High Dose HGH and Insulin (Entertainment Purposes Only)

I want to know what Coach Trevor thinks about a cycle that is Low-Moderate Anabolics, with high dose of Human Growth Hormone, and high dose of Insulin.

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Blasting insulin pre and post workout, you get to the point where the more growth marine take. Doesn't do anything dark. Small, because once you get down that path, diabetic, like dosages, he built up over time, is a gigantic individual. He doesn't buy a feeling. You want to start with you and some. That was a lot of smaller working away and over time about. I want to know what coach trevor has to say about this type of cycle, which is low to moderate anabolic ce with super high growth hormone and super high insulin, because that's a big difference you did, and your athletes do take growth hormone more frequently in medium dosages with small amounts of insulin. And here we have a body builder blasting insulin pre and post workout. What do you think about that strategy before, when you said the little insulin, those air specific examples or cases that i'm giving the small amounts insulin for ? You know, when i'm telling someone think about running at this way using smaller micro dose and kind of like a mean insulin. But there's points in time as your body weight grows even insulin resistance when i want your body weight grows insolent has to go up tio it's gonna have to go up because you get to the point where the more growth hormone and take doesn't do anything. In fact, the more growth from when you take out a certain point is gonna make it impossible for you to put any protein tissue on. So you start taking more and more. And more, you're at that same level of insulin. I'll never put a pound of body weigh on, so the more growth hormone you take at the same time allows you to take more insulin. But here's, the thing that i try and tell people, start small, because once you get down that path, the number keeps climbing, and eventually you're taking diabetic like dosages, and you start seeing the waist extensions, and this was all directly from insulin, not growth hormone. I'll tell you right now, he's doing exactly. Probably, i'll ask you in person, like melo's millis advocates, which is a pre workout intra workout nutrition, because every time you contract to sell, it opens up and takes in nutrients, your force driving hormones and nutrients. You got pt five and hamburgers, yougot neutral, gobshite, going through a growth hormone on jeff. And then you're damaging of salt at the same time that you're recovering about. So you can start training longer and longer and longer. This is a great way to start getting over to a three hundred pound morning. You start seeing guys get to tonight is coming to play. But that's a kind of simple answer. Yeah, spencer didn't build right into this. He built up to it over time is a gigantic individual. He's got a definite signs get ways all those meals, you know, he's. Not not like a beginner at it. So like, he doesn't buy a feeling he's like you gotta know we're system and i was trying to get the formula of him. Just tell me what to do and he's like no, you gotta, like, play with it yourself and know your meals in your times when you need maura brief example too that's good goes into nutrient timing the same way you judge insulin in the same way you would judge why you're gonna have carbohydrates in your diet. So same kind of reason with insulin the time periods that you want the most nutrition getting force driving on the muscle aside from my gf we all know people that go up to eighty units insulin start getting some of the side effects and their big eyes, but look at this guy who's doing forty units, insulin, five, eight two. Video on stage. It goes to show you want to start with you and some that was a lot of smaller working away in overtime moderation. I'll say it a million times, kind of like the more muscle you get, the more some of these things you have to take. People shouldn't be misled to think they need to base. Their dosage is off what they want to look like. They need to base their doses off. What the next step for their body is be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily, get this subscribe. Wow!

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Adam Schaub

Can we see a video of coach trevor talk about combin eine hgh insulin and igf