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France was the night of Christmas. And all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Not even an inn has most. It was a cold. My note. It was twenty two below. I looked outside and I see lots of snow. Cocky jerk was drinking a protein drink. And he gets a Mr Graham notification. He looks at his messages. That is from Dr Twenty Huge from enhanced athlete. No. Why is my prescription not ready? Have been waiting for an hour. I have to get to the job. Excuse me, sir. You'll have to take a seat. They will be ready when they're ready. The gym will have to wait. Theo. For some of us, going to the gym is goingto war war Use hostile lifting ourselves and use a cold car key, George twenty to save. Twenty percent. Going about with our style. Dear God called. All right, uh, friends. Cocky jerk here with the one and only That's huge Roman hands. Toughly And God, is it really hit me? Uh, I saw sense video with Tony the other day on new Roy ts and has sadly has been taken down. Yeah, it's a At first you'd think it was a huge loss, right? But when one door closes, another one opens. I'll tell you about that. Yeah. So, uh, I just noticed that it's checking out the new channel. It's funny, cause I think you got two thousand subscribers in a couple of hours, and they would so what? Okay, Right. I I had the I had the Enhanced Athlete Channel for about a year and a half. And then I started the doctor huge channel just to answer people into people's lifestyle, business and success tips that I learned becoming a successful lawyer and the building American Dream it it at a young age. So it wasn't intended to be bodybuilding related at all. But then when the enhanced Athlete channel went down, then I started uploading bodybuilding stuff to the doc started huge channel. And then, of course, subscribers went from five thousand, twelve thousand and three days. That's awesome. And here I am. I'm an old bastard here, just struggling, making little breakthroughs here and there. But hi, Tony. I think I've got a few years on you. N forty four holder. You down? You're in your thirties in thirty five. Oh, yeah. So you're young and still Ah. Did you ever get you? Uh, I guess you're too young. I mean, one of the benefits some of us have here in my age is that we've been able to use a legitimate pharmaceuticals in the nineties. So if you try something now, we know if it's good or not. But I guess you're a little too young for that problem. Yeah, you know the argument between pharmaceutical gear versus the underground labs Now, I didn't I never thought that I thought to start service testosterone deck a deck. But one of the things I learned from Oxygen Jim is but ever pharmaceuticals available. They always go for pharmaceutical. And I know a smother friends that air pros in the industry that just swear by always pharmaceutical. So I think there must be something to the pharmaceutical. But that being said, I really love the underground labs that, um, put last pencil benzoate or less solvents and then and and also ones that used PG and ones that make it more concentrated. So to find a really good U g l I still I almost prefer that over some of the pharmaceutical light as an example of some of the one of the pharmaceuticals. Uh, some of the pros are using our fifty milligrams her oml deca. I mean, Jesus cried. They're injecting so much oil in them and so much preservatives because the stuff that's on the shelves, um, further pharmaceuticals, they have to put so much solvent in so that it never crystallizes versus it's you get a good U G L. That knows it's going to be stored in a fairly warm climate. You could drop things like the solvents down. Concentration up. Yeah. No, absolutely. I'm out. No, I really like your channel. I've always watched it. And I mean, I always post these funny comment because I'm like, I get these guys attention one way or another. Sooner or later, let's say you, like, say, is twelve grams a week enough and then you'LL get people that ornaments or something like that. You know what? They have to get it right zone. My my parallel is I was a monster in my early twenties in the nineties, and then I got out of the industry. For a long time. I became very a beast. I was almost four hundred pounds. So now I'm in my mid forties. It's like it's go time for me. I got a couple of years to be able to do what I need to do. And then I have an agreement with my doctor that I'm going to be after a couple of years. I'm goingto up cycling or something. What's out? I was really interested when you guys were talking about, like Met Foreman and things that, like help people with type because it is hard on people you'LL understand. Once you have symptoms of tight junior middle bees, it's a lot harder like, I mean, how many people do you know? I've gotten really lean that I taped you diabetes? Yeah, it's super hard. They either have to go ki tto completely reset. Metformin obviously, is a good tool Cycling carbohydrates, But yeah, because the easy way to get big for people who have a you know, Fallis metabolism is just to get a tonic harb spaced evenly throughout the day. But if someone's well, carb sensitive or metabolic damaged or type two diabetic, then it doesn't work so well. So what were the conclusions you and Trevor came to you? with a metformin again? Um, yeah, I e I like Met Foreman. I