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This video is about a first steroid cycle to mature muscle. We're here in panama city at the trump international tower with our new girlfriends freaking beautiful lotina's we love traveling the world, but first steroid cycles, i have an opinion or a speculation that i want to hear trevor's opinion on it seems like the first steroids cycle someone does they retain a lot more of their muscle, it permanently changes their muscle and then subsequent steroid cycles. They don't retain as much of their muscle. It appears that it's almost as if the muscle cells are not fully developed without steroids, and it may be it's because it depends on how physically active and how high someone's testosterone was during puberty. Versace, someone who has low testosterone during puberty maybe they didn't mature their muscle cells fully, and i believe, for new tropic purposes and mental development, and also fill a physical development that what you do during puberty or when you're younger programs your body into what kind of human being you will be physically and mentally the whole rest of your life. So if someone was very active in sports at very high testosterone, then they're going to be more muscular and more physically fit their entire life. So for those of us and the nutrition for those of us who didn't weren't as physically active as we could have been, we may and not, you know, lifted a lot of weight starting at age twelve, then we may have not fully matured our muscle cells. So it's my theory that doing one steroid cycle this is not medical advice don't do steroids because we're talking about it. This is just us scientifically pontificating and hypothesizing that one steroid cycle. If someone if i could go back in time, i would have done one steroid cycle very early in my life to permanently mature my must weigh talk, teo a ton of our fans and get a lot of feedback from all of you guys are friends of freedom and pioneers, human evolution and it definitely seeing the trend of the guys that do one steroid cycle, even though they never do another students like you have a lot more muscle and a lot easier to maintain muscle a lot easier to burn fat the whole rest of your life as if it's an investment a permanent investment in their body and their health the whole rest of their life. So i wanted to hear trevor's opinion on the idea that perhaps naturally our muscle cells are not fully developed and we could become superhuman by just doing one steroid cycle early in our life. Now the reality of it is someone's going to do one steroid cycle, they're going to keep doing more because they're going to love it so much so it's not common that someone just does one cycle, but i do have a lot of friends that have done one cycle because they're not bodybuilders. They just wanted to put on someone muscle. They put on twenty pounds of muscle on my first tour. It cycled, they're satisfied they never intend to do another satis steward cycle or even trained really hard. There will rest her life. They're satisfied with the increased demand moses that they put on from just one cycle. Your thoughts trailer the true part to that is steroids when you first take steroids. Never taken him when they change your dna and they changed. Like when you talk about the nuclei on the cell you will maintain like that, you know you do cycle and you put on leslie. Put on a hundred pounds, your bench press. You might lose twenty five pounds that in terms of strength, but for some reason you keep all that strength even though you lose the muscle when you come off. So there is an advantage in a change to the nuclear on the cells of a cellular level. But what you're saying with doing the first cycle and creating all that muscle ? I'll tell you, our give you a good example. When i was two hundred twenty five pounds, naturally i was the first time i ever ran to sauce road. So i went to two twenty five to about two. Thirty five, pushing a almost two forty on testosterone only sec. And what happened ? When i came off, i lost. I went from two thirty five. Starting at two. Twenty five. I went down to two hundred and twelve pounds after coming off that, and i could never get back to the to twenty five market after i did that cycle. So for me, i had hit my genetic pekka two hundred twenty five pounds when i did that cycle. Like with the ten, twelve pounds on but coming off that cycle after that cycle and after fixing my hormone levels, i was never able to get to that point ever again without steroids. So when you're saying that what it is is, people haven't reached their genetic level yet potential and because they're doing something wrong with their training with their diet, they haven't given it a full time and a perfect scheme for their body it so when they take the steroids it's a little trick or a little cheap way to get to that genetic potential. So when you're talking about it, it's just people who haven't found the exact way for their body to grow yet that's, why it's helping ? But you could get so much bigger naturally, if i was able to get to two hundred twenty five pounds naturally and not not chubby at all, people can could get close to two hundred pounds at least before you ever try a cycle. Because then, you know, it worked for you, and once you know it works for your body, then you have the steroids. You could do so much more. So what it is people who haven't figured out the perfection of their training, other diet and how their body best response of that type of training before they got on the steroids. So when they did take the steroids, the steroids just got him to that size that they could have gotten naturally quicker, so then they retain that muscle permanently, but the scientifically the true part of that is the changes in the nuclear and that is permanent. I'm going to talk about something while you think about what is the ultimate first and on lee steroids like someone's