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Start this glute workout with dead lifts we're going to use this bar so we don't have to go quite as deep. The reason why we're choosing dead lifts its because the largest glutes i've ever seen on females is during power lifting or strongman competitions when they're dead lifting and they can dead lift more weight than men. So it's possible for girls to develop incredible boot size and strength. Now that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to shape the glue and make a pot, but it's definitely going to give the raw size and that raw three dimension that a lot of females really lack because they don't usually do have you wait and they don't usually do dead lifts. She warmed up before we got here, she did a little bit of cardio and sits on a warm body and she's wondering why i didn't warm up. Well, that's, because this is my warm up, i do the actual sets that i'm gonna be performing with the lighter weight, higher reps and i worked my way up and wait. So the first three, four, five sets that i do are actually warm ups. All right ? Notice how. She's sticking her butt out our train, her lower back, so that she pops her butt out. That's gonna really help activate the bus muscles. Get stretch at the bottom. She's also wearing this abdominal lower back support it's. Kind of like a weight belt. Guys were thinking, why is every workout i do with audio, a glute workout ? Because i do whatever i want and that's what i want to do. And i share with you what i would want to see. And i would want to see hot girls to include workouts. Your favorite color. It's pink. I got a little special treat for you. Oh, yes. We're not going to failure on the sets were conserving our energy five to ten reps most we'll go up and reps as the workout goes on, but this is heavy compound stuff. We need to save our energy to go up and wait. Every set of the dead lifts. How do you like this grip versus the normal bar ? Easier on the rest doesn't risk scraping the shins. You could really focus on the movement. It makes it easier to stick your flute out. Really push your lower back out, push yur hips out. You could really get that stretch motion really power through proceed. He really wants to activate the loose muscles at the very top, even though there's not that much resistance. If she squeezes the but they really activate the butt muscles, so she goes up. She squeezes their butt cheeks together. Now i'm putting from close equipment to live with this inner fire. I did you a warm up, i even warm up before switching to this because i'm using different muscles. I warm up before every variation of every set because i don't want to get any injuries doing the hamstrings were doing hamstrings. Before quads were when we're contracting on the hamstrings like this were really squeezing it. We're making it harder than the weight actually is. So we use a lighter weight so that we can keep constant tension. The whole range of motion i'm thinking about cain bishop, pain, bishop, bodybuilder. We work out with scott, great hamstrings, and he taught me about keeping constant tension and squeezing the hamstrings the whole way. That makes the muscles pop. That really gives the separation in the definition in contest, so i'm choosing between one of two intensity techniques, usually for my hamstrings. The same one isn't upset, so being fairly heavy for about eight, wraps and drop it down to threats. Another one i'll do is what i hear. Where he does five reps with heavy way he rest ten seconds. Another five reps with heavyweight rest ten seconds does that for twenty reps for ham streets all twenty five reps for wants always this time between sets between the hand strength that's well, we're arresting you were actually doing cap multitasking, getting us much workout possible and about a one hour period of time in the back extension machine to work the glutes hamstrings. So this is the foot position. Heels are close together, toes pointing out, squeezing the butt sheets of the top. Really that's most of the effect this is exercise that tarp part of the range of motion where you squeeze the butt cheeks together don't actually need weight with this because if you squeeze hard enough it's also like it isometric exercise for you really ? The effectiveness comes from the maximum contraction of top and actually using a wait khun, take away from your ability to maximum contract the muscles at the top really, we think of good form as arching are back backwards on almost every exercise but on this one were intentionally rounding back that's gonna allow us to hit the glutes. And the hamstrings born. So watch. I'm not going down all the way, because then it would release the constant tension he calls intentional. Right about here. I'm squeezing butt cheeks together, please, the butt, cheeks and hands top hand, like this short range of motion, it's all about that top ten percent of their reason. And if you can't feel it, you can hearty before, so you have a far arching that well, you know, you're just using your glutes, you're handsome, you're not you're back, but as you can isolate it, see every set i'm changing my foot wits or the angle of my feet or my grip so that every said, i'm getting a little bit different angle, i think people who don't actually compete bodybuilding or even a lot dude, don't understand that it's all about symmetry and bring out all the little muscles so you can't just do things like bench crafts and squats. It's really not going to activate all the muscles that get activated by hitting every different angle like this ? I am focusing on the upper quads up here that most people like more and you can see on the bodybuilding stage work in their upper quads and who's. Not ninety percent of them have underdeveloped upper quad here's. How i do it. I keep my body straight line as opposed to being like this. See how my body straight about this so i get to stretch the bottom. Then i go up, i do it lifted the top almost like a sit up that engages the hip flexors haul in here, i usually try to avoid the flex is doing things, and i think people's reflections are actually becoming underdeveloped. Now they're focusing, i'm not bringing him puts the abdominal movements right here. I'm trying to get i'm using lightweight to do it. I'm really burning higher reps, trying the decision of here's nuri doing it, your body's straight she's getting good stretch at the bottom. Her muscles are very tight right there, she's not used to stretching and while the muscles being contracted, putting it in a stretch position on hip flexors and see if the top she's flexing your ab a little bit to bring her hips back up to bring her quads up a little bit higher to really get the maximal contraction on the upper quadrant. That definition. So i saved this exercise for last because easiest exercise, but i'm still varying my front distance and my form on every sense right now starting close script that'll hit more of the outer then in the next set, i'll go in her like this dinner right here. Now, the foot, distance and the angle of the feet is only part of what's, causing us hit different muscles here. What really makes a difference is the rotation of the hip. So it's the fact that when you put your feet close together and killed him in like that, it's the fact that it brings the hip over that's, what hits the different parts of the quad. So if you just your ankles or turned by your hip isn't turn it's. Not gonna do any good. So also put your feet in the position to books on mostly want hit. So for going far, then we're going to be hitting inner. We're also going to be rotating this hip outwards, rotating hip like that it's, what's going to hit. Yeah. Your protocol after ah, hard leg workout, burger, hamburger, hamburger. Why do you eat a hamburger after leg workout ? That's, right ? Because i don't believe in just having normal amount of calories, every meal. Today, i believe in things like car back loading and having calories around the workout time, and she takes it to the extreme by having her hamburger or cheap meal after a leg workout. If there's, any time to do it, that's the best time to do it. Guys hope you appreciate the, uh, information. We look forward to your comments. We do video based on your request. Be swell in small, by friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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