like it mostly for transitioning into a diet, Taking it before bed. Let's say I had a lot of carbs that day, but I want to wake up a new cardio. So I want to burn more fat in the morning. So hit metformin at night. It and it'll also re sensitized me tio insulin. My concern was always limiting the conversion of h g h g f. That's why I had always avoided it in the past. Might My thinking now is that I have so much access th th and and I did it with insulin. I'm really not worried about my jeff levels lowing So I do take them metformin sometime tonight. I also take it during big cheat meals. You know, I have it in my back. So here's my backpack inside my backpack. I carrying that foreman on. I mean, I take it every day, but I haven't available. And in case I just really screw up bids you to. So you'LL take that while you're using insulin and g h uh, never necessarily at the same time, but and I understand the half life of metformin is such that if I take it in the morning, that's against in the afternoon. Then it could have a risk of lowering blood sugar. But I'm pretty aware of my blood sugar. So it's it I'm okay with taking both within the same half day. It doesn't doesn't happen a lot, but I'm okay with that. And then if I buy blood sugar crashes too much, then I'll just make sure to have some fast carbohydrates. Well, I didn't have a video but insulin a few weeks ago when I got back into working at it seriously. But three years ago, I started having all these because I take, I think, to basically symptoms of tape too. So I would get these really bad spasm besiegers like, really bad. After certain workouts on my doctors looked a master dial. Mike looked at my lecture elation with everything. And one day I just said, Screw it and I got a bottle of fuel in our and I started taking it with carbs before my workout. Never had a problem since and because my her behind my insulin was so bad again shuttling the nutrients back into the muscle cells, so they're like starving like hours after. I guess that's what the cause was. But I never had a problem since. I don't know if you ever heard of that, So But I was tell people, you know, special people type to you not to use insulin caution, because if you screw it up, I would only use two or three I you, which is nothing. But it works there being your grades. So, um ah, but growth hormone. I had a question for you. No visit. If people inject in her stomach, fat will it second and are enlarged the stomach, earthy intestines and all that's nevel. Sometimes it's a muscle. First of all, I don't like injecting insulin in the stomach fat because it's definitely going to hit all the hosts of receptors in the fat itself. And even a small risk of adding fat Teo precisely like the most stubborn fat areas. It is not a feeling. Oh, come now, I It's funny you ask that because just just a few days ago, I was talking to, um, one of the most knowledgeable, under ground bodybuilding chemists I've ever talked to, who says is that when the body builders are taking massive doses of growth hormone and they inject it into their stomach, it does have some of the local growth effects to the organs in the waistline released the waistline, whether it's organs or something else happening. No water retention. But he said he did notice as the doses went way up. Now he's talking about mega mega dose and grow on a daily basis, injecting the abdomen. But if you just take, you know, let's say that causes three centimeters of growth. And will there be a smaller dose done frequently into the abdomen area of insulin or growth for mom caused more local growth there? Well, it's probably and what my approaches. It's probably worse not injecting it there. Just what's the point? Why it doesn't have to be injected. There could be anywhere in the body. So what I do is I inject. It's funny you asked these questions. These the same things you ask near the things I'm thinking about all those great. But I've been injecting my insulin into either my del. So that's intra muscular, big difference from injecting to the fat, but for bodybuilding purposes, I actually prefer to put it in the muscle. Okay. And then Ah, are also just on my just on the side of my bicep Right there have been injected. Okay, cool it. Insulin and gross both places. I will know the question for you do. And as you probably noticed I don't know how much of my channel your scene I know. You see one video. My perspective is a little different. I try and come. I try and make my channel different than a lot of the other channels. Just like you've done friend, I've noticed, like with a If someone has actual when I hear guys something that they take, you know, seven and eight grams of gear a week. I'm like, you must not get into here if you for a lot of guys, I've always wondered how some pros because some guy's Once you get over seven hundred fifty bags or a gram, a lot of men could go squirrelly. It's actually like you're chasing after cats running up and down the street. So I don't often wonder how these pros can handle two and three and four grams of year of test a week. if it's legitimate test, I'LL say what would happen to me specifically? And then I can talk about the pros. I noticed that whenever I jump up whenever I increased the dosage of testosterone, a significant amount, uh, my sex drive goes up, but then it plateaus like I readjust to that