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Doctor two huge here. Enhanced athlete dot com today's video is about intra muscular injections specifically in the gloom of oil. And i've got a beautiful model here, who's going to actually give me an injection, you guys tow watch how it works and she's gonna take a shot of vodka right now loosen up because she's scared of death of needles. So this should be very interesting. Cheers, guys, i did a previous episode on which type of needles to use, so i'm gonna let you wash that one was going to summarise really quick by saying i am going with a three mil leader syringe tip on it is twenty gauge. That is what i'm going to draw from the file of testosterone replacement therapy just ost arone and then i am after i'm done drying, i'm going to replace the twenty gauge needle with a twenty five gauge one inch needle because this one will put a much smaller hole in my body and not hurt so much. I'm also going to be using your ad alcohol swabs because these air very thick and have lots about calling him and they're really cheap costume. So we're gonna be doing point. Five ccs of testosterone, which is half a mil leader, which, normally testosterone comes in two hundred fifty milligrams concentration, her middle leader. So that means one hundred twenty five milligrams of test. I'm gonna remove the syringe. I'm gonna take the alcohol swab. Wait, the top of the pile of the testosterone that cap off. I'd like to set it in the wrapper that the syringe came in sauce. Truman comes in a vacuum sometimes. So sometimes you need to draw a little bit of air and put aaron one way to see if there's a vacuum is you, khun, draw air, leave erin the syringe then put it in and see if it sucks the air in. I'm just gonna put a little air and it makes it easier to draw. Sometimes people say they have a really hard time drawing the oil out and that's because oftentimes there's a vacuum inside neither add air into the pressure. Push the oil out. So i'm gonna drive. Turn it upside down. Draw out. Point five is a very low dose. This is just a testosterone replacement prescription dose of testosterone. If it were a bodybuilder dosage of testosterone, we would be doing three ccs. We would be doing six times this amount. Bodybuilders take all different passion does just in the personal strategy. I'm going to remove that twenty gauge tip. I'm gonna apply the twenty five gauge one inch tio that. And now the syringe is ready to you. Most guys will. Inject themselves in there, but they'll do this twisting motion almost like they're preparing for a physique. Competitions, right ? Me, i get cramps in my oblique when i try to twist this much, i have a hard time keeping the needle still, i prefer if someone else injects me so that's, why she's going to inject ? But i just wanted to show you in case someone who's directing theirselves that usually it's a twisting motion like this and it's putting your weight on your left leg if you're objecting, you're right, it's putting your way on your left your right leg. Relax. Letting this muscle relaxers want the must be relaxed with me inject now the needle is going to go in. Just find some people like to spread the skin. He spread the skin a little bit. Said the skin is tight so the needle goes in easier. But i just stood there. You are now going getting more specific on which part of the upper outer quarter and i like since i've got a lot of muscle right here i can show you this right under my head. See this, my hip and right underneath that is this. Bulging our associates mediaright there. I'd like to go in that part. I don't even feel it when it goes in there. Most people go a little bit more in this. But remember this entire our quadrant isn't okay. Area to inject. So i'm gonna pick a spot in the upper outer market with a pen so she knows exactly what i try to get all the air out of the needle. So, there's, always a little tiny bubble in there. I'm not worried about a little tiny bubble i got most tierra like tio let some of the oil drip out of the top of the needle which lubricates the needle so it slides in much easier the little couple drops went down it so now the needle is lubricated so the main thing is once we put the needle in, we don't want to move the needle because that's created scar tissue so we go straight and keep the needle still, i like to keep one hand on my butter persons, but that and use this stand first don't need to go fast. It's amazing have sharp needle is it'll just glide right innocence there's no resistance, which is interesting because i see on the internet i see everybody always jabs if i jab the needle in really fast and actually get sore if i go in just medium speed it's, not a sore afterwards. Asperity is when you shift a needle in you pull back on the plunger. Blood comes in then that means the armory, the needle so you don't inject into a vein or an artery. Personally, i haven't aspirated in a long time. I used to ask for it. I didn't like it because when you ask for a view that moving the needle, cutting the inside of muscle, creating start issue and so i did a whole bunch of research on what the actual risk wass to me, i much prefer not to ask after that is like using a twenty five gauge needle, which is smaller than the standard twenty three gauge needle. People inject with the oil kind sometimes go very slowly through the needle. But if you heat the oil up, then the oil will go justus fast twenty three age needle so here's now i heat the oil up method number one is i put it in a glass. Of water, and i'm seizing a hot water spic it say here, so i still have a hot water, and i just let the syringe sit in the hot water for forty five seconds. There's. No way i heat it up is, i just told it under us, fawcett like this hot water, a little method i used to heat it up is to hold it in front of a heater. So i choose one of those three different methods. Depending on the convenience of the time, i'm gonna ask you straight out and hold it with one hand while we plunge, you know, just funded. If you speak, it'll go, go slow the western, you know, slow, so just keep constant pressure. Michael storm before. Okay, you said, don't hold, like, right here, and then that's it like you don't even need to spread the skin. That's. Some people like what we were talking about you. But i like to put, like, two can just guide it with one hand, like, like this hand. I'd like to kind of put it in with this hand and use this hand to plunge. Okay, i was. I get it. Yeah, so ? Thanks. All right. So we got a little bit of blood. That's no problem. Wait, just push a little bit of pressure right there, and that helps push the oil into muscle, and besides it that way, it doesn't turn into a ball sore. Later, i noticed a big difference in my life. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for lost more injection videos, mohr bodybuilding tips, more insider secrets of building muscle burning fat, more bodybuilding competition coverage and also secret health stuff. We also talk about how to beat cancer and how to stay healthy, see and young and live forever. So stay tuned because i want to know about all this stuff i'm willing to invest my personal money into it into re session with it, and i'm willing to travel over the world to interview experts and give you guys that information. So please subscribe, please, like, please comment. And this video was in response to your requests for how to do an injection, where to do an injection. I am not trying to promote anybody, do any of this. I'm just trying to give information so that people could make their own educated decisions i give both sides of each argument, i say good things about stories of bad things about spirits. And actually, my true mission is to get all bodybuilders off steroids myself. Personally, the only steroid i'm on is testosterone replacement dosage, prescription of testosterone. I only use arms now from www dot enhanced athlete dot com, and i'm getting justice good results as steroids without the steroids. And i've got a whole bunch of competition bodybuilders there on board going into recent competitions on no steroids on ly on www dot enhanced athlete dot com products. So during the revolution, check out what we've got.

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