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Doctor, he has definitely got calm here with this awesome pale to answer the question. What was the history of insulin in body building ? Going to start with the legendary guru mean ali, since he has been dealing with body building industry since he was seventeen years old, he's kind of a secret guy. Underground news was experimenting things like insulin before most bodybuilders ever even knew what insolent wass. I mean what you're sorry for what ? The history of insulin body. I would don't say that in the nineteen eighties, insulin was used by one particular body builders. That diabetes seems to melt another body for their stated very far away from it. Because they they were told that in summation, fat, he really wasn't any better. It's, too insolent uses by itself. When i was in my teens, there really was no probably availability of growth. It was still experimental status by the time i got to be my later teens than huma trope was made. Which was the one that you want to be the last sequence prior to that her groping means one ninety two of the last sequence. And that was not quite the same. As growth hormone and found actually have some diapers. Reactions too. Two people that's. Okay, but the one, ninety one became available. And then all of a sudden it's change. But its role it's function as far as how they build muscle and what it is for your body. Fat. All that changed because of one main factor. Human growth and that's. When bodybuilding evolved towards trying to create idea one was the byproduct of insulin and grow from that liver creates. And it creates the right version of this idea one that our body produces. Which to this day, there's nothing scientific way can make animals. Were that good ? What ? To produce everything that we do in our own body and just try to take it externally and all that you could just make your body produces. Just timing, right ? Yeah. I have found that it's been official other than the fact that you don't have to take two compounds and eat a certain way the very restrictive and all that other stuff. So they made now from insulin. Push in the beginning with no broke going on would make you fat and was used to keep your blood. Sugar levels under control for diabetics. And then it evolved into row farmers now available so insolent keep heart idea one which is even more powerful. Thank farm on so insolent now got dusted off being diabetic drugs and he got it became performance enhancing drugs to that's it every time i think what people lost their way and so will still run to the concept of just taking it as a parabolic where they take it was close doesn't just let it grow from and that this they're still on our path. That's where it's leading today i think the late night more towards, like nearly do that solved izzy just being watched out spills over and a lot of just use of it. And just like you said, the factor. You start taking the saints to fill out so great receptors out, please. That sounds kind of changing time. Be looking between then and now. Now use be like a disease. A lot of people have it down. Not better, you know, condition is getting better here with you here, i think back when i was eighteen, nineteen years old, i do have accidents. Just you discovered human. Troll very, very good friends. And i had to research research that has enabled hospital on national health. And that research shows the difference that calvin made in the use of a groupon. If you show it did show the timing of protein protein synthesis created. It showed a failure. My hostess that was created. There was a lot of different things that i saw. It ended up being a shortened version of what ? The pants patient analogies lot. These left now is it. They want the general quality. Give me the effectiveness of what was in a contributing factor to the growth was not a gram per kilogram does, but it was calories with sufficient, not a protein intake. All the other things that really did see the difference, which is what our medical industry is not to be about it's more about. They filled this. That and the other what i started using it. I was using it in a way specifically geared to stimulate you have one. All the meals were already created in to make the best use of the gh lucious with one, ninety one with devices the least amount of growth hormone because of my age could not take a lot of out of it because i was running and he did, effectively making bones grow still. So it does work for children really does work, and i didn't know i stopped taking it out for you, and i don't need visited later after, you know, adult, when you have deficiencies, be saying this, but it's a child, i visited it from the beginning i knew work and i knew that it was the type of thing that if you emphasize too much of it at that age, you're going to grow out of proportion so that the amounts that that i was using at the time were, you know, a c, c and a third i mean, it was broken up two just multiple times throughout today for back when i was eighteen years old. That was the right way. The right date about that's shown what they did was they made it so that people could use it and they prescribed it. But that's never. What was the real way to do it ? I had advantage over you. No. Clarify what ? That doesn't work. You first experiment i was taking less in a third of the night you were shot ? Yeah, five wednesday at the very, very most for a few days when i experimented with bubbles, but again, it needs that i wass the effects were so pronounced that the products really and all the elements that would line up to make something her big were already so for me, having growth for money was two already perfect diets were already perfect training working. So once i did that, the results were so pronounced that i wasn't doing it to achieve because i saw that it was going to make my proportions grow. I wasn't gonna have the seventy that i wanted, and it was about half way bigger. We're going to look good look aesthetically pleasing, because if you don't train her body and more complete way, when you grow up, you end up doing catcher because it is so perfect if you just take the workouts that you've been doing the whole life and you apply it, and now you have gone on to it, you just look bigger version of yourself