level of testosterone and my sex drive goes back to normal. Um, now a lot of the pros that I know that mega does testosterone. I don't think that they have any more sex drive, then the normal individual. Okay, Just just serving in my head, thinking about the guys that I'm thinking about. I really don't think that they have. I think maybe when they first started or they first hit testosterone. Maybe the same thing happened when I know, I know that happens, but I think it's been it. It it, uh, it goes back to home. Your spaces. Well, I was I was fortunate to talk Tio Ah, very top FTV pro in nearly two thousands a few weeks ago in person, and he said, once loved two grams, he said, It's it's kind of almost Ah, he said, it almost kind of negates itself is more side of facts and stuff. So maybe it's just around there, certain peak for some guys where they just go, Ah, off the deep end for a while. I don't know. It's that I was wondered about that, but it's just that well, you have. So you have the testosterone, the DHD and the estrogen, and they they all kind of increased sex drive and that kind of it's a matter of balance and all of them and increase in all of them. And so sometimes someone could have maybe a less than normal sex drive. But then they increase may be the increased estrogen is what gives them the increased sex drive way. That's the DHT. Maybe it's the testosterone, but what's not? A lot of people get blood work, but it be really interesting to see someone's blood work. Who's feeling those extra during sexual urges and see what hormonal balance is causing? No. Absolutely well, well, so I have all my notes down here, but the big question on voice when I read you like an endless band with package for your phone or something, you know, thank goodness for in Thailand, here in Thailand, they have faster phone Internet than we have in the US Oh yeah, clear online. Yeah. So this is awesome now. I just came from the Philippines a few days ago where it's really intermittent. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's unusable. So that's pretty cool, Max. I was No, it's rois on your phone and with your brand with himself on like, what kind of packages this guy got for his band with? It's crazy. What's, Ah, couple more geared questions and I want to get back to the whole thing that happened with the E A channels. Cool is that you have me come. I know. I think you've done some videos on it. I used it for the first time a few months ago, and it was so powerful. I, sir, having really your pains in my heart on So when I was younger, I'd use that I never had any problems. I don't know if it's an age thing. I don't know what's going on, but do you know anybody I know in Cannes that you'll Hand b is illegal because apparently, back in the day, some guy took a whole bottle of it and I can is a little weird with its laws, too, but it's better than the United States. As faras gears concern like states, it's just it's insane. What's up? I'm kind of going off here, but you'LL have me Have you ever heard of that where people get pain in their hearts when they take it? And the issues with the Hertz? Yeah, irregular heartbeat. I don't knowabout pain's the Civic, but with you know him by It's funny because I all have I'LL take it one day, and my side effects will be totally different than another day, and I have a pretty decent tolerance of it. Um, but I always worked my way up on the those two great start with a small amount and but that small amount, like the enhanced athlete five milligram Joe him buying. I gave five milligrams to my girlfriend, baby Mama. His her heart rate was like because and we went ***, and the combination of the jogging and the yo him by her heart rate was maxed out. It was like one hundred fifty feet per minute it after we stopped running and you know, so I can see now that you say I've used to him by and so much so I don't think about the side effects so much for myself. But you're right. Some people are really sensitive to the CNS. Stimulation of the heart. Yeah, you know him by, especially when it's combined with other things. Well, him by show him buying combined with coffee. Caffeine seems to be fine, but you go him buying. And I have never combining with a federal. But just as an example combining of him buying an offender, it is said to have some pretty synergistic CNS side effects in a bad way. So, you know, there may be some other stimulant I was in Europe free work out or something when you combine, this doesn't possible. Yeah, Theo him bind. That could have been causing synergistic cited facts. So, man, I thought that my dad, uh, another question for you, Tony. I get us a lot of prima bolin, and apparently there's still some of the organ on stuff from Pakistan, and liberate people can get ahold of lights out. So I don't I don't believe that there's any real prima bowl on on any of the huge labs because it's so hard to get ahold of the raw materials. So when I hear people take prima bowl and GM like, what are you thoughts on that I know a couple labs. I have real prima belonged here. One is one. Was this Thailand is Alfa Pharma we tested. That was a test kit. We couldn't actually see the concentration of the primo, but we know that what was in the stereo was primo and then Magnum Labs definitely had a real three mo and then Super Pharma. And so a couple of my friends did Primo only