injured, just run one steroids iphone their entire life to mature their muscles and prove their health for the whole rest of their life. What are they going to run for ? How long and what are they going to do for pct ? And i'm going to talk about a lot of guys out there are not necessarily interested in the bodybuilding lifestyle, and so it sounds like this is a short cut for them to change their physique. Teo look and feel better and be stronger and healthier for the rest of her life with a minimal time investment, so instead of training for two years and reaching their genetic potential naturally, they could train for six months, three months of which three months of preparing the body for the sterett cycle, three months of which on steroids or whatever you say is the length of the cycle and then come off and just, you know, regular exercise for health to maintain. But then they could focus on business, family and other things in their life without having lived it live this hectic, time consuming bodybuilding lifestyle. I'm only speaking for somebody that wants to pursue bodybuilding as their career, their dream. If you're to do that, you need to take everybody misses thie steps, they're saying there's six steps to being a professional or having a career in bodybuilding, they start at step one and then they automatically ships that two step three step for it, and then they're already on step five, but they missed all those steps, so they don't know what to do after that point, so i'm only speaking to people that want to do a career in this and telling him to do it the right way is by finding what worked for them before, they added. The steroids, because once you add them now, it's a lot harder to figure out what works best for them. Okay, but tell me, give me an example, someone not the bodybuilder, but the person who just wants to have a better physique and focus on other things in life they're going to do one cycle. What are they going to take for ? How long are they taking you ? So they're going to one cycle their entire life ? It would be i would do it testosterone for sure. Yeah, and this is a put on the most muscle is what you're saying i would do it testosterone, there's, a couple others islami contrast this weed in the previous video on best first steroid cycle, and trevor said just two hundred milligrams of testosterone for weak, which is very low. But he says that because he's, assuming the person wants to have a long career in this or do many cycles and that establishes a baseline for them to understand how the compound works in kind of a stepping stone to go up from there. So let's take away the stepping stone. We don't care, we're not going to other cycles. And we don't need to learn the compounds. We just want to be the most efficient but still healthy and putting the most amount of muscle and maturing the muscle cells as much as possible. So i assume we want an andrew genic compound, not just an anabolic compound. So what are they going to take a stack for ? Just one cycle. I would start front loading with growth hormones on a couple other peptides hormones prior to starting their cycle. Greg, get some free up some dna and have it already available. For when they do start the steroids. And i would do that for a couple of weeks till about a month prior starting and then their actual steroids cycle would just be a combination of testosterone tremble. Sing because it's gonna be a one time deal, you might as well it's a sauce. Rome tremble, own and then adding something like a diana ball or men increased their estrogen a little bit for all of this stuff to come together and work. Or maybe a t ball. Something on those lines and that's it. Okay, now just now, you you named the different compounds now, just randomly. Pick a cycle using those compounds are not gonna use all of them because there's different variations you could do amongst them, but just could be like a testosterone doses to trend dosage in a deep ball dosage and the length of time to ronald. So the d bond t bo would be interchangeable being dosa pound testosterone. If you were to do the t ball, i would run probably about seven. Fifty eight milligrams of testosterone, maybe a hundred. And then i would throw the table on there about fifty, sixty milligrams, fifty, sixty milligrams of the t ball. And then the tremble own about a hundred fifty every other day, and that would be the way to do it without diana ball. And with dina ball, i would drop to sauce drone closer to four hundred at the diana boy spearmint up to about forty fifty milligrams of the diana ball, max, and then the tremble on the same dosage. Wow. So see how interesting that is, guys, that totally contrast the cycle that he presented before the children milligram testosterone, because this is a one cycle blast, and i actually know a lot of people that have told me they want to do a one cycle blast, but i know they're not going teo i know they're going to keep your things there for you the future, but that's okay, this is still one way to start, but this is a medical advice don't do it because we're talking about the steroids have side effects as well. They're a lot safer than the media would have you believe, but that doesn't mean that someone couldn't have a predisposition to a serious side effect from one of these compounds. That's why we also prefer short arrester compounds like not no testosterone testosterone could be a sippy innate and they maybe even assistant on but as far as the trend, something that's potentially more side effects than that we prefer a trend ace because it's over a train and date because much faster acting it's out of the system faster. So if a side effect is going to surface, then were able to stop the compound and the side effects able to go away so distracted right now. Oh god, i fucking love it here, the swamps, all my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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