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Dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com and this is part of the female siri's on steroids nutrition, extreme fat loss, extreme muscle building competition prep here with daniel, one of the top five amateurs and physique and figure competitors in the world. Danielle let's talk about wind straw when stroll is a world steroid menus wind straw mostly for competition prep or look good for the vegas pool party, because when straw's, a good cutting drug, it makes the muscles very hard makes him dry. Fact, it could make the muscles so dry that you start cramping up, and a lot of my competitors still insist on using wind straw pre competition despite it being a fairly harsh steroid in the dosages that men take. But i have no idea what dosage women to women take of winstrol so first let's just cover what dosages do you see ? Women usually take a win ? Strong ? Well, really varies. If you're going through an aural or an injectable, i'm and so i always recommend ands or suggest going in with an aural because we're able to control her dosage is better, i'm and if you're running a low it's the same as an of our running a low dosage, so you're staying around a ten and you can split that up. We're going up to twenty and doing a little bit in the morning a little bit night because of the receptor sites, so so winstrol does have a shorter short of half life where there's a benefit to taking some in the morning some of night, just not all in one house, but the one thing is they were switching over to an oil. Then of course, you're going to be doing that on a regular, if, if it's every other day and you're going, you know, a fourth or point five on your injectable yeah, in the wind stroll is a water based, but it does circulate for longer than the thin, the aural, because when you take the aural less of it ends up in your bloodstream versus the injectable because it only goes one pass through the liver. Do you think ? What are the differences and how the just the effect of the aural versus the injectors ? So the difference is when you're going through and you're i'm what doing the injectable it's definitely it's more potent in the system s so you're going ahead. You're going to see more side effects of the greenest, the dryness that's going to show up right away that's what i've experienced with myself and with others, and because because we're women and depending on how low your body fat needs to be or your division, it may not be the best route going injectable so that you can monitor and go at a lower dosage with the aural. Speaking of the actual goal we're working towards, we got bikini, which is, you know, more of the, like slender, less muscular, less a little bit more body fat versus more family versus the the physique or the figure. So at a bikini level, do you think a girl benefits from winstrol ? I do not, unless they're high level ii people say olympia stage and it's needed, then very small dosage. Um if you're looking at athletes, they don't have to turn professional using that supplement. Sometimes you see the girls and they are taking it, and you can notice it and see it right away on stage, where they've gone a little over on the dryness because you want to. Keep that curvy softness and it shows up in the texture of the skin. So you have to be really monitor the texture of the skin with a bikini athlete. I'm comparison, teo, say a woman's fizzy, you can throw it in war for figure i'm it's great for figure to when you're trying to get that last bit of dryness and the glutes that pop. Um but you don't want to overdo it. So it's really watching and monitoring an intuitive sense of knowing what is the look what's going ? What are they going for that season ? I'm the territories you're going into can make or break, whether you need to get a little bit drier, you need pull about more and, you know, west coast tend to be a little softer than east coast. We all know that whether you're going, you know, into new york area that territory and you're going to pull in a higher dosage, of course, because the higher the dosage, the more dry, more grainy, the thinner the skin looks, the more vascular and then it falls down teo again, the individual of the female athlete how she responds, how she's looking is or diet ? Is she responding to her diet that it's not necessary, right ? One of one of my competitors not under my advice, but she took winstrol and she got a lot of acne lot of acne and her voice got a little bit deeper and her menstrual cycle stopped and it's been a few months and maybe three or four months and still the menstrual cycle hasn't resumed. Is that if she just extremely sensitive ? Or is that pretty typical potential side effects ? Well, depending on how aggressive your dosage and how long you been taking so safe you might athlete has been is taking stuff for about six months hey and she's gotten herself to a leaner state past like the seven passed around six, and you're saying that low it's going to take awhile ? It takes about six, six months for the body to get back into balance and for the menstrual cycle to come back. So this is where we're constantly as a females. The more extreme you're going in, the more you're competing and at that level, the the last you're going to see that i'm the less you take, the less you have, tio less rebound are you know your post there, but he's going to be and you're going to go ahead and get your cycle back faster. I'm so that's where those that level comes from and it's really good that's why we're talking about how aggressive is that you're going and what the measures you take to go ahead and get yourself back in balance, if girls are going aggressive and they've never gone to that place before, then it could be a pretty scary process coming out of it. I'm someone who's experience, and they're doing it then they know, okay, i know the time frame. I know where it's going. I know howto handle this how to say mentally focused until i'm back and balanced and and then you're feeling you're back in balance, you know ? Okay, compare. Compare winstrol to an ivar. Okay, so when straw is going to give you more of a greeny dryness that's the purpose of it, um as faras the side effects from winstrol, what i've seen is more of the voice change than the and of our because it's the animals, i feel more mild than the winstrol. The voice changed the hair, hair growth, facial hair, the unwanted hair that we don't want, you know, that i'm and then going in, i'm the skin going in, sometimes that the texture of the skin gets a little off and that's, a little challenging, and a lot of women that tend to get a little bit rash e and breaking out in a, uh, rafi roughness. Men experience that, too it's, kind of this red, patchy nous kind of pluckiness. And so you want to monitor that, specially for women, where you're being judged on, you know, your looks too let's, be honest, you are it's a whole package eso watching the skin, watching all those things on keeping yourself feminine, it's possible. All right, we're going to also do some videos on aural steroids for women versus arms. For women, dr tony. Huge be swell on swole, my female friends of freedom and pioneers of human evolution.

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