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How to carry nozzle er health and longevity researcher for in hand staff fleet and today we're going to talk a bit about grapefruit and yeah, i know you might say that's kind of a lightweight subject, but if you just bear with me, i think you'll find some intriguing information here about the potential benefits of grapefruit in many areas of your life. Great fruit contains several fight. Oh chemicals like like a peanut beta carotene. If you remember, when we talked about watermelon, talked about it being a very important source of, like a pena wonderful antioxidant something it also helps protect the skin from uva radiation, baby care change and the red and the pink varieties. When you get those colors, you get more of the beta carotene and then there's things called lyman oi, ds like lyman in and flab annoys like narrow gene, and the narrow gene in is, if you're familiar with great food at all is one of the real active components here, the american institute for cancer research. They have a list of foods that fight cancer, and it makes that list multiple studies, including one published in the journal of additional food showed that great fruit is a very good choice if you're trying to lose weight with just a great fruit per day, making a significant an impact on weight loss efforts, and i'll go over that more as we go along, you can do the whole fruit, you can use grapefruit juice. You can also use grapefruit essential oil, and some folks have used grapefruit seed extract because it can help destroy a lot of bad bacteria and viruses and things like that that you don't need so just about all parts or beneficial but let's go over again. Some of the major benefits i mentioned weight loss research continues to reveal consuming grapefruit benefits weight loss in a major way, and they think it's, an enzyme. The reason is an enzyme called a mp activated protein kindness am peak. All bodybuilders usually know about that that appears to get activated by an organic compound in great fruit, and when this am piquet gets activated, it encourages the body's energy producing processes like glucose uptake, which helps boost metabolism, and that, in turn encourages weight loss. Not generally thie and piquet is activated during exercise to help muscles use. Stored sugar and fat for energy an animal study published in the american journal of physiology, endocrinology and metabolism demonstrates how long term intake of ah special fight oh chemical in the grapefruit, significantly reduced high fat and high sucrose, diet induced body weight gain, abdominal fat accumulation and the development of hyperglycemia hyper insulin insulin. Mia, the study concluded that not only can great fruit likely help prevent obesity, it can also improve overall physical performance again, that doesn't sound like something's, just a lightweight study. Animal studies aren't convention ing enough there have been some human studies for weight loss with humans study published in the journal of additional food looked at the impact of grapefruit and grapefruit products on body weight and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a precursor to all kinds of problems in the body where your waist size is too high to being your hdl is too low. Your body mass index is too high a lot of inflammation in that particular kind of situation. So when they looked at that in ninety one obese patients, they found that the great fruit capsules and grapefruit juice resulted in mohr weight loss than the placebo. But fresh grapefruit was definitely the star consumption of half of a fresh great fruit before meals was associated with significant weight loss along with improved insulin resistance. And you know that the proper use of insulin is probably the overall key in terms of of your body health. According to the american issue for cancer research, sell in animal studies have shown that grapefruits, vital chemicals, narrow gene and and lemon in have shown an ability to reduce the growth of colon, mouth, skin, lung, breast and stomach cancers. Studies also showed that not only did proliferation slow down, but the self destruction of cancer cells increased. That's called a pop doses where the body is literally cleaning itself up. That was very important. A lot of folks actually get cancer on a regular basis, but the body has the ability through its own immune system to get rid of it. And part of that process is part of the call. Apoptosis no, yeah, numerous studies again the shown that it's a very, very good source of vitamin c, which is also very important for your immune system. And according to a two thousand twelve study by the american heart association eating grapefruit and orange appears to be useful, lowering the risk of stroke, especially if you are a woman. It's the flab annoys you think that irresponsible here, another interesting one on skin health pink grapefruit! As i mentioned, the color high and beta care team slows down the aging of skin cells and has been known to improve hyper pigmentation. They're also the like a peahen, which we mentioned, which helps to guard against sun induced skin damage and mutation. So it's a very, very good the source for complexion. And actually you can use grapefruit as a juice to put on the skin because it's ah, source of solace ilic acid you know what a siegel salus ilic acid is that aspirin, but the sala cilic acid is kind of like a natural skin cleanser again, great fruit on edible fruit does come from the great fruit tree it's, one of the lowest foods, according to the harvard medical school, with a glassy, meek index of twenty five meaning again it's, one of the very lowest of all the fruit options. So if you don't find organic grapefruit, don't worry about it really great fruit are not included in what they call the daily dozen, the environmental working groups clean fifteen list is where you find grapefruit, so that means again that if you're going to buy something like that that's, not organic, you're still not going to be getting the contamination of pesticides, but you can afford it. Organic obviously would be the best now. One other consideration here, though now we've talked about the good things here's something that you need to know if you currently take any medication. It's very important to check out the known grapefruit interactions with medications. There are many drugs that you cannot combine with grapefruit or great fruit juice. You can check with your doctor, you can check with your pharmacist and find out because again, this import with medication, because obviously we want you to have a certain level, and taking too much can cause all kinds of side effects with the medication there's a certain enzyme here or fido chemical ? They're organic chemical compounds that block what they call the c p three a one enzyme in the human body. These enzymes are required for the breakdown and elimination of over fifty percent of all drugs. So even if you space out, your grapefruit consumption from interactive medication had done seemed to work, either, since these enzymes khun stay blocked after consuming grapefruit in any form for over twenty four hours. And there are studies that show people with cancer or a risk for cancer, especially with women with hormonally sensor sensitive cancers should avoid excessive assumption. A grapefruit and grapefruit juice. It also apparently can boost the effect of caffeine, which, you know, you can take it both ways. Maybe you know, if you get too much that's a problem, but maybe is a nice way to get a little more bump out of your caffeine. So i kind of put in perspective, though, if this is in the spirit of the enhanced athlete research efforts, if great fruit is a problem with medication, then when it comes to taking great for it, for example, with your other vitamins and supplements, whatever they happen to be very possible. And i checked this out with a friend of mine, a phd and nutrition who said that you will actually get better use of the vitamins and minerals you take if there is some grapefruit present, so while it can be a problem with medication, it could be a benefit for people on the other end of the spectrum. So great fruit is more than just a a fun little fruit. It's, actually something that's, chock full of all kinds of benefits and definitely worth your time to investigate. Carry nozzle, our health and longevity. Researcher for in hand staff li shin

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