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Uric acid leading to the injury. I'm Dr Tony Huge. This information may be of assistance to other people suffering from the injuries from the same cause that I had. Was uric acid. Let's go through this list of items, including symptoms. I had the bloodwork lab results. I got Dr Recommendation the temporary treatment, and then we'LL follow up with the cure in protocol that I actually used that just worked for me as of the last couple days. First, the suffering in the symptoms. It started in my left knee, probably about five months ago. I started experience left knee pain. Looking back, it felt like shards of glass inside my E every time I sat down and stood up and it just kept getting worse and worse, painful. And it wasn't about the weight I was using in the gym. Even really lightweight hurt just as much as heavyweight, so I could still squat. Four hundred fifty pounds and squatting four hundred fifty pounds gave it just as much pain as squatting one hundred thirty five pounds. So it wasn't about the weight load. It was just literally the movement of the knee that was causing the pain started in the left knee, then moved to the right knee and before you knew it, even just like getting out of bed was painful. And I'LL get to what I did temporarily to fix it. But first, the bloodwork lab results that maybe discover the problem was here in Thailand. I got my uric acid levels tested amongst many other comprehensive test. That video's on for you guys to gaze could learn from my experience is experience venting on my own body uric acid normal ranges three point five to seven point two and mine was thirteen point one, which is like to more than double two and a half times what would be in the middle of the normal range. Doctor looked at that here in Thailand and said, Wow, are you experiencing joint pain? Because that is what we would normally see in someone that has gout and has, like, some serious elbow, knee, ankle pain. And I said Yes, extreme knee pain, he said, This is the cause. And then, uh, I didn't get an X ray. I always intended to get Iraq's right, and now I probably won't get in X ray, but I really thought the cartilage was gone out of my need. That's why I think a lot of other people might be having the same symptoms because I hear of any injuries so frequently, Um, this is a much simpler way to try and diagnose the knee injury and troubleshooting than jumping right into X rays or going to a doctor For the me issues. The doctor recommendation was that I eat less chicken in duck and liver, and then I drink more water. Well, I did some research on the Internet, and there's something called pure ins that they're in multiple different food items. But a lot of protein foods contain periods, and it's the breakdown and byproduct of that causes uric acid. And it's three kidneys inability to filter that out, usually based on a lack of water. Dehydration is it sounds like the most common cause of uric acid. Now, I have been traveling through Asia for the last five months, actually most of the last two years, where it's very hot. I'm sweating a lot, right constantly, sweating constantly hot, not drinking enough water, because the amount of water I used to drink back in the United States was adequate for United States. But here where it's hotter, I sweat more, drink more water to give my kid these more filtration power, and I can see this in my urine. My urine is too dark. My urine used to be more clear on its back. The United States where wasn't quite so so hot. So I used a temporary treatment. I I was hoping this was gonna be a permanent fix because it kept getting better and better. But then as soon as I stopped this treatment, it would come back again. So I was just treating the symptoms. I wasn't actually curing the underlying problem, causing the knee and the problems I was taking as a temporary treatment. The TV five hundred a ch. And every time I took it, it was almost instant. My knees would feel so much better. I was also taking turmeric as a general anti inflammatory and fish oil. I upped my official dosage to three. Uh, they're like about a thousand milligrams capsules, uh, gel caps in mourning and three at night that was pursuant to Aaron reads recommendation because whatever he had his knees hurt. He increases the fish oil dosage, and I was also taking other anti inflammatories, natural things that decrease inflammation. Body was also helping. And then when I took an actual anti inflammatory drug like an ibuprofen, my knees would actually feel better, So getting rid of the inflammation was curing the symptoms, not the underlying cause. I was also avoiding a rack. A tonic acid, eh? This is one of my favorite supplements from enhanced athlete because it built so much muscle naturally by increasing inflammation in the muscles. One of the I'd say secrets of natural bodybuilding is a racket tonic acid, and I love using it. But I had to take a break from it because a racket on a gas and can potentially cause inflammation all over the body, not just in the muscles, so I had to decrease my use of it. I also switch to high repetition lightweight for the blood flow in my knees. And and that did help, like especially doing tons of warm ups or lots of walking, lots of movement. It's like when my knee was was still and not bending like when I wake up in the morning, that's when it's the worst. It almost feels like because you're a gas. It causes crystallization in the joints that causes your body to inflammation response and then ultimately an immune response. When your body attacks your own knees joints. She's probably the point where I was that the high repetition training or the blood flow was like was flushing the crystals out temporarily? That's just my speculation that works now. This is how we know for sure that you're a gas it and ultimately gout because that is the end result of high uric acid levels was the cause of my knee pro. This is how we know for sure that you're a gas it and ultimately gout because that is the end result of high. You're a castle levels. Was the cause off my knee problems In the next video, I'm going to go over the actual protocol that I used to cure it. And yes, involves TV five hundred h gh. Still, but really, the cures that I used were so much more natural, so much more obvious and all over the Internet. But I'll tell you exactly what I used and what worked for me that let me. Finally, as of today, the first day I was able to get back in the gym and have a normal leg workout without excruciating pain in my knees be swollen school Friends of Freedom pioneers of human evolution.

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