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If we have the flu, should we stop eating and should we fast to get over the flu faster ? And are we going to lose muscle because i'm a wannabe bodybuilder ? I'm dr tony, huge and here's a cautious thefix and josh, and we're learning from dr bon here, who runs this clinic that has to do with extreme weight loss on a lot of other scientific strategies for regaining our health. And so he does a lot of research and he's done research lately, where he's found that if people fast correctly, they don't lose any muscle size, and we're going to be doing a whole bunch of experiments with dr bond here in the clinic. In fact, we all got our body fat analysis and body composition analysis done today. Coach trevor got has done today as well, and this brought up the question that since we know that fasting is healthy for us, we know that fasting is a time that allows our body that cleanse itself of a lot of different diseases. It's a potential cure for things like cancer, heart disease, liver problems and you've experienced this in your practice. But the problem for a body builder is that when we fast according to dr bond, we should not be exercising because then we will actually be breaking down muscle. Then we will be increasing cortisol. And so the question for bodybuilders wins the best time to fast. Well, when we have the flu or the cold, we probably shouldn't be breaking our body down and working out anyways. So is this a good time too fast ? And do we see this in nature ? I mean, do what do what do animals do when they get when they get sick ? You know, most of time animal when they're sick, they really don't eat, right ? They left the body recover, so human beings are really no different that way. So what you want to do is when you're sick, let's say you have the flu most of the time, your body is working really hard, okay ? And your body is trying to recover, so you're not really even hungry. You have no taste and when you're most time, you're sick anyways. And so if you think about this way is your body, immune system is trying to drive up okay trying to protect you and so you won't be able rest a gut in itself, right ? Could you start eating you really spending a lot of energy toward the gut, where in itself produces a lot of inflammation already ? So when you're sick, you really want a fast and i'll be great for body builder because when you fast at least twenty four hour, you get a spike in what you love the most growth hormone and the growth hormone is what really driving up your muscle anyway, so you're protecting a muscle when you're sick. On the other hand, if you decided that you wanted to work out well, now you're putting more stress, you're putting more cortisol to it. You pretend you khun dropped a growth hormone anyways, so even though mental you thinking this is helpful but you're putting a lot more stress to your body, increasing mohr inflammation, your body driving up in your immune system ? In actuality, you really should be trying to produce the least amount of information possible. So fasting for bible is great during time of having cole during tom having flu and that'll help you recover anyway, because every twenty four hour that you fast, you have. A spike in growth hormone, right ? And it'll decrease the insolence well to the second thing that you want to think about when you're fasting, your adrenaline's going on spikes. So when it's, spike give you a lot of energy and what's the worst time for you is when you're sick, but you have the least amount engine you feel like you're going to be just cuddling in bed and just staying there and you feel like you by using and muscle, but actually, when you're fast and you're better off than taking any type of sugar product or any type of meal that you consume me, i say we wanted we didn't want to a strict like water only fast. We just wanted to throw in a couple things to help us maintain our mineral balance and maybe to give us even a little bit more energy to get through the day, and we take things like the over the counter day quill, can we drink a little bit of coffee ? And then you have some of your people drinking bone broth, right ? Would that help while we're sick and fasting as well ? You know, bone broth is actually a great one is a great and term that it helped with the anti inflammatory right ? So what we said is that, you know, you got a sick gut and now well happened. You've got a lot of inflammation, you've got a lot of bacteria that work gonna work against you anyways and now your dedication is your immune system shifty, focusing on this virus that attacking your body, right ? And so the bone broth is a great one that you can do that really enhances the process by decreasing inflammation. The second no do seconding oh, doo is that it really doesn't have any type of fat, but it does have a magnesium foster's calcium these are things are really important in your body already, but that's what bone broth if you make it correctly that's what it it helped with other product that we make that are helpful for our patient is really a variation of the apple cider vinegar. Now we produced. And what it does is that apple cider vinegar just helps suppress your appetite is one, but too is that it helped a lot of indigestion, which lot people sometimes will have a lot of. Cramping because when you're sick, you're not taking a lot fluid. You're not taking a lot of salt. She kidney start kicking these things out. So a lot of people started having a lot more cramping indigestion in a lot of aches as well, too. So that's. One other thing. That's sort of useful. The trick is how to make it a product that you can help you tolerate. Apple cider vinegar is a very hard one. So we managed to produce something that's really easy to consume and it's very helpful during this process. The other thing that might be used for that you, khun definitely do coffee or tea as well too. Those are two things that does it without any any sweeteners, etcetera. It doesn't drive up insulin. So in that case will happen is that you insolent its gonna be low. And so when it's slow the growth hormone ten despite because the growth hormone adrenaline all those things are what they call counter regulatory hormones. Incidence on ly hormone that bring down your blood sugar and help store right stored glycogen and liver and store fat so now learned of one time where you're sick. Will happen is that now you can take advantage of the fact that you goingto have higher growth hormone, hired ren lin and decrease insulin it's pulling out the fact that you have more energy so what's the best time to do that is taken advantage of time when you sit well, i am truly blessed to be connected with dr bond now because as you guys have seen from my snapchat, instagram and facebook posts, i need to work on my health and i feel like he's coming into my life at the perfect time to help my health. And i know a lot of other bodybuilders are having the same issues with their health. So the next time i get sick, i'm going to use that as my opportunity to fast and cleanse my body because fasting is good to prevent the whole host of other diseases as well, and to regain our insulin sensitivity and then when i fast for those twenty four, forty eight, maybe even thirty six hours, i might add in some bone broth, apple cider vinegar, some ginger, some tea and some coffee, but no food. I'm not going to break the fast. I was under the incorrect the misconception. Before that i needed to feed myself to give my body. The resource is to fight the disease. And now that i understand that increasing my own body's natural production of growth hormone to increase my body's immune system, and then to keep my insulin levels low and then to have my body's resource is freed up, not digesting the food freed up to fight the infection, i'll be able to get over it faster and used that window of time. And that opportunity for all the benefits of a fast, be swollen swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Yeah, some are bad section with process in my wallet, and i'm flexing it for else. Fragile ration rice. I love by rookie of the year, fronting with cash, is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with him. I want it, and i'm

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