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I'm Dr Huge here with Super League pro and bodybuilder Aaron Reed, who's over three hundred pounds ripped. And he has written this book on super national lifestyle who's got a list of his top ten favorite foods to craft his physique. What are there? He's on his bananas. Apples broadly, opal mushrooms to kale and spinach. So's cup some of these surprising eggs. I understand onions. Why do you like I put onions in my eggs all the time? That does. And a lot of Super Lotto health benefits. There's Elias and fighting nutrient a family that they're part of a like garlic can. Yeah, like are there in the same family. There's even some joint support things going on with onions. Mmm. I'd put on garlic as one of my top ten favorite superfoods, but I'm I'm Italian. I love girl too, though. So bananas,, like bananas? Because I eat every day. So a lot of these have to do with your preferences fit into your diet. But they're the foods that you actually Yeah, basically, this what I'm eating every day. These must be the foods that would be on top ten. So, broccoli, we did another video on that. How? That's one of your favorite sources of fiber. Oh, meal for your slower digesting, carbohydrate. Also a decent source of fiber mushrooms. I love mushrooms because they're this crazy fungus that grows in the most difficult of conditions and has all these health benefits some more than others. But they have always helped benefits. Even some of my anti cancer properties, like they use in China, was some chemotherapy. Uh, set up something that you there, but that's a taste. Great. Tuna. Do you eat out of cans? Usually I can tune how the kid I know everybody's gonna freak out when God like you, Mercury and all kind of stuff like that you weren't worried about, Remember? Okay, but what about the MacDonalds and talk a bell and Birkin that you're even all the time, right in the milk. Did you drink it? Because it's one percent. You know, all the carse images that are in the air and on the fruit on the days we worried about the day. Yes, I need some too, that I'm you know, I'm on a lot of kick. And apparently that's like the dirtiest fish. Everybody gross fish. Where? Or some like OK, we've done the cod pretty good one, you know, But prices also affected here, people. Okay, well, these are all economical food. Yeah. I mean, as a over three hundred pound body. You mean a lot to do. So it does make sense. Pick economic ones. Spinach. I get that. Love spinach and awesome source. One of the best sources. Potassium, which is really helpful for absorbing all those carbohydrates. Glycogen muscle cells staying full of increasing performance. Kale, Kale. Kale basically has everything spinach doesn't have together the u. It's like taking a multi vitamin T. Try rotating. I was almost finished for a while. They kill for awhile. So execution and kill you the little milady. You know, be careful that when you buy that little spinach kale, milady. They always carrots in there to make it heavier. His carrots are so cheap. So you think you're buying a pound of spinach, kale? But they got like, you know, four ounces of carrots in there. They're just taken away from you. Specially kill purchase, right? And then you season all these with sea salt. See? Saw his ideal usually amused that Himalayan pink sauce because it's got, like, three for minerals in there, which is my favorite, but not sea. Salt. Yes, I'm a big fan of saw, really clean, and you train really hard. You will have a need for sodium in your life. Just sodium is a great point as electrolytes, that magical word everybody hears about, uh, but it's really good for muscle firing, which will help you be stronger and getting one of your performance with you, Jim.

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