didn't forget symmetry. We're talking about some of the same people who were may be intending on point on fixing that thinking that making doses of th work like it's any of your range, if there's any benefit to that you know, and i think that there's there's different levels of benefit with different level, how do you think our understanding general just general user growth hormone has evolved over time ? And i'm gonna go back to the olympia nineties when they started using the fourth wall mornings body about it, but you're tiny former because they go in, right ? So with nineteen nineties, when the body was all of a sudden came back one year and they all put on forty pounds and body building just went to the next level, and it was because of it was because partially a pro forma and insulin. So did we learn everything you know about reform or insulin from the nineties ? Do people know that information now ? Have we evolved since then ? It's this question for trevor and it's stuffed lion think expand both ways, there's some people that are coming out, but the majority of everyone thinking people, can you say that ? Because they're dozing the way they're getting less ? They're getting out what they did you know, admittedly, night is just getting more efficient like most guys today in that you know that typing top road but ninety percent and get some something from china on do three units a day. We've had today to get morning take this morning before that, and when it comes to weather, get one it's a that it's all taking too much of anything that is shooting. Now you have that allowed, you just saved three call that mentioned i can do it right first. This sounds like more effective spread dosages of growth hormone and begin insulin and yet and it's something. People do that early on, so i was like, you knew that when you first started eating and then somewhere along the line, everybody forgot that growth hormone insulin only last three hours and something we should do it more often now, everybody's talking about i do six units, but they knew six units once in the war. In the biggest thing, what kind of getting ? Well, they're most is the cheaper the better, chief, yeah. As opposed to these bacteria, they used to do it, you know, it's such just a very quality in here you go, fighters from china, which is talking. Thank you can but just, you know, and they don't do any research. No, you just get off. And i'm thinking some aspect do a lot of people also like me five years they're trying that's what ? He's trying different left trying to do you can't last no and, you know, there's a lot of stuff to it with finding, you know what the best ways through a live rounds, weapons status, the servants, you know, there's also the other drugs that came out too during that time clear your influence in the body building industry for things that work in things that don't work, and you're always experiment with different things. And then when you give someone that information that ends up writing somewhere that may or may not be the final results of the information, they may have picked one of the work with the wrong forks in the road, and then you later have actually come up with the right way. But since you don't actually publish anything the only way that's gonna know that the people who have hired scenes help them with their own cops. That body and that's what we're doing, these videos, that people know that they don't have to leave. Twenty years of dark work. And there there, stace made that people are sticking to them. They don't need you anymore. One of the big things in the very beginning were bringing back to insulin isn't was used by somebody builders in the late eighties, early nineties alone, carving up. I did it myself before i have to go. It was only during the time period when i was very for competition, it produces, i already being lost, we'd want it. I got a driver on it, but it was because i came into a very complete allocates insulin seems to have a class of its own, which i don't think it should because i again going back to the best effect it is a synergy growth hormone taking by itself doesn't seem to produce massive results. It's great for help that's great that that bernie when you take it, it definitely has a huge role in how effective it is if you're taking it during the day, insulin or no, you're eating and because you're eating, the chances are reading something that's forgetting it's your body. So you're you're getting one from, however, if you're taking that night and they threw a girl from a horse in your body longer fasted, but actually, we're totally different. You wake a dryer, we hear you lost that you didn't create muscle that makes you hold water because they're good on stage retain water for a second, so it's just like the opposite, and then we've also found that cumulative leave. Not only by the six hour mark by the four hour mark, but you know, even by taking in every day higher are you ? There is some sort of lingering effects and usually has to do with the body retains minerals and the way it regenerates the tissue. After it's left levels of fire, we could wander body news, watch to get the best benefits. It came from the substance by taking the least of it because when you increase it like growth, the whole side effects increase for body builders. You talk about the muscle tissue regeneration that lost, or even the ability to have another baby reputed to have enough. If you're buying the idea once, okay, we're only talking about on the level. It's on ur last for goats. Now, there's been a lot of misconceptions out there. And in that, of course, substitute wait sides to somebody like me taking you accumulate and then water would go into the wrong areas. The body would look the way i want to and that's not because of the drug because of consistency in the way that train out of nothing, making our bodies with food and grow from someone so we good for body building way, take us all out of it. It doesn't seem to make you retain water. It does give you for that. You take it with food that has cards, makes people for water, but it makes you big and small. Then you take a lot more of it, which is let's say blue the growth in this example and then you take lots of sugar which now sticks to the illuminates a general. Now the