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Dr tony, you have enhanced athlete dot com, and we're here with a whole bunch of bodybuilders tell you about g h fifteen growth hormone protocol specifically for bodybuilding. This is not medical advice. Don't anything about dr supervision professional ? Don't do we don't encourage that type of behavior. Tell us what the g eight fifteen critical. His food came from where it came from and whether you agree with it or not. Yeah, first of all, yeah, i definitely agree with it because i've done it. And i have my i may or may have not had a lot of my clients do the same thing. More growth hormone, the better the insulin and the tremble. Oh, that's. The main thing. Growth hormone. Insulin trembling to sasha runs in there, no doubt. But the whole thing was just fifteen when they were asking. Who are you ? He came on forums. Everyone thought it was fake. He's, a professional bodybuilder, an olympian competed in mr olympia. Sorry and got in the top six that's. What ? He said top six. And then his i p is checked out. Everything checked out. For the most part. We all know who he is. And we can let the legend lived on or if you want, but is when asked, he was like, is that what you recommend ? Fifteen units of growth hormone and goes that's, the sweet spot that's when it gets good so anything after just gets better, better and what his thing was ? You know, i think he was a lot really disgusted with how body billion turned and how it's a chemical works there, and that was kind of how i lost my love for it when i was competing, because first time i did this, i was trying to rehab a shoulder injury, and i'm after surgery and everything i've read about growth hormone, but how it was used to repair because i ran it before with no good effects, and it started with the uk blast method like a blasting cruise type deal, and that got into jake's fifteen because i was basically in solitary for about a year in an apartment with no television that was just read, read, read, read this i will do again, and so i did it all myself and that's when i got hooked on it and realized what it did so repaired my shoulder, complete, repaired. I couldn't even grab cereal out for six months out of my cabinet fix that i was back to one hundred twenty's on dumbbells for presses. I got back two to seventy, but leaner this time and i just kind of realize this is all it wass you know, i don't have to take bottles of testosterone bottles of decca. I just had to take more growth hormone, which sucked because of the price, but i couldn't get enough. Once you got to a certain way, you would just see your weight start dropping again. So you start eating more and more and more and more and more. I was pizza pancakes just forcing crap down my throat and getting leaner. And so that's when i solidified around two, six, five, pretty solid. And i just kind of remember looking back like this is all you guys do. You know, your genetics, to an extent is only the shape of how you gonna look and that's what your fizzy zina look like. But you can get it is almost as big as you want, it's. Just going to have that same look to it and so that was his saying more tremble, own more growth hormone and then insulin and that's it. And then that show that's kind of how you began getting burned out on the sport of bodybuilding is because once you figured out that it was mostly chemistry and not as much hard work and dieting you hear about the loss, how we lost sight of the nineties bodybuilders till today's body builders like, why don't we have that condition ? Because they still work hard. These drugs came out while they were working hard, so they only added it as a staple to their diet as today's bodybuilders. We just take this and we already know we're gonna look like this so we get lazy, everyone i'll say it, man everyone's lazy and today's bodybuilding they're lazy. They don't know what hard work is, you know, true hard work that grit those guys have, you know, talking to francoise. You know him. And the hours that i would train the hours of cardio he would do and he would take three species that's all you know, three ccs, no growth. Like how ? Tell us more about the g eight fifteen protocol or how you adapted the protocol so it basically is sounds like the anabolic matrix, the synergy between insulin growth hormone and anabolic ce it rather than overemphasizing anabolic switches. It sounds like sounds like the underground secrets, the anabolic matrix, that body that the bodybuilders who really know what they're doing and are having great results are using. And everybody else out there is just pounding huge amounts of injectable anabolic ce, and they're at their wondering why they don't look like pro bodybuilders so well, what is the protocol ? So it was, of course, there's always testosterone and then keeping it at a moderate dose. You know you need estrogen for conversion growth hormone inside jeff requires estrogen, so you have to have two social president, no matter what. And you're the biggest thing once there's, you have your baseline testosterone. Your next thing was tremble alone and tremble on was one of those things. You could start here at this dose and you can go up to whatever does you want, that's one he would always say to you, just take tremble on it's also kidney, kidney toxic over time as well. But you do that combination, you're getting the sensitivity of the idea for getting the nutrient partitioning and all those different effects they're combining with growth hormone, which when you produce an idea, you know you're more sensitive idea, you have better nutrient partitioning, and then you're adding an insulin, you creating a bigger pulse of i g f all