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We’re in downtown London at a hardcore gym and we just got asked a question from a fan, What’s the best first steroid cycle length?
Remember everyone is different and everyone has different goals so its not always the same for everyone. Coach Trevor gives his opinion on what the ideal first steroid cycle length should be for a beginner.

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Downtown London. This hard core Jim First steroid cycles twelve weeks to be a perfect star and to start with the C C for first time one hundred percent eight to sixteen twelve doesn't matter. It's the knowledge you have here have to do a longer pct, hitting it aggressively and quicker who were quick. This game is just saying that first cycle length first steroid cycle. This is a question we just got from a fan here in downtown London at this hard core gym. Coach Trevor, What's the best length of a first steroid cycle? Everyone has different goals. Everyone starts differently nine times out of ten people do it indefinitely. Twelve weeks. To be a perfect star, you can always come off your endogenous levels back to normal and choose. If you want to continue doing something like that, most people end up doing it the rest of her life and you say you're not going, Tio, he will let still gives you an option toe. Opt out. You know you'LL realize it might not be for you when you're talking in low doses away. We talked about so twelve weeks is very minimal. People can go you no longer to eighteen, twenty four weeks. It's all about the knowledge you have and how to get your body back to the normal afterwards. But twelve weaker. If you don't put on a good amount size and you had real things, it might be time to start thinking differently. Since we're talking first steroid cycles, and your recommendation in the past has been just too. Do testosterone. And on Lee testosterone, will you even recommended dosage is low is two hundred. I think I have most of my friends and end up starting start around three hundred milligrams of testosterone. I have my friends step up the dosage like after six to eight weeks. If they started it to fifty, let's say then I'd have them step it up two three, fifty. So would you change anything along the cycle? And what any of those changes affect the length you can run a psych? And how does desensitization fit into this twelve week period of time? It's not so much desensitization, however, you're going to grow so fast in your first cycle, you will plateau rather quickly, so it is good to ramp it up like that when I started to start with the C C. The next time to season by stop early, if you were to keep going, he's goingto one one and a half two, and you can keep making progress as you go along. But I do believe that's important and imperative because you're going to be making such good progress, taking advantage of the small amounts. It's going to be that from Alison. Imperative. So you pick twelve weeks as a default. What if someone wanted to go eight weeks or sixteen weeks equally? Okay, for a first time, one hundred percent. Sixteen weeks. Especially if it was like we talked about just testosterone on Lee. What are you gonna do in dodge? Asleep? How you're going to destroy yourself. Given the proper knowledge on your pro psychotherapy, you're gonna be totally fine. You know, that's four months off a cc, maybe two seasons, a test. So, like I said, eight to sixteen twelve doesn't matter. It's the knowledge you have here. You know, everyone's a little different. Might take longer, but by doing that you don't mess anything up permanently. You can always come off and choose if you want to keep doing this. If I did a longer cycle, would that mean that I would then have to do a longer pct? Yes, and know it depends on the compounds of use, especially the compounds. Four weeks to train on Angela, we'LL shut you down more than you know, three months of testosterone, whoever would. It's not that you would have to do. You do have to do a longer, but it doesn't mean X equals y or whatever, meaning you take these compounds going to double your time off. You might have to hit it more aggressively in the beginning and stay on things like home a thing and rotating H M G R A c G. Things like that. That's it would have to be. You do six weeks of a peace treaty, and then you have to do twelve weeks because I want compound. That's more so. Hitting it aggressively and quicker is one of the considerations in cycle length for a first cycle, the risk of testosterone shutdown or suppression. I mean, the longer the cycle is, is that one of the considerations? It's going to take longer to recover natural testosterone levels. Have you seen someone on the first cycle do a long cycle and then have a hard time recovering their testosterone on Just testosterone? Just Austin? Only I've never I've never seen that I've known. Maybe two dozen people on first Cycle's only wants a sausage, never once seen a problem going on. Six months, six to seven months I've seen him go for it at three months. Every time three month period comes around, they're back to normal. But again, that's testosterone, only not doing more than two CCS. And when you're on TV, a lot of times people, it's funny. They'LL get on that to get. They're, you know, whoever their spouses pregnant because it's such a low dose, it can still produce. And Dodgers levels saw the sexual function from an exogenous hormone, and they're still getting people pregnant. This means you're still producing and Dodgers hormones on testosterone that low you will. I don't want to say no because everyone's different. But again, I want to say well over a dozen probably closer to does. I've never seen that remember, guys, we like it when you come up to us and ask us questions. We're here to answer your questions as best as we can. That being said, this is not medical advice or legal advice, and this is just our theories, so make sure you like the video and subscribe, and you can ask your additional questions in the comments below so that we can add that their list of questions and future videos that we answer the swollen sold my friends of Freedom Pioneers, Human evolution comes travel Totally huge love fan staying true to with badness nobody came out last way. Wait, wait.

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