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Dr tony huge here with sean corrigan of the uk. Talking about how growth hormone really is the secret to building muscle that people are missing. Specifically the aural growth hormone as one of the potential options for increasing our natural growth hormone production and our gf production. So sean told me what his audience in the uk facebook would be most interested in, and he said growth hormone, the reason why is because not a lot of people understand growth hormone or what is the people in the uk know about growth hormones so far, so we know where to start. I think i'm allowed for think a lot of them just really need to know how to use the profit and the door search in the time and stocks you get the most effective right from the people that i've scored under a lot of them get the longer side effects in the dog house. What come up that especially if the predator assure it's not ideal being hungry, old dear, obviously in the off season. It's rude. Okay, so let's talk about the difference between the aural, the pils for growth hormone in the injections first, uh both of them will increase growth hormone injections will increase growth hormone mohr on ly if they're taking every three hours at a higher dosage now. Most people can't get ahold of good quality injectable growth hormone. Most people can't afford how much it costs to take the right dosage, and so what ? People who are getting injectable growth hormone doing is there not taking enough of it, and they're not taking it off. In that case, they would be much better off taking the aural growth hormone pills so enhanced athlete dot com enhanced athlete and charms distribution in the uk sells the aural growth hormone pills, which does work just a cz well as growth hormone injectable version at a lower dosage. Now the problem he's mentioning, is that the aural growth hormone does increase hunger, so when someone is dieting, trying to reduce their caloric intake, this could be a problem, because if you take the world with hormone hungry, it might be harder to stick to a diet coke. A couple things number one when you take the old growth hormone, you actually can eat more and still burn fat, so so it is okay to increase the calories a little bit. Number two you can take the growth hormone at night. That way you're hungry while you're sleeping and you're burning. A lot of fat, but you're not taking in a lot of calories during night time and number three, you can adjust the dosage so you could take just one capsule in the morning so it doesn't make you as hungry on deacon take two capsules at night and then it does help if you if if you'd take the or growth hormone and then just have a little bit of carbohydrates and a lot of protein a little bit afterwards, because if you try to starve yourself, you're going to go. You're going to your blood, sugar's going around too low, going to hungry and then you're gonna gorge yourself food to make up for it. But if you eat the body like a body builder, lifestyle is to eat frequent small meals. If you stick with the frequent small meals, even though it's making you hungry, it won't make you so hungry that you're goingto binge eat any too much food. Yeah, what what other things have you heard about people using the world for months ? In your experience, i think people need understand saw the difference in the whole flight between using the jet well using the sex element and how that sort of impacts how often you see them kids except compared injectable, so optimal use of injectable growth hormone is to inject it five times per day. Now, how many people do you know that actually inject growth hormone five times per day ? It's rare, but usually they do it once in the morning and maybe once before. After the workout, which means the whole rest of the day, their growth hormone levels dropped to normal. I mean it's it's still effective, but the really only on growth hormone for, like, seven hours a day and the rest of the what a fourteen hours a day. I'm so good at math, they're not on growth hormone, although there is an i g f tale, which is too complicated to get in now the aural growth hormone last twelve hours, someone could take one in the morning and someone could take it one at night, and then they can actually keep the growth hormone elevated all day. It is my opinion that it's better to keep the growth hormone levels stable and higher for a longer period of time that it is just spike it now. Our natural growth hormone pulse is actually a spike it's actually a spike in the morning if you're fasted, it's a spike when you go to sleep at night, when your blood sugar is lower, you don't have a let's insulin going into your bloodstream and it's a spike during your workout, depending on what type of work out ugo and your growth hormone drops to zero. So you could say it is more natural to spike your growth hormone, but we're not trying to be natural trying to be supernatural. We're trying to build new muscle cells. The point of growth hormone in bodybuilding is yes, it burns fat. Yes, it it keeps you in a positive nitrogen balance, which means it prevents you from burning muscle. Instead, you burn fat preserves your muscles that have been breaking down, but the most important part is permanent muscle growth, because people can take all the steroids they want blow up big like a clam, but they're not actually building new muscle cells, which means if they stop working out, they're going to lose the muscle faster. If they come off a year, they lose the muscle faster, so the point. Of growth hormone is to build new permanent muscle cells like an investment. I think even an investment myself that's what i'm trying to do is build new muscle cells so that when i go on vacation and i eat terribly and i lose it's a muscle size, i'd come right back in the gym and blow up really big because i've built new muscles. So you think that people is the way that they're actually combine general on just a little girl for one, people, not for his other needs. Brilliant question. So what some of our athletes do because we have a lot of athletes using growth hormone of reporting the results to us is they'll take the injectable growth hormone in the morning and pre workout, and then they'll take the oral growth hormone also pre workout and then also at night, and that way, they keep their growth hormone really high through the first half of the day through injections, and they carry it on with the world growth hormone all the way through their sleep all the way till morning again, that combination is the ultimate combination. It also let your body rest a little. Bit it's, almost like cycle ing injectable growth hormones so your body doesn't just sensitized to it, and then the aural growth hormone half a day so your body doesn't desensitized to it so you can technically run that cycle all year round without a break. What sort of dog do you think you could get hurt, even just a lot of stone and then combine next date ? I'm just going to given really average because it just depends really depends on the person how they respond with something to experiment with. But a good example would be if someone was going to take the injectable growth hormone, they could do like two units in the morning and two units pre workout four units per day of injectable, and it really depends on the quality growth hormone and you what i'm gonna do a video. We're gonna talk later, probably about a month from now. We'll have our test results back from injecting all the different types of growth hormone, and you can report to your audience with the best growth hormone is well come out that later. In the meantime, two units in the morning, two units pre workout. One growth hormone pill pre workout and two at night would be like the perfect balance between being economical but also being really effective. That's what all of these suits all points up is around twenty five grand mark. So that was what, three pills a year, so that would be a good idea. Yeah, yeah, so that's it. For now, sean and i are gonna do some more videos shawn's here in the u s with us getting ready to set up a uk distribution so that all these products, including normal growth hormone, will ship to from the uk to other european countries, not have to worry about customs chip very quickly. Disclaimer. This is not medical advice. Don't take anything your doctor doesn't prescribe you. This is for educational entertainment purposes. Only. Use of research, chemicals, steroids or anything without dr supervision could cause death or serious bodily injury. Let's be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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Since i workout first thin AM at 7am and have my breakfast at 5am. How can i modify this cycle? Can i include 2iu of Apidra injected together with HGH?