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A huge of enhanced athlete dot com talking about the history of trend alone here, with one of the masters of ce arms and pro hormones used to work in a compound in pharmacy and a competitive power lifter. Tell us about the history of trend. Where did it come from ? It originally came from a drug over europe parabola, which is very, very, very tough to get her an expensive. Then we found out at the race track. You get it's called finish jack cartridges. It was a cattle cartridge that would be implanted into hey, cows, cows, mystere make him angrier rodeos. More aggressive. Oh, i thought it was just to make lean beef. They actually used it for rodeo rodeo ? Yeah, they give a ton of home, and what we used to do is crush it up with substance for the s, which has healing properties. Also for your tendons and joints has a high soul for content. Whatever you put on, it actually sucks it into your skins. Would crush up is fine, as we could mix it with the m s o and then we put it on her inner. If i finished part of your skin rapid with saran wrap and duct tape. And by the time you power lifted with that some suspension, you're ready to go. Okay, so you took it right before a power lifting meat. Did you take it to prepare for power ? Lifting me up every day ? You have every day on the only problem with that is you taking too long ? And you don't drink enough water. Was the sulfur content it's a right smell of rotten eggs and garlic. So you have to drink a ton of water. Women. So d m s o is still sold over the counter. It's ? Uh, it's actually a little bit dangerous because anything that's on your skin absorbs into the body. So if you have bacteria or or heavy metals or anything that's on your skin's really gotta wash, wash the area. But you could techno. Did you put anything in d m, s o vitamins and minerals and hormones ? So a lot of people have asked me. Hey, like the meant cream hey, that can't absorb through the skin. Yes, pretty much. Anything can absorb through the skin giving the right carrier chemical now in the men's cream on. And other things besides d m s o they can work as good as d m s o if they work with the specific compound. But d m s o really is the most powerful carrier compound that exists, but in america it's illegal nix anything with e m s only pure sl can be sold for pretty much animal purposes for human industrial uses. But the funny thing is it's in the natural book of healing. So it's very hypocritical, which i find funny. You look a tte homeopathic medicine it's in there, but it can't be sold just like they took ephedrine off the market that was sold for thousands of years with the chinese. Bye d m s o does work. It does bob and people who think you can absorb something from your skin when you're trying to make weight for wrestling, we're boxing first thing they tell you, don't get a bad why won't you get a bath ? Because your body could suck water really through the top hey, so how do you know what doses you were getting if you're using these these tablets, we kind of winged it. Did you feel more angry ? When you used it, uh, it was a good aggression told how you channel your aggression. If you're an asshole in the bar and you drink, you're gonna be a soul, a phone. If you're positive guy, you're going to use it for positive things. What year was this roughly ? We're talking about these cineplex thiss had to be nineteen, ninety five, nineteen, ninety were all right, so they the finn if x travels have been around for a while, then when did you start seeing, like trend, ace and train ? And they've become more available on the scene came in mexico and underground uses. They started making it. There's a company called that i'm trying to think quality event used to make it out of mexico before the baseball scandal happened. Then politics somehow that kind of late nineties off. Yeah, that's when politics gotten it mixed up with sports and i don't know is there any run ? Any reason ? Anyone ever whatever crush up these tablets and use them now that injectable oils of tremble under ville uh, if you get it cheap enough and you have a supply, people people still do it a lot of going. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, i hope you guys learned something about the history of trend. You know, i know a lot of you already know about the clinic plex, tablets and how trend came along, but i've had a lot of questions. Actually, that makes me realize that a lot of you didn't know about it. So i got the expert here to tell you hope you appreciate it. Be swell and swollen. My friends free kind of human evolution.

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