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A little glue work out for the ladies. That's the butt muscles. Coach trevor is gonna teach these two hottie alerts how to develop their clues because athena just competed last night to improve got second place. Fantastic job here in singapore. Nadiya and this hot alerts gonna be competing sometime soon too. This has the breasts and shoulders. So now we just have to be all right. Coach trevor, while we're watching the video, tell us what we're seeing and what she's doing right and wrong and why we're seeing a hottie alert right now. Tio vertical press. So this was a leg workout, but only here mainly towards the glues loathe hamstring area in those time there is and, you know, to accentuate the physical on bikini girls and whatnot and what every girl wants. And so what i did here was, we actually started with the vertical press and since there's, no actual machine at this gym and most much most gyms don't have that machine we have to incorporate, you know, different different methods. So what we did was took a smith machine, and i put a pad down on the floor and for your back. Back needs supports is honest, if surface, and you have them, sit directly under it, as you can see where they're late placing is. So when you're bringing your legs down, your knees air coming towards your chest, and you'll feel the stretch, the lower you go deep into the groups and then in chair hamstring. And it pretty much negates any use of the muscle in the quads, except for you, the very top here, quad will get hit, but it's, just a it's. A great. Sizemore and a lot more glue activation. When you get the top. When the legs are closer in together, it's a lot more quadricep takes over. And then the spots on your upper glue is usually the last part again. So not much good activation. How about the torque toes being pointed forward versus pointed out of pointed in when it does change pointing in works the outer quad more pointing out works inner quad in the inner thigh. And so it was only to keep that in mind out goes in and goes out. How long do you think a glute workout like this should last ? No more than forty five minutes. And the girls do the squat next. But and i noticed you had them squeeze their glutes. The top squeeze their groups together. Now, this is m j mazzarri, and she definitely has underdeveloped legs. And you can tell she doesn't squat very much. Should girls squad regularly ? Yeah, if they're back is fine. They know how to do it properly. Squat should always be in there. It's. I mean it's. Absolutely perfect for them. One of the problems with females and their training they never want. To get big and that's what they always say, and it never happens, like they think it's gonna happen, and doing these so called mass builders is what's going to push their muscles and driving the failure. When you see him doing these machines, they're not stressing their muscles are not actually causing anything really to happen. That's, why they'll spend at the hours and days day and after a day of just doing nonstop repetitions on these machines. But they're not really stimulating because they're not forced to push themselves. Okay, what kind of reps are we doing on things like the vertical leg, pressing the squad's for girls, same concept almost the same way. How i do any athlete is we're taking it's a failure, whether it's, higher ups or low reps. So we went up this high is i'm starting in the thirty ranges, going down to fifteen, and even we have to meet her. So here, m j has her feet closer together, out blue top. Is that right ? Yeah, when, uh, do you say are fewer closely, i like to have a little bit louder, a little farther out, farther apart, and that works. It does work a little more glue when the when the feet start coming closer and closer and voice more intercepts, i'm talking slow. Slower ? More. Twenty. Quad machine and you have him on the floor instead, pushing it up. It's, a blue leg press. Yeah, because they don't believe they have that machine, which is they call ass blaster about last year, they didn't have. A lot of machines. And this one you could see he had the girls let the weight down slower to really get the negative toe. Hold it for a split second at the top. A maximum contraction. So as they go through their sense, they get better and better. At what show, she'll come down slower. Yeah, and she was the one i had to fight and tell every time. Go slow down because it was hurting too much. All right, so then the girls made their way over to the the machine. This right here was the quad extension like extension machine, so we still have to do this is the leg workout with emphasis on foods. So it wasn't just to includes only, but we only did a little bit of les extension because then we went over to the thigh machine, inner thigh and outer thigh machine. Is she doing anything special, or is he just sitting on the machine doing regular she's, doing the regular range of motion and that's completely fine ? A lot of times you can position yourself different. You stick your chest out straight up, you consider way. Thanks. Give it. It works. Bye, like, wait. I could do this to warm up a little bit at a time. So you're doing hips, but you can actually do some of the clues. So i do three different angles. Notice she's leaning forward here. So i do. Leaning forward, i do sitting straight up. And then i also do where i put all the weight on my feet and i lift my butt off the bench about a foot. Oh, yeah. So right there, you just pretty much any spot you could hit. You just hit on there and i stick to one or two on these ones because it's not i mean, it works a shaper as well. Be so much more effective using free weights, woods and technically this right here, the lunges, the walking on just was planned to be the last set of the exercise. Why do you do lunges at the end ? Because chris dim professional. I have phoebe body builder. Coach also has all of his students of body building and fitness and figure do lunches into their workouts too. Well, i wish i worked out with him when you're working with him because he made a super set lunges with squats and everything else, so we're screwed from the beginning. I do, matt then, because even when you're thrash, this is something you could always find a way to either cheat or find that extra bit of power to push through through the work out. If you try to do squats at the end, in your legs or fried, you can't do anything with these ones. I've found for some reason, even when you're tired, you can still get away with doing lunges. And not only that, that constant tension when you're doing it right and squeezing like you see them doing even, i'm not let's say a site from girls, you just get the pump, it just gets worse. You get more of a pump by doing this and nothing alright. And then we finished up with a little bit that we're doing the stairmaster after the way it's exercise. But it's not just cardio, trevor, showing them how to use the stairmaster to actually build muscle you. Even after the lunges, these girls had a little bit left in the tank, so we burned him out on the cardio to build muscle as you can. See, the resistance is very high. She's using it more for muscle, building them for cardio. Thank you to michael. Leave. This is your facility here. Twenty four. Ex fitness singapore.

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