They want a meeting, so it sounds like it really depends on how much muscle the first training pick. Very how much muscle ? Tryingto for general housework. Like decomp. Editor level. Some internet fasting works fine. Have you ever heard of a body builder like the whole day ? I mean, there's certain religions that have had that ? I don't know. I mean, maybe big rahming those guys. I don't know if they do or not. But what would you think ? Let's say one of your athletes and your coaching, they have to fast what's supplements. Would you have him take or what would you have him do during that fast ? They actually do ramadan, which is, like sun up to sun down. I'm not sure exactly sure how it works, but on i had them actually go ahead and eat their meals within a window, which their window is like from a certain time, like believe during the day they don't need a knight ceded all at night and then they don't eat during the day. Now cleaner the food's better they're gonna respond as faras having more food in your body, the junkie or the food with the harder it is digesting, slows digestion already and then jam all the food in your body. It makes it makes it worse. So what i have to do is try to get a clean foods like very low fat it's processing constantly throughout the whole time to try to get all that food in. And they don't last for a week for them. And then right after the week's over, we go back to dover. That sounds like a non body builder. A regular, is it ? You know, they may be able to do intermittent fasting. Eat whatever they want within a certain window is kind of like it, but a body builders still gonna have to clean even during that window of time, which is really hard to get enough calories and maintain the amount of muscle that body builder has we'll be passing with tito. Also, they're literally not needed so, like, you know, a five hour window, eat all their mobiles within that time, they look great, you know how they big no, they're not big dudes, they're shredded, but they're not big, you know ? So i think for dieting, it's fine, you know, if you don't want to be a monster, but there's, no way you're gonna eat like a thousand calories in three hours and not feel like absolute shit. If you don't feel good, you're probably not gonna maintain a for any period of time you're gonna drop off here and there and not be a consistent and eventually to stop altogether. You put it very simple language, very helpful, be suave on swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. No.

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