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What? You guys did so with guys before that stage booth for the Mary Jane got on the right side of your body. Wait, You want some of this? Don't you wear your way? Yeah, I have been procaine Bishop, Dr Tony Hughes and Super Beast. Tony's sister first like wrestling match you have been to I've never been had never been to a professional wrestling match. Except for one time, I think to watch Hulk Hogan as child way gonna bring back a whole bunch of Potter a move. I feel like this is gonna give me a lot of material. Like free workout, inspirational. Using my brain for density, brother. Oh, yeah? You're gonna be seeing something amazing energy off me. They're going to flatten it and bring it up. It's like Donald Candy *** is ruler stepper Newsome. Do Russian wrestling way about the problems. Kill everything you see. And what is the What is that? People want to know what is the life of a professional wrestler. It doesn't differ anywhere from like a body builder training. How is that? You start. Start with what time of day do you take your steroids? What time? What fine. Let's just get that one out of the question. Well, even staring you six. Oh, I take them in the morning. Right when you get out of shower. So you're not a pre workout steroids normal morning show, a pre workout with one of the others. Anything in particular that I mean, they're my size. They want to know. How could I get a big Brody? Pretty much. So. How did that happen? Well, it's a lot of fast acting stuff, You know, I don't really go for science or anything, Um, or a train for conditioning longer to get bigger. And you can't obviously lightweights, you know, grow big with volume in time with the Duce in prison, you do your bigger. That's kind of like story of my life. So a lot of conditioning, this condition, condition, condition with time, mostly through the road, works so fast acting, you know, training a proper, you know, primo into nature. Ok, that's pretty simple, guys, uh, anything that you're going to use before you go on stage to give you some sick as energy nor code Red Bull They're this way north north of yes, right. Is that bring you down and all. Oh, no, no. It's just for the caffeine. Gets me up and got hurt. So bad, people. So hard. I hurt myself. So it does. Actually, professional wrestling actually hurt that's rooted medal. Take a picture and I was wondering about that. I don't see any pillows. I don't see any springs. You had it in me to know. I thought the palace to stick the way those guys bounce off the ground when it gets slammed. I was assuming there was, like, some type of bad about this stick that they hit. What? Not so I mean, we're going to get firsthand, see how super beast doesn't. Now your training doesn't different from my body building more of the endurance way. I mean, I do their isolation move, obviously, but I do you for development. But most part it's more like this conditioning, a lot condition, condition, condition. Every now and then a little flat exercises in particular. I like a lot of dumbbells. Machine's cable, working on body weight. I'm not much of a war. I mean sometimes. But not all of you and your squad. No, but I did look back dead most forty. How do you deal with injury? Obviously get injured a lot doing this. How do you deal with injuries? Uh, pretty much scrunching ha about marijuana supplements for things like h G h. Help. I just think that naturally, just for BP, Kind of like a year round. Why not? You know, but yes. Feeling is one of the attributes I do. How many matches do you have for what is Vermont one tomorrow. Get the three weekends. Two, three matches for weekend. Yeah, like this weekend. Weight for wrestling could climb here in Oakland tomorrow. So not throw a classic girl class averting Quinn Productions in Sacramento. That Sunday's put slam again. Francisco Bishop, How much preparation you think that two different competitors have with each other before they go fight in the ring? What do you think? I know they have to go through the routines. I would have to say that at least just each other, like twice that week. Great. Released? Two hours, right? So for four hours with each other to coordinate, coordinate. What is the reality of way? Show up? You just show up. And, uh, it's kind of like dancing. You are you're a good dancer or never Not a good man. You know what is best for you. You know how to do the tango or you *** don't know what to do. The tango is the best way you gotta be. Like with someone who can tangle way garbage shows. We're looking pretty good.

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