these sayings are just that matrix is what you talk about, matrix, they'll come together, each one does a different thing. So each one of you and everything they're working together, they're working independently separately as well. And then they all come together to produce that effect. So give me an idea about a dosage protocol combining anabolic growth hormone insulin like how much insulin each shot ? How often ? How much growth hormone each shot ? How often so, as you know, insolent storage hormone so you could always take too much. You could wear your receptors up. So inside it was one of those things and that's how i talk about the protocol. You take less insulin, get the maximum effect you can get out that i, jeff, spike in the production. But you're not wearing your receptor. Those low doses aren't doing anything damaging those receptors you'll find those studies everywhere, those low doses aren't touching it. So you're getting a maximum polls because you're shutting your lowering your insolence had taken just enough exogenous since long to produce that effect, right ? So you're doing this, and the only other reason that take insulin is to fill out so you can start doing ten units a shot and storm more and more carbs. But you're gonna wear your insolence since you sent the receptors out by doing that over time, you never going to respond the same, so you're safe is never gonna look that good, so it's all about doing frequent small injections of the insulin with the growth hormone and then using higher doses of the insulin to fill out when you need to, because it's hard when you're taking that much growth hormone you always have around look to you, especially the tremble own you get that round this that look, but to really fill out because you're eating so much food, just trying to hold on to what you have, you have to start throwing in that insulin to fill out for when you're doing opposing retainer, a photo shoot or competition. That's. Where that comes in. You're not giving me an exact dosage on insulin, i guess that's because everybody is a little bit different in their sensitivity. Everyone's, different and some people and that's the best time. If someone's taking lots of insulin, you take him off pencil and you put him on a ki tto die. You get there, they're receptors fresh again. You make him do this, you make him do cardio. Anything that's going to start re sensitizing you two insulin you start doing and then you start finding your number. You take this amount of insulin if you start getting those effects, okay ? We're good to go. We're gonna go back down the two three units now per shot with growth hormones and that's. Such a small amount. But you're gonna get so much more effect. So you're producing almost like your body's production. But because you take so much growth hormone, you start lowering all that and insulin. Those counterproductive for moe's that's. Just enough exogenous. Now to produce what you would be producing. Maybe just a slight bit more to get that maxwell close. So there is no deal because it's the end. Do we know if i can ? Use meant instead of trend in this protocol because men seem to be giving me all the same affect this trend with none of the side effects i haven't done. I don't there's a night in research on fully how meant completely works physiologically in the body. We only know so much on it so it could have a trembling like effect. It could be doing different, releasing different pathways it could even affect mile said you never know because the research has been done so i couldn't say the only thing i was saying was you could add it to the cycle. You could add it to it, but it's also good to run it and then save your tremble for after doing a back and forth. My hypothesis is that ment and trend would be extremely synergistic together meant being on the testosterone side, the most powerful thing that take and trend being the most powerful mandrell on that anyone could take those being two different angles to come at the anabolic receptors and all that down down pathways of stimulating muscle growth. All right, what about if i'm going to do fifteen units, a growth hormone ? How ? Many shots am gonna divide that up in per day, dependent on the quality of it. Once you have your labs on, you know, your serum level once you have that down that's when you would make that assumption. So if your growth hormones testing, if you're doing, say, the north atropine on you already know what that growth serum level is, you were doing fifteen units, i would try and space it as many times for the day, so even if it was three hours, three hours, every three hours or every meal, you're doing it, you know, you're mixing with that very low dose of then slam, and so you know, if you're doing generic and you have had it tested yet and getting your growth hormones, because that might be a third less so, taking five units of north atropine would be equivalent to fifteen units of ah of ah knockoff brand or generic. So until you know your number, you won't know the weaker it is. The last dose is you want to do on a higher dosage, so higher doses less frequent if the quality is down. Otherwise you're just getting that native feedback loop. You're not really getting enough growth hormone to do too much. So is growth hormone something that needs to be cycled off in this specific protocol because this does involve trend which does need to be cycled off. So would this be like an eight week g h fifteen protocol or something like that ? Yeah, it's one of those things you do ok, i'm going to book for, you know you have your whole year. Well, she's taking time off after a show you're going to put on your size, and then you're going to go into a