Favorite Hard Dick Pill | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is going to tell me about his favorite “dick pill”, Cialils, why he takes it, what dosage he takes, and how it benefits him.

Video Text

what's your favorite dick bill erin read what your favorite dick bill and why and what does it say alice just a little bit that way you can also get a pumping him for like a day what a day what does it uh like twenty five every single day now doesn't work call time too i guess but i don't think we're something do you feel like you have to take a break from it to re sensitized to think so because you know it's really good for pumps in the gym at that dose it just small enough to wear it for a really big problem just carry you but i don't think it keeps working swelled full front three years even if you're right train hard stay focused on making gain side

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