muscles are big general full so it's a different look. But ultimately that stuff has to be knighted off competition. We've always known it's not about body lilies are being body moving human beings all you should know that, but first you're trying to make a name for themselves or people trying to experiment. Not not really, but running down with results were spot that beneficial than what they were four it shouldn't become some sort of accepted all the way from shakes and revolted drink every day, all the way down to your pre energy. Having everything is something artificial words got stinks of shit raining, which affects revise ability to be sensitive to produce idea one. With smaller amounts of growth now you're forced to make love not to go on with your bodies, not sensitive enough to things that were created. You have one yeah, so the history of attachments very beginning there was only what, like a fast and slow there wasn't even a rack way were using a hedge and th end and then regulars are on so that was extracted from pigs distracted cattles shares for peer support stevenson is that they called it there was a ul and no ultras entertainment ul there's like twenty for one when he was twelve are one and we will talk about hours and time release of instant. What you're talking actually about is not like a half hour drunk. Useless doesn't necessarily last you two about in the last twelve hours with x number of food that's really the equation it's not time is how much parts in this amount of his take but it's a timed release substance it has to be over it's fine, they can't be. I'm going to eat one hundred grands of cards. It's gonna work for twelve hour releasing insolent although that hundred grand sped out of twelve. Hours like perfect, but it's not working once unless it's a rapid versus a slow. So then these different versions the key agent regular state you know, i believe left right then takes mount two man teams going soon they're going to and they came out with seventy thirty, which was seventy percent and fifty fifteen and our ratio, which is the for this well longer extended release to the regular. And these were for more diabetics. I don't experiment with body building, too, but it didn't really seem with benefit friday that we're getting steady amount of sugar during the day, but they were still cheating. For the most part, the medical mystery understands this that we're being sugar addicts and the sugar addicts have to be their addiction has your soul on the way they control the sugar addiction like with heroin, with down business with it is with this. What ? Their methodology ? Just not here. That insolent in the beginning was over. The counter was over the counter. It never became prescription until the r d n a human law was made, which is very fat version of it. And it could basically, i guess it's prescription. Because of a large amount of the creep calls a rapid onset food, we could be here a lot of people that we're switching over to, even though they were tall, it's going on, said thirty, forty five minutes, a lot of lepers, so we're there with, like, a history of insulin, a mother, a lot of debts in body from there's, a lot of stories, so i think it's one of those things it's gotten a bad rap because of it, but it's also something that we're talking units to em out. A lot of people mixing start sterile people, big states in the ganges says they see ten anything to the one syringe with a ten inches one hundred, so that makes these things up take take them, go train or they're not, you know, keeping in mind, we're gonna do it and then six not president mine too. So it takes a lot longer and then it's, actually, and also the fact that there could be lingering of another longer time, longer time like a man in there, or something else in the body at the same time. And then you're taking what we consider to be. A smaller amount of people, but it's, not it's. A total levels than that as what low curb wasnt it for that period. Time, it's. Maybe a little bit, too. How many of the top couple body odors you use it ? I want regular for or anytime during the year process of preparing a body, save up. Five. Ninety five percent. Do you think it's necessary ? Insulin. Yes, i think i think it's necessary. So you use idea one now just one hour. Three it's a long acting gf the right idea you had the right idea again and not being any planes would try it now. But you know if it's the right one, is that it ? What is that ? I'll tell everybody about it right now. If you want, you don't have to take it, sugar, you have taking as much a part. You can take it post workout, you idiot and that's good it's been you're taking insulin. You're taking something that creates and you won't still be able to secret that you want your bike this free, normal amounts of insulin function normally. And that idea one would be perfect. Okay, so what ? There's ? A lot of things. You have one being sold out there in the only realized for nine holes. Right now, my body is what happens when i take it that i knew that nothing i know, it's. Now i can see what but the price i love. That means after this many cards this and that that mean working figure dying everyday. So bodybuilders trying to create idea one little every day. Not good trying to bring up like body parts with uniform created with richmond external. One sorts of ideas for making yourself it did. Balance. It should be here. Dosages of big salon, uh, if we're using it just for the gf one pulse junction, human form, what what kind of does justice requires talking, what between one and three units ? What ? Yeah, so what do you think about it ? Wait, you say you are right, is that for ? So ? Okay, what do you think about the those workout sided units with pre workout five minutes ? Vincent without reform that's popular thing right now, i know specifically what part they just played, you know, letting my more carbs stores, but you're going to do with taking parents what's that so all you want is just one of the few times bigger and rounder for a few days. No thanks, it's, not serious, takes in thoughts barrier trying to do that, kash questions, because i'm super curious, excellent, never used personal myself. Can you clear a lot of the girls and conserve fast ? So active insolence get in. So and i love you, said