show. So you picked those time periods you're goingto do three months of blasting in that way for your offseason are your muscles phase to grow ? And then you're going to take that time off kind of cruise ? Because growth hormone i mean it is relatively safe compared to the others, but extra seller interested in the water that you hold from it goes in your heart. Also, it hardens your left ventricle wall. It thickens. So if it's pumping heart and your blood pressure goes up, which it will because you just put on thirty eight guarantee you'll put on thirty. Pounds about a week or so, and so that all that water's, your heart's going to be pumping harder, your walls thicken moment, split to tears. It's ruptured, so there are side effects to it. So doing them in increments like that, you're going to do a blast. You pick your months, you're going to do it, go back to a cruise, and then you're going to your show. Prep. You go back to it, cut it out before your show action. What about, like, for me right now ? Home, just nine. Nine point five weeks out from the national. But would you consider me doing right now for that ? Yeah, with the program. Yeah. So you know, it's, what you can afford and what you can live by your life comes first and then, you know, whatever access when you have that goes towards that growth hormone, you space out. See you at nine. A half weeks. So if you could get it tomorrow, how much could you afford between now and about twelve ? Ten to twelve days out before you show, when you would really want to start cutting that down because you hold a lot of water on it. So you would do that ? Math. You can afford eight units recon for twelve years today. Whatever it's going to be the more the better about twelve days, ten to twelve days, especially at that dose, but fourteen. So the question is how much growth hormone shy dio. And the answer is, how much can you afford ? What ? Is there no limit to it ? Basically, i mean, if you want ability pizza on a prep, just take more growth and if you want to be that lazy guy that's, why it's got in the way as these guys are taking so much growth from on there's no need for dieting until that you still need to lose those last few percent. You're always gonna have the last few percent goes knock off maybe a little slice of pizza in there. And you could still have the other ship. But that's, what it really comes down to, you know, is controlling your water at that point at that level. Thes guys are hard working as hard as they were the nice. How did they get that conditioning level was changed. You know, you have growth hormone and these mass amounts. How come they can't get in better condition ? You know, they have all the tools to do it there. Just lazy. So i saw some of these absolutely massive body builders that look, they look fat. I mean, it looks like a lot of fat. Very puffy and watery fat. And i had mentioned to you why do they look so like why did he gain so much fatter ? I look so fat. And you said that ? No, it's, actually. Mostly. Water and they can actually peel that off in three weeks. So all they do is come off the growth, take some things to dry out and they go from looking huge and puffy toe looking dry and shredded. And i think that must be very confusing for people in the world who don't understand how much water in bodybuilding or even outside a body how much holding water make the physique look soft and big and fat. Think about post post show, post contest rebound. Yeah, i put forty five pounds on and dana, i put forty five pounds on my buddy was competing as ah a middle way. He put on forty pounds about thirty five, forty pounds and i was a heavyweight and island forty five thousand a day. And my ankles were the size of my calves. Like after the size of my knees that's all water is no fat you don't put, you can store that much fat in a day. It was sodium waters, repercussions of diuretics and cutting water and it looked like just about i look like a blob of fat and so people need to realize and you could see it. Once you have the eye for, you know, it's water and, you know it's fat, you know it's a combination, you know, hot folds pulls you can see through you so see your veins on your abs that that was fat. You want to see those vans it's not fat it's water because it's used you could see through it bacon get up real quick. I wake up in the morning and yes, i can see veins on my abs by afternoon. I've got this layer that i feel like it's fat over the day but you think i'm just gaining water throughout the day. It's sodium, you're having more and more sodium through the day you're getting all that stuff sodium stores, water, right ? You mean fluids. So you take, you know, ht seers of their city. And that stops you from storing this o r holding on the sodium. You don't store that water, you look shredded. All these that's, one of the things because i would put on no in the first two weeks or so about forty pounds on the growth hormone. My protocol that would you and that's not good at heart. And you look puffy looked like crap for this first two weeks. I mean, your muscles are filled out of that water level, you'll see out, you'll see veins still in your absence, so controlling that water is just that's. All it is, you know, it's combination some people for the most part, it's water, that's all we have time for on this video, we're going to continue the discussion on some other videos. Guys, i love learning this stuff as much as you do. I'm basically sharing our private conversations with you. Don't do anything we dio. This is, for educational purposes only. Be swell in school, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution.

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