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General carbohydrate approach for you. Your athletes train um hi, car lowfat. Always hike are starting with complex and then you're adding on tapering, depending on what their goals are. Others carbohydrate approach. I carved like a low carb A's media on Hikari base to hike our days and about five hundred carbs Still, but I'm so far out my low carb basin About six hundred Next week we'LL be dropping it down It'Ll consistently dropped about two weeks out. My really starts to suffer one hundred sixteen carbs. It'LL be good. Help me fill back out Just as we get closer to the show started cutting carbs doing like a carbon cycle. The little car days like three or four low in a road, maybe a hundred rounds today and then you load up like a thousand flowers in your hands. A car. Two days ago I did twelve hundred grams of rice and one day, but before three days before that, I did three zero car days Salt with zero for three days and they are loaded up. Now back zero two hundred grams of chicken with corn ground rice, but you think your body can absorb too anagrams of what? Right? Rice in a meal without spilling over the back. If you Oh, yeah, Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Is only good cars still over when you do that, Chief? No. You do like a house saying you do like three hundred grams of white rice, but they do three on grounds of McDonald se or keep moving on. Yeah, you're going to school over preparing for Yusa nationals coming in two weeks from now. He has shredded and contest ready Philip to us goods. Bam! There it is. Right now, I cycle my carbs. So my my moderate dough it's around a hundred fifty grand for my load is one hundred grams My model based on the three hundred and high days around five hundred grams so typical of you I want you two to three days low And then I'll do modern day in two more days low And then I'll hide a from my body. You know it. That's how it works for me. And then I'm like, Oh, my Lo Dai's My approach is a little higher and faster. Ah ah, la hire. My body works well of a high fat diet. Um, my last Cup. I did. I had a almost just zero carbs and extremely high fat worked well for me. And then this prep my body wasn't liking Hello. Loathe higher fat. So I had to increase the carbs. And then I started losing more weight this time. So they gotta adjust for the prep for your body. And it's not always been the same everything I actually like to carve cycles. This time around are three of the scrap of actually been cycling them more frequently because my off season was pretty high, high carb. So right now, my carbs on a low day would be around one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty grams of carbs. So it's actually pretty high end for most females. On a high carb day, it would be double that at around three hundred grams of carbs and about once a week, maybe twice a week, depending on how I'm looking at my weekly check in dire Right now. We're just three feet once a week. Uh, I'm very cover has said Steve. So I use super tay toes. Brown rice have a cup a day. Usually I do carb cycling saw do like a three to one like three hundred, two hundred, one hundred, like Dae Bak, Dave Chesson arms, whatever it may be, but you had a sticking point, and then you had to go more extreme. So at around from week twelve around Week seven, I was class going. I couldn't move. I was stuck at one ninety seven to five ish, and then Chris and I have talked and we had changed up the diet a little bit. Wait Pain shit out to two underground carbs on leg day. I want to say eighty five grams of that on our back days and then no carbs, no fats every other day. So if I'm looking at the scheme now, it's one carb day, too. Fat days and three. No partner. When it comes to free contest, it's, Ah, moderate car. When it's in the off season, it's more of a moderate. My heart too, right on high carbohydrates on some, there's just too much. Do you ever go? No carbohydrates? Yes. Uh, during conscious things, I would have days, no cards then on the following dates, Like a very, very high. What, you think I was morbidly obese? Majority of my life. I graduate high school three ten. So I'm very carb sensitive. Not so much that used to be. My body has adapted its still adapting, but I mean and I was overweight for almost twenty years of my life. My body's going on overweight. So typically, I'm a lower carbohydrate, a little moderate. Um, I'll typically run that just as long as I'Ll change the cardio and then once they get closer So I got a photo shoot or contest I'll change my approach nine times out of ten i'll do carb cycling So the days where my carbs air higher My fats are lower and vice versa. Uh, then the closer I get to an actual show, I might increased my protein slightly just because it is more formal. Gentle? Yeah.

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