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Growth hormone and the immune system. I'm Dr Tony Huge of enhanced athlete dot com. Here's Coach Trevor and we are not doctors were not scientists. We are, bro scientists, and we personally experiment with all these compounds on ourselves. And we give you our personal experience, along with the experience of thousands of athletes that we work with Coach Trevor Hadia, who have not been on growth hormone for since Mexico since before Mexico. So that's what, like, two months over two months. Yeah, OK, and before that, you always took a low dose of growth hormone. And then before that, you took megadoses of growth hormone, which is one of the ways you built so much permanent muscle. But while you were on a low dosage of growth hormone, if you could compare that and the effect on your immune system versus now being off of growth hormone Uh, yeah, we were talking about that because I got sick as he could hear. My voice woke up pretty sick, and I felt like I've been sick for a while, just fighting it on enough. You could tell my nasal uneasily when I speak the last videos, so I'm not. I don't get sick a lot if you, uh you guys aren't around the actual scene. But I was telling Tony, how often have you heard I've been sick and how sick I've been since Mexico? Because I've been sick by four times now by the fourth time, and I used to get sick a lot in high school and all the time in high school, I was naturally high school. Yeah. This is before you ever touch steroids or chemical compounds. You just have a genetically low immune system. Yeah, really crappy immune since really bad. And everyone always just you're You're always saying why? I always say Then when I did get on stuff, when I come on and I would get sick, it was always on my medical file. Oh, you took steroids here means there's some suppressed. And I'm trying to tell a man it's been like this growing up. I was always sick on Christmas. I was one that always ruined their Okay, So then you got on growth hormone. You did megadoses and then you just did mean maintenance doses. What wouldn't it? Did your immune system do when you were on megadoses? Growth hormone. See? And that's what I was trying to explain you. I never thought about it because I wasn't sick. I feel like I was getting a cold. One day I'll wake up the next day. Fine. So I only got sick. It was a foodborne foodborne illness. Are you saying you never got sick while megadoses growth hormone and I never once got Wow. So you went from being sick all the time. And then while you were on high doses a growth hormone, you just stopped getting sick completely. How about the difference between when you were megadose in growth hormone doing between ten to thirty units? And teo your maintenance dose of just about four units or what we doing between two and six? Farm grade? A maintenance? Yes. What I was doing, usually anywhere? Yeah, two to five. Okay, So did you notice a difference in your immune system between megadose ing and the low dosage? I mean, it was Did the low dosage give you the same benefit as faras your immune system as the maga dozing for the most part. Like I said, it's hard to say because during that time on the mega dosage I When I think back and look back, I never even caught a cold when everyone thought about getting sick Anything along those lines When I was doing maintenance dose I could feel like I was catching a cold one day that everybody else around town would have. But next day I wake up fine. But my God, I'm going to get sick tomorrow. We'LL make out fine. Never had a problem, but foodborne. Yeah, but Did did you have the same thing with the load? Lower dose, the growth hormone. So when you're on lower doses, Did you also not get sick? Yeah, that's why I'm saying I wouldn't get sick. I would feel the onset symptoms of being sick. Okay, I would wake up the next. So, for the purpose of boosting the immune system, we don't need to megadose growth hormone to toe. I think you said two to five units. Something two to five units is enough to boost the immune system enough not to get sick or to be able to defeat a sickness very quickly. So wait, we're talking about this too? Is trevor? Trevor has been sick a whole bunch times I've been around Trevor, but I haven't gotten sick because I am on growth hormone right now. And so that's how we kind of figured out that that is the possible reason why I am not getting sick despite being around so many sick people. Despite having a daughter that brings tons of sickness is home and she's always sick. She's developing her immune system. You're immune system strong so you can fight it. You know you're on a bunch of other things, too, and you do have a good immune system. And then, bro science aside, if you guys want to look into it, you know, look att cancer patients and look, especially AIDS patients. Write your immune system is what takes a hit. Look at the documentaries and look at the research and science and studies when they put him on growth hormone in particular. Insist Ostro, They're t cell count goes back to normal, and that's their immune system. So you're giving them two things that they're low in. So, yeah, they're gonna have more of an impact on them. But that's what's controlling. That's a big factor in what's controlling them. All right now. Cycling. Growth hormone for the immune system. Is there anything to that or is It means growth hormone, something that you think you could personally be on for years and maintain a stronger immune system two years If it's a healthy dose and it's, you know we're getting up from, I think you can run a pretty healthy dose, a lower dose for a very, very long periods of time. And I know people have been doing it since the nineties till this day and they've survived. I mean, they're they're seventy coming into their seventies, so they're mid sixties people that have had AIDS been on the nuclear, the nukes and the different drugs like that had the massive heart attacks from it are supposed to be dead twenty years ago, and they're still alive. And they've been on that sauce thrown since the nineties. Important consideration is growth hormone. One of the reasons not to do the growth hormone is potentially if you have cancer, because it could also grow a tumor just like it could grow other cells in your body. On the other hand, it's sounds like it could substantially increase the immune system and the number one way to kill cancer if it's not, too to the point where it requires an operation because the tumor is out of control is to boost the immune system. And I mean the development of cancer is is the delta between the rate at which cancer grows and the rate at which your immune system can kill it by upgrading immune system to kill cancer? Yeah, it's a two edged sword. So if you don't have cancer and you were on growth hormone and you were consistent with it, your your ray of cancer of obtaining cancer actually drops a lot. Now, however, our society and everything we eat microwaves, box foods, your raid, sir. Just skyrocketing now. But it does keep you from from mutating cells, you know, when you have these inner system, so it's a double edged sword. It can help prevent. But even in one of my dad's friends, he was in the sixties. Winning it was in Vietnam was winning power lifting competitions in the sixties, and he was telling my dad, Do get on growth, get on growth. My dad was asked me, Can you get it? Can you find it? All this stuff and it really helped my dad a lot, but come to find out three months later, he never heard from him. He got diagnosed with cancer, was dead in two months. So once and that was the thing. He was always running, you know, a lot of So whether you had it before or after, we don't know and then the other side is like the natural natural producing growth hormone doesn't have such an impact on cancer, A synthetic growth hormone. You mean like the aural growth hormone in case six seven seven or boosting your natural growth hormone through diet through reducing carbohydrates and exercising hard. There's a big difference between when your body is producing it forces taking it synthetically. In a big proponent, that is like the I g f and such to that's produced that the aural like I get that okay, and the levels you're getting from that it's much different than synthetically taking it. So that's something you can take, and I'm gonna tell you taking of You have cancer. But it's a lot a lot better than taking synthetic cancer is an issue. Okay, guys, if you learn something, go ahead. Hit subscribe. She can learn more from us. Um, I'm Dr Tony. Huge, swollen, swollen. 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