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Fluoride and GMT. And how does it correlate to success? Success requires thinking outside of the box, because if you're thinking inside of the box, you're thinking inside a box that someone else has put you in and if you they put you there, they probably put you there for a reason. Usually a financial reason to make money off. See that the walls between slaves and masters used to be so, uh, visible before. And now a lot of us that are slaves to other people. We don't see those lines. We think we're free, but we're not. And you gotta get outside that box. But how do you get outside that box? And what's the most extreme way that that those people have tried to put us inside that box might have something to do with fluoride. I know this sounds crazy. This sounds like conspiracy theory stuff, but if it helps any credibility, I'll tell you that Trevor believes very strongly that fluoride was added to certain foods into certain water supplies as a way of disabling the peniel gland that is responsible for allowing us to think independently. He says that if you take in too much fluoride and damage your pin yield land. You become a robot. You can't think for yourself, you lose your individuality, and that is required for success. More of an individual you are, the more you're able to think outside the box and see the lines that others attempt to impose upon you, the more successful you could be. That's why, as I travel around the world that I meet fascinating underground people that have escaped the boxes imposed upon them. I realize how some of this has to do with chemical enhancements, and D. M T is a psychedelic drug that, uh, is that becoming a little bit more popular. Joe Rogan talked about it. Dorian Yates talked about it. They talk about how it opens the mind and let you become an individual and see the lines that have been opposed upon you by employers, by religion, by society, by your parents, and understand who you are as an individual will. The peniel gland is said to release some small amount of GMT and your body. That's what gives you as a human the ability to become individual and evolve yourself. So let's put two and two together fluoride damages the peniel gland and prevents Release of GMT D. M T is a natural substance in the body, but something that we can use as a sight psychedelic to open up our minds and make us mohr of an individual and potentially more successful. So easy solution if we don't want to do d m t if that's a little bit too hard core for us, because I haven't even done it yet. But I plan to this week if I could get my hands on it, and I will document it if I will. If you can't get your hands on the mt. Or you don't want to do D M T. At least we can do is eliminate fluoride from our diet. Now, if it's in the water supply, how would you do that? It would be through filtering the water. I don't really know that fluoride that high and most water supplies I had a, uh, my stepfather was a water treatment engineer, and he never and he tested all the water independently. He never had a government come in and say, Oh, that that water has Florida. And don't tell anybody about that. There If there was some conspiracy in the treatment plants that he worked on, I would know about it on DH. There's not, but maybe in other parts of the world, there are maybe in the food supply there is toothpaste contains fluoride. Toothpaste contains four eyed because fluoride helps fill in the little gaps and little space in the teeth. It's wonderful for the teeth. Just don't swallow it. If you're going to use fluoride toothpaste, which sometimes you probably should in orderto improve the, uh, been making your teeth less poor us and less vulnerable, then just make sure to rinse it out really well. And don't give children fluoride toothpaste. Please don't crush their individuality at a young age and destroy their opportunities for becoming individual Later. I know when my daughter was using in toothpaste, she swallows the toothpaste, swallowing fluoride toothpaste for a child. Horrible, uh, as an adult, I use fluoride free toothpaste most of the time. Sometimes I use fluoride toothpaste because, like I said, I want to fill in the pores of my teeth, but I rinse it out very quickly, So there's just a quick tip you Khun Dio and then also just something for you to look into. Just look into GMT as being the most extreme way to regain your individuality, and the merry minimum you could do is producing for in your diet to become more of an individual, think outside the box and become more successful and live the life you want to live, not the other way that others want you to live freedom.

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