Fructose and Insulin | Dr. Tony Huge

Eating fruit while using Insulin? Dr. Tony Huge did a previous video on WHY Fructose is bad but how is it beneficial with Insulin use?
He is going to give us his hypothesis, his assumption, and the facts on the assumptions he makes on Insulin use with Fructose.
Fructose vs. Glucose & Dextrose type sugars.

Video Text

Eating fruit while using insulin fruit. So sugar versus glucose and dextrose type sugar for insulin and extreme bodybuilding to get fricking huge. I'm gonna give you my hypothesis and then some of the backs upon which I'm making my assumptions. And then my assumption, and then we're gonna get the opinion of a few select experts on insulin and body building. Hypothesis is that fruit is a very effective tool in preventing hyperglycemia while keeping total caloric intake lower for building maximum amount of muscle with a minimum amount of fat game while using insulin during a book or a re composition. You guys who watch my other videos or probably saying what the hell Tony huge did a video on how fruit doses the devil and fruit does the terrible source of carbohydrates for muscle and performance. Well, that's true for the natty athlete. I still believe that fruit doses, by far inferior for performance for an aerobic exercise like weightlifting and also for aesthetics, for building as much muscle and keeping the muscles was full of possible with keeping the liver not so overflowing so it converts into body fat. But now we're talking about enhanced lifters when we start talking about insulin and we have two schools of thought. Coach Trevor and Dave Colombo and guru a mean all believed that insulin itself is what's very effective and building muscle that you don't need a ton of carbohydrates to build. Muscle out Guru Amine and Dave Colombo go on The lower side of carbohydrate intake compared to Coach Trevor goes on the higher side. But even Coach Trevor says that the goal is to keep the muscles full of carbohydrates, not overload him with carbohydrates, not to use the insulin to hold more carbohydrate, but the insulin is anabolic on its own, and the carbohydrates are also anabolic on its own. So I did the video with Coach Trevor, where we talked about how old school body builders used to use things like pineapple wall on insulin to prevent going. Hiko pick. I see and also how Coach Trevor would use fruit because it was more agreeable with this stomach and because it gave him or sustained release so that he wouldn't go hyperglycemia on this roller coaster while using high doses of insulin. So I started using more fruit in my recent experiments with insulin to see how little carbohydrates I could get away with while being on insulin to see if I can prevent going happen glassy and let the insulin be the anabolic without increasing total caloric intake or carbohydrate and take. And I noticed that Graham program I can take in a lot less fruit carbs for preventing me from going to hyperglycemia than any other type of carbs. So if I eat an apple and a banana, I ca n't take ten units of insulin and a and a protein shake. Uh, I can take ten units of insulin without going hyperglycemia. That's amazing. I mean, some people will say that Oh, I need a hundred grams of sugar to prevent going hyperglycemia on ten units of insulin. And yet here I took. What is that, like thirty grams of sugar from a banana and an apple, and I didn't know hyperglycemia. That's that's only three grams per unit of insolent. Driver also said in the previous video that if someone's on anabolic growth hormone insulin, the source of calories starts to matter less and less, and using fruit dose versus other sugar is going to be less relevant because the body will find a way to get that sugar into the muscle. And since fructose is better at maintaining blood sugar, and preventing hyperglycemia. Coach Trevor still likes the fruit while on insulin. But remember, this is not for the natty athlete. Coach Trevor also believes. And I also believe, like I stated in the other video, that for the natural atthe sleep glucose and dextrose type sugar's the ones that get processed through the assimilated through the intestines and then absorbed directly into the muscle without having to go through the liver are much more effective for athletic performance and aesthetics for the natty athlete.

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