cycles, including Steve. Steve, Steve, Steve did a primo only cycle. Had fantastic results. Just Dr Lee. What? In fact, he wants to dio. Actually, no. He's going to do a deca only cycle. Oh, what's the Iron Man has the Iron Man set up going? Oh, I see. Because of the really cool. I swear it was Tony Stark or Rich, that's for sure. But yeah, I don't know. I saw your I saw you had an interview, this guy talking about how great decker was, but running up by itself, I think that would be very bad for your ***. Couple of one happy months there but teach their own. I guess maybe he can offset it with malice or cable line or something. I don't know. Yeah, I want. Okay, I want to get into Ah. First off, I noticed right before you got shut down. You're at ninety nine K subs. And then when it was like, almost like a student, you take one hundred if they went down. So I'm just waiting for the same type of connection or coincidence with that? Ah, no, that I don't think there was any coincident with one hundred k subscribers. And And we had reached, like, hundred, maybe one hundred five. But there was there was a little gap of time between hitting one hundred and then and then the YouTube getting taken down. I don't think it was for a lady. Now, did you have all your video is backed up Like I know here it helps the games we've got with the master portable hard drives with all the backups on everything. But I could just you put a lot of work in your videos in that channel. Man, I really ticks me off. Now the angle you have to go through this. We have them back. I think you must have had them back. Donkey's. You're applauding sometimes. Yeah, yeah, there. But they're backed up. Some of the safe ones are being uploaded to the Dr Tony huge channel. And then the most *** ones that would cause you to, you know, get banned again. We're putting those on a private server. And then because now the leashes air often I'm can actually record content that won't or that would have otherwise gotten band on YouTube. Then I'm actually gonna upload a whole bunch. New content, like videos that I'm reporting here in Thailand would have been too hard court put on YouTube in the first place. Yeah. Now I can upload those on the private server. And what right, Private server. I just mean it's not part of YouTube or any of the other video hosted have a rules. It's just one that that I control. You know so but it's gonna have public access. So So you and anybody else can go on and seal entire collection of videos organized, and I'LL give you the address once it goes public trouble ble. And within a couple days, was, they said hopefully I'm using this method of recording ofthe resume. Hopefully it works. If not, I'll probably *** you for a few minutes in it in a day or two. But I always appreciate your time, but, uh, I actually just finished having sex at four. In the morning and I rolled over. My phone's going off, and I'm, like, enhanced athlete is falling. I'm like, What? Hi, Brian. Tony huge would. Because, you know something imposters and I'll send You were just gonna find back on what is going on. But actually, it is him. What the hell? It was great. It sounds like a good night Saxon contact from thirty years. Oh, what more could you want? A White House green. So I'm gonna ask you another question, because I know a lot of the reviewers on my channel there. You want to respond other ships, and I think a lot of guys don't understand what that entails on A lot of guys have to kind of told the line of being open about your used because they don't want to cut off all potential, uh, sponsors down the road. But I know if you guys on my channel will ask me and I'LL say, What does Tony look for when he wants the for someone to get a sponsor with Yae I I know they're going to ask that. So a za business owner and as a businessman or whatever What do you look for? Um, if someone said you Hey, man, I love your stuff. I love your company. What would you tell them if they were looking for that? So it it depends on the status of the business and what the business trying to do at that time so early on, Um, which doesn't do anybody any good right now. But early on, I just wanted to get as much like minded athletes using the products almost to just help the industry to help the athletes themselves. And then it got really costly because I did have a lot of athletes and I was sending a lot of stuff. And, you know, even though in the end staff fleet is on, ran more like a non profit, you know, first is a supplement company, like the money is put back into the athletes and research partner Know about this? Ah, it was still impacting the ability to increase inventory. So they cut the the sponsorships back, and right now it's with the different raids that happened. Yeah, money going into the product, development of a whole bunch of new things. There's not a lot of money to take on sponsored athletes, right? Like right now is is a rough time for, for instance, athlete's sponsoring athletes out as I come across athletes like when I travel, sometimes I find in this, you know, this doesn't I'm going to help a lot of people listening. But sometimes I come across someone that has good potential. It just needs a little help with stuff and some guidance. Whose so I, we'll make that happen. And it's it's basically better than a sponsorship they get from most other companies on. And then there are a couple of people that that were paid, but not really very many. Most of them. It was like like if you are, if you kind of got in the inner circle of the assassins, you also got a lot of the insider information before everybody else, too, as we discover it. Okay, book. And so, guys, I asked Tony I don't want anyone crucifying me. And the comments about that are you? So we thought. I know you've got a lot going on. Things are complicated right now. Are you going to be on any of the big expos on twenty eighteen? Yeah, Well, the next one is moved by India Body Power. Okay. And that's January fifteenth, Russell. So that's three weeks from now. And then I went to a couple and, uh, like, what went to one in Philippines and then I'm going to go to probably Arnold Classic in Australia. Okay, but those are the ones that were kind of for sure So far. The rest I got to think about. Yeah, no, absolutely. Be great to see at the trunk Pro's Pro Super. So I'm hoping I'll be there in five. My sponsor's booth. That's a big Expo two in Canada. So getting back to the, uh, slight what could we is viewers and fans of your channel. What could we do to help this whole YouTube thing? I'd say mostly, just pay attention like up and I'll tell you what I'Ll tell other people on YouTube. Where are putting the hard core contents you can still get it, and then how to get ahold of me and then watched social media that way, when I come out with hard core information or things that are, you know, potentially taking them, you see it before it's gone because like a lot of videos on, they're okay. There's a ton of videos that I had uploaded to YouTube that never got published because I I was afraid that it would trigger a red flag. Okay, And then there was other videos, not recently, but in the past there was a lot of videos that I had put up the YouTube to lead it. So the important thing is to watch, and it's actually closely because when we publish something that might not be around forever, I want to be one hundred percent honest. Give the most hard core information. But a lot of these mediums, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, don't delete the stuff hosts, so just watch closely. So you see it when it comes out for gets deleted. So another thing that really surprised me is like, I mean, you were doing YouTube to make money. I don't think any of your videos wherever monetized at any time. I don't think that corrects. So when that came out in the summer like way, always called the Yellow Wall of Death. I went through that a little bit back in the summer, but it really hit a lot of the channels, but you were never mind ties. You never monetized your videos from what I can remember, and that surprised me, too, when you guys got shut down. It's like, really crazy. It's, uh, right, because if you if you monetize your videos, you subject yourself to more scrutiny. They've got to be more careful that they're not financially supporting someone that's putting out content that violates the rules. Not being monetized gave me some more flexibility and what I propose, but yeah, no, I never made any money off YouTube. It's funny because, you know, and it's really interesting to watch comments on YouTube videos you get to see. Some people are brilliant. Some people are very nice, some people very negative. But some people are just really ignore has the how do things work. And I was never monetized, but you'd see comments say Yeah, Tony Huge is making millions off of the fuse of his YouTube videos. Like all over people, talking about how much money you think he's making you, you're not a single dollar. Not not one don't not one cent who was never the hero was never the intent. Never the motivation. You know, absolutely. But you know, and that's another thing I noticed. Like with Rich Piana, he never got into the comments section on the beginning of my channel, I used to always address every comment. It's getting a little busier, so it's a lot harder to do that. But I think you'LL do like the first, maybe ten comments and then kind of leave. The rest is they go, too. If you found that kind of works past, yeah, yeah, to respond quickly to the comments to reward people that comment quickly and and also I'd like to look at the comments when they first come out because someone might say, like, Oh, your audio was messed up or there was something wrong with the video and so I got to get that instance it back. There's something I can fix or change about the video, so that's why I look at him quickly. I do go back over old comments. Just you know what happens is you can see, like the activity and so you can just scroll through and see if you find interesting ones and responded and even on, like, really old videos, everyone. So, Allah, will they respond to a bunch of comments? Well, you'LL be able to see all the mind now. You'd be going at her breakfast buddy of stuff from some of your comments, but just a curiosity. What's the weather like there and join or the weather's like here? I'm curious. They're here. It's usually Bangkok. It's hearts. This time. It's kind of like a little human, but it's kind of cool, like shorts and a T shirt. Every once in a while you get a breeze of air that makes you feel a little cold and its range for two days, which it doesn't normally rain. But it's a really light mist. It's not uncomfortable, so I'd say this