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Dr tony huge dance athlete dot com and today we're talking about growth hormone pens. Pm pens because it's like a penn, you know, you put the tip on a different tip each time. Take that off and boom there's the needle, stick it in and scored from the end. This is called nord a trope in flex pro soma trope in and this sucker has how many units of h agen it truck ? Forty five units, so fifteen million rounds, forty five units. Okay, now, normally, h g h is in ten. Unit vials could be between ten and fifteen. Eighteen. Fifteen, actually, but i've seen mostly ten. Evans. Aaron is for eun evolves. Well, yeah. All right. So with this pin, you said it's only for so this is basically only, like, four and a half vials, and a kid of h g h is usually ten vials, so you'd have to get two of these pens to equal a kit. Yeah, and these pens range between how much money ? Um, if you're prescribed them, they're up twelve hundred dollars a pen. Twelve hundred dollars. And if you have a prescription that your insurance covers, you're not watching. The video, because you its pituitary dwarfism is on ly when they cover don't even cover afraid patients, which is pretty sad, messed up because they have muscle wasting disease and that's the best thing that they could do it too soft, they're increasing their two cells, getting their muscle back. Wow! All right, so what's what's interesting on this is that says milligrams instead of units, because that's that's how it's measured and what happens is with all the generics are coming out and they're all coming one hundred unit kids because it's just easier to measure, they don't put a number of milligrams on there they go by how everyone refers to as taking this many units so it's easier for them to say all these one hundred kids rather than the actual milligrams. Three thirty three point, three milligrams in one hundred years, kid. Which right there kind of tells you that's an awkward number to put into ten bottles. Thirty three point, three milligrams so right there is kind of awkward. So this dial that you spin just like an insulin needle. You spin the dial to the dosage that you want and then you push that that's the dosage that sports through the needle. So it goes up tio so the normal dosage. So people usually take two units right for prescription purposes or longevity ? Purpose. Oh, for that. Yeah, for that. So if someone were gonna take two units, how many points ? What milligrams is that on the neil one milligram has three units, so you would just does it. One milligram, three units. So point five on that would be one point. So point one every time you point one on there as a tenth of three units. Okay. Let's, talk bodybuilder dosages. All right, you, you and a lot of other bodybuilders are now saying it's kind of been a note unspoken thing that we're kind of exposing actual dosages on this stuff. Sounds like about ten units a day is a good bodybuilders dosage and again disclaimer, we're not recommending anybody take any of this stuff. This is not medical advice. Don't do what we do. We're professionals this's for informational educational purposes on ly exposing the truth of things and not promoting or trying to convince you of anything. Okay, this is free information. Just tryingto help, because both trevor and i suffered from the same misinformation that we know a lot of other people do, and we're just trying to get the truth out there. No, i'm not taking ten units that either. Yeah. So even right now, i'm not doing any of this stuff used to. Yeah, actually, trevor built all this is permanent muscle. Trevor doesn't even have to work out anymore. That's how many new muscle cells built twice a week ? Twice a week. He works out. We're gonna talk more about that later. But when you build actual new muscle cells, you don't have to work out that hard to maintain it. Now, when you just take steroids and volume eyes the cells yeah. Then they can shrink a lot when you're not on steroids. But he's completely changed his genetics and one of the things he owes it to, besides a lot of hard work, obviously is growth hormone. Alright, so bodybuilder doses just thing, because i just want to get people to get understand the cost of this if they went body builder of this one. This is more expensive than the little vials. Little units of h gh. But if someone was going to do a bodybuilder doses of this ? I think we just added up it's about five thousand dollars a month at high bodybuilder dosage. You know, that's that's, why you look at body building ? How are these guys came in my pants while those bye bad things that came in gay from pain that they do, you know, all those different things ? Why do they need so much money ? Because steroids on castle, they really don't mean they have sell. These are line things. Now you can get up so many places and it's not gonna cost bottles on cost more than a bottle of protein. So unless they're taken bastions ten thing protocol not spending a lot of money. So where is that money going to ? One key thing is she h what ? What else is a really expensive bodybuilders use besides h th that's doesn't mean someone's not that expensive because you so little and then it's twenty five dollars over the counter. And then i mean, like, things pre show that they'll dio claims kind of expensive. So a lot of the bodybuilders that i know actually very few bodybuilders don't usually have a lot of money, unless they're complete sellouts to sponsors and then they say they're taking these supplements instead of what they're actually taking, which is actually ninety percent of any athletes out there but for the for the human growth hormone. I noticed that if a log ability builders can't afford the h gh, they just use i g f dan all right. But now there's a video out by another famous bodybuilders saying that all gf is fake, which i know is not true because i've experimented with h gh and i've got about one hundred athletes that i i wouldn't say, coach or advise because it never tell anybody to take drug take drugs. I'll just say that they report their findings to me as a scientist, as someone who is a scholar of these things and helps consolidate the information so that we could get the truth out. So is g f and alternative to h g h ? Yeah, you're just missing the growth hormone factor ? No, you know, growth from one itself causes so many different changes in by fat lost just from growth from now itself. Hi, jeff. Causes that lost too. But from my job, so you're getting a double from growth run on and i just now here's the thing you're taking pure jeff, you can get very high levels idea that's why a lot of people are problems with growth from monkeys to say take three and today, but we don't have money, so we're buying chinese generics. Three units could probably be point five, maybe one, you know, say this or you, usually, unless so they're taking a minimum dose. They're not getting a night gf spike from it there are getting so much growth hormone. So when you take a synthetic idea, you can get very high doses of my idea, just like you were. If you're taking a lot of growth from yeah, i'm going to summarise, too, because we're gonna run out of time. What you told me, trevor said that if you can afford if i can afford thie h gh, if i'm willing to spend twenty five hundred dollars a month to do it right then or a thousand if you end up finding a good chinese source a thousand to twenty five hundred dollars a month to do h gh, right, that is better to do h th but if you can't afford or you don't know, if your source of h g eight is totally legit, you can't feel it on your fingertips knowing it's really h g h your fingers get numb, then better do the idea because i'd geoff is like a fifth. Well, it's five times as strong so you can take so much less of it. Yeah, and even in that lab court seventy dollars go your growth road tested and you can also get your jeff tested so you can take your growth hormone. See where jeff levels are after they built. I actually did a growth growth hormone enhanced athlete has aural growth hormone. And i was looking for a bottle here. It's in my bag over there, orel growth hormone. And i actually did a test with that. I'm going to do video tested my gf levels before and after taking the oral growth hormone and it went, i'll tell you guys how much it went up and exactly how much i took in another video. That's what we got time for on this video. Hope you learned something about insulin. I mean, it looks just like an insulin. Pen growth hormone pens the true cross of real prescription growth hormone. Howto measure one of these growth hormone pens. In the comparison between this and the chinese brands of growth hormone and gf be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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