slow, slow versus fast. Hello. S actually very rich, too. I wouldn't take it by itself. Here, i don't really see the benefit of it, but we can talk about slow that since like, yeah, okay, so basically, the longer it means that you're going to have to be required for the longer period time, not a lot of one's longer periods and great news calories, carbohydrates throughout that time. If it says twelve hours and you eat more food than normal that it probably weighs. If you work out and you eat more, probably wear a little sooner. This is not a real time thing have to do with today's will spread out there's, something that makes it so it continues that another way of another way regular is good because it lasts long enough that it's not just one meal that's a little bit longer. Two long, very fast acting on the fastest way has so far, you know you just need a few grand carson. For the most part, it's not really human. It can't be good to using the law. If you're keeping low carbohydrate guy and you're using it with growth to stimulate, you have one and generally not eating. Carbohydrates in your diet, but using it during that time. It's relatively safe. I personally thank my new trick with grease regulars because you don't that's, not that's, not a way to grill that's a way to get ready for a show. You could still do that, but the way he said with regular to four units, you last like your post workout and your meal after that and that's that's sufficient without causing too high of a curb too long of a herd that will put you in danger. Okay need like i never want to be in a state where you have that quickly grab something. Everything should be fine. So there's no feeling of that. I think you'd agree with this with what seems to have changed over the years. People wanna feel substance if they wanted to know that they were on one of the biggest dances you're taking something that we're on a very sick, you know, you don't go with me to get a piece of cake. I want to feel this insolent and that's what we're doing, what we did to him, you're eating a bunch of shit you're taking but vincent, you say you want to be in slow work, it's, not you lt you also feel real, but you get sleepy, but not the same it's way more intense when you your jacket. But the point is, is that we're only then you should ever really feel is it ? And you should just look very snow like i feel like the shake more than you messed up. You're not supposed to feel shit. You're supposed to feel good. You're always supposed to feel good. I'm forty three. I feel better now than i ever had don't shake don't have any of these issues. Other people big broke good or any of that and i feel good i would not so quickly and i want you because i didn't take it too far. How's your i was doing this when i was younger. I stop assume what happened. I was telling people that i'm helping that they're making state. They stop my brother that's nice. That was good, theo, another couple brothers of mine that i helped. Unfortunately they wanted to go to other triggers and got less and they did. You can't take it back, so and so tells you start. Thinking tonight using growth, that means telling you that city police, like currently you can call me up when i feel bad for you for over twenty years under what do you want me to do ? Undo the damage that these groups that you ate that damage or you don't do that ? They will do a whole video side effect reform to something what somebody keys on wait don't forget that question in order to follow terminology verification free about it's a long time, so i'm beginning there was a regular insulin long and then with the super fast since looking out, they call it a wrap. They changed the name of regular insulin too fast. So what's confusing is you have rapid, which is super fast, and i love you more and you have fact stand or regular, which is the same thing. And then you have all you like short run media law, walter blends of it's, a couple of off together. Okay, what ? You're just her body builder speaking and not eating and doing cardio where you're really does because i think you know, what was the purpose of still get more in shape just to get more jet a condition train. Yeah, but for example, taking sunday and then, you know, we'll turn. Trevor knows about this trouble. What ? You weigh in first minutes for damaging stop that thing when you're panicking, right ? Tubbs is we've got a war is to keep alive. Look, something about that that's where it started, use the incidence of to get you a pose that you could get me a suspect. So that's the first and second bath and there's a few coaches out there that use it fast cardio you don't use that. Then you write just enough. And it seems you, anabolic. What ? You're on there, you're not taking up that dropped sugar. But what was that ? Just everyone's, right ? What are you talking about ? Yeah, three. But they like you to agree with blossom when you think of us, you being an official list two things this beneficial not what's, the purpose of the car, but there's some people. That guy wass if i get fired, you understand with their way and there's a time to do it. I was timing. Suck it up and get up. Everything maybe have to lose a pound or two. I have two kids to get that handshake that you're taking. A few things it's, all that you know that don't you it's like, yeah, you're so whenever you're fighting his state, you think that that that in itself, to me is where you feel one hundred percent good, none of it matters and that's personally. Why think that, although that may work if you don't feel good it's not working so versatile, introducing a car part jesse is a national physique. Competitors jamie is farrah is a national competitor, also competing in miami here till jared competing heavyweight bodybuilding trevor meeting physique. Just hit it it's only have time for this video. Look forward to if you subscribe, like this video to us actually designing slim diesel, a k a philip zeros insulin and growth hormone and dye it protocol for him to put on thirty pounds of muscle and go from light heavyweight body builder to a head or a body builder. And we're gonna follow that full transformation, be swelled, swollen like friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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