Gabapentin for Sleep with Dr. Tim

Gabapentin for sleep? Dr. Tony Huge and Dr. Tim discuss Gabapentin for sleep problem purposes, what the dosages are, and how it is used.

Gabapentin: Nerve pain medication and anticonvulsant

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Jabba Penton for sleep. I'm Tony huge and I have sleeping problems. I've started using Gabba Pent and it seems to be effective for me. I wanted to know what Dr. Tim's opinion at maximum performance here in Thailand is. Keep in mind, this is, uh, entertainment educational purposes only not legal, medical or any other type of advice. And thank you for that. So yes, we routinely prescribe gather Penton leaves, you start something at one hundred milligrams, titrate him up two, three hundred milligrams. But it's not working after three more milligrams and it's probably not gonna work. So so pre gavel in, which is Lyrica. I also have that and I can't tell the difference is there? You know love's again. Gavin Penton is sex friendly guys, not sex friend. Okay, So lyrical because delayed *** way use these type of drugs for premature ***. Valium, America, Tramadol. These things can all affect your ability to ***. So Gabba Penton, what won't do that? So the theme of our clinic is sex firmly on everything. We're never gonna recommend something that's not so gather. Penton. So we have gather receptors in the brain, which is which is coming Effect way. Use this high dose for children for seizures, music from your apathy we used for migraine and much higher doses, so three hundred milligrams twenty minutes before bedtime. It doesn't help you fall asleep, but it helps you stay asleep. And it's very effective for guys who are new to a CPAP machine for Steve apnea. They can't sleep with the mask. Other knows, they thought ofthe middle night. The cabin pension will relax them and make them go into a deep sleep so they don't know it's there and they keep it on so they get the benefit of using it. It's non habit forming, no sort of side effect. Before I started using gabapentin, someone warned me, said, It's extremely addictive. You don't want to start using Gamma Penton because then you'LL be hooked on it. You won't be able to sleep without it. You'LL crave it. I feel zero addiction for it, what with your experience, I have never heard anybody have any addiction to gather Penton, but But it's like anything else, you know, if it's, uh, if there's a psychological dependency, Yeah, I can't see without my God invented. That's a normal thing, you know? Is it a really addiction? No, I don't think it is. Like I said, we have many guys who use it on and off, so my staff uses it on enough. So I would say it's a non addictive. You think it makes any drowsiness in the morning, If that can, that means you have too much. So you feel grogginess in the morning. That's kind of the Thai tray, Shin Point like. Okay, I need to back off a little bit. How soon before bed? Because some of these sleeping drugs they take an hour to really kick in. So I want to take a shower before bed and other ones take right before you go to sleep because you don't want to be awake when it kicks in. And thirty, thirty minutes to forty five minutes is fine. Because, like I said, Gala Penton is not designed to put you asleep, is designed to keep you asleep, so it's not going to make your period of tossing and turning in bed any shorter, so to speak. But once you close your eyes, that time should be lengthened

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