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Hcg diet what is it ? And where did it come from ? I'm dr down huge coach trevor and calling and i know collins and expert on heat should you diet because we just worked out in the gym together and the whole time i'm looking at this behind his ear like that isa peptide it's a natural is a natural hormone in the body of a male body, though no produced by women. It's only in the female body, naturally practical, exactly for mount that creates the male genitalia funeral so so he so males do have it in their body during puberty. And then after that we stopped producing it is not producing way, producing reproducing during jenkins h e gino body builders used in pct after a steroid cycle toe booster, natural testosterone production back in or even on cycle to prevent our natural testosterone from shutting down completely. But colin teaches people how to use it for fat loss. Can you give us the history of how hcg on the hcg diet came into making and exactly what the diet is ? And then in future episodes, we'll get in more detail about protocols and experiments that you've run and what do you think the best years of the hcg diet is all right ? So they should die was brought to the united states from my doctor called eighteen w simians endocrinologist out of britain, and he basically stumbled across a cg by helping pre pubescent boys go into puberty. So he gave them a small dose of sug to help their go nats drop down and go into puberty, and one of the things he found that seemed that seemed to happen question only with all the boys were on the treatment is that they all started to shed body fat, and they weren't they weren't. They start that lose their appetites, and he thought that was very interesting. So he said, well, what ? What would happen if actually experiment with more polio piece adults and gave him a small dose of h g lower ? Their caloric intake wouldn't have the same effect, and what he found is that by julie show, he found that all of his patients would end up having their way of dropping anywhere from a half a pound to a pound and a half sometimes two pounds a day of that it was preserving their lean muscle. They didn't have to exercise. These people are actually more billy apiece who couldn't exercise that much, but they were all dropping way and they didn't have hunger. Now you have to understand that, you know, most people would think that, you know, having a five hundred calorie diet if i wouldn't. We use a five hundred fifty calories to seven hundred calorie diet our protocol that that you couldn't sustain that kind of a diet long term. That absolutely right. That's one of things what people think that the diet doesn't work and it's only because of caloric deficit. If you try being on a five minute calorie diet for more than a week, you will find it very difficult for your bias. Sustain that. So what ? Dr simeon did he ask you brought the protocol here to the united states. He opened up a clinic here in beverly hills. He was being very successful and basically, politics happened. They died. Industry got very frustrated with success. He's having they call him a clack and basically ran him out of town. He went back to europe and actually stayed dormant for almost fifty years. And i discovered it by actually a book that was produced by temperature dough called weight loss. Curie ashy re pedal the diet again in the real world. But he basically did not give the disclaimer that you could actually actually needed a prescription to use real hcg. And i think that's where he caused the problem. So people were all excited about this diet. I actually bought the book. I found a doctor to prescribe the suture. You follow the plan and it was a life changing event from a sow. And i lost fifty fifty, forty, thirty seven thousand forty three days of fat reversed my blood pressure issues that were out of control. My diabetes who's that was reversed, my blood sugar stabilized and my sleep apnea and run away all on a little less than forty days. And so there. Then i retired from real estate inside that teach people this protocol full time offense offered a couple books on the subject, and now coast people were alive. That was the history of the hcg diet. An overview of what it is on the next episode. We're going talk about specific protocols. Way are in no. Way. Endorsing or recommending medically advice for when people use the way. We're just giving you all of the information backs and based on personal x syrians and people that he has coached has coached. And then we're going to run some experiments on ourselves because we use hcg to keep our balls full during a cycle. But we don't really use it for foul off. So we're going to see if we can institute some of his protocols, see if they could help with that lawsuit. Next video. Be swell in school, my friends of freedom find years of human evolution is

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