Growth Hormone and IGF-1 Causes Cancer ? | Dr. Thomas o’connor

Dr Tony Huge

This morning I have been researching the implicating of using Insulin, HGH, Anabolics and IGF-1 Cancer development. My Brother started a Health Clinic that does fasting and body cleansing. They are proving by giving your body a break from food, the body does a reset, detox, and killing cancer cells. So as a Bodybuilder balancing with health and performance. I give myself breaks from the different compounds and breaks from food and let my body go in a mode that it will break down cancer cells. Because our body has natural mechanisms available to break down cancer cells.

IGF-1 and HGH on cancer

The good news is: We don’t know because there is really no data for it.

If you look for the data on Growth Hormone, this is true. The data came from more juvenile data from patients that had dwarfism in young children that were not developing from pituitrin issues. And they are giving supplemental growth hormone, they were concerned they might see an increase in cancer. And, the cancer would be colon cancer. If we look at the data, were are not sure about that.

But, in my experience, I have never seen (thank god) cases for uses of growth hormone or IGF-1 causing any type of cancer.

I have had patients, several patients, that had lymfoses. And they came to me and said that they had this cancer and were using these steroids and HGH. And I don’t think IGF-1 was really used back then, but they were on Growth Hormone. So, I talked to their doctors like I do,  and I asked if they think this cancer was caused by using Growth Hormone. And their answer is again: We don’t know. But and the end of the day, the concern is on all the studies were you modulate IGF-1, is that going to stimulate the growth or unleash a growth of a organ cancer. Like a colon cancer or a small bowel cancer. Not to mention a myoma, a skin cancer is what people are worried about and there is no data for. So, we can not say any of this.

My recommendation at the end: Insulin, Growth Hormone, IGF-1, and Steroids, if you are not ready for the consequences independently. The main consequences are cardiac and not to mention your brains, your sex drive, and gyno. But if you are not ready for the effects of any of these drugs, you have to be careful. And if you are going to do these drugs like IGF-1 and HGH, you have to get monitored. You have to have screening, lab screening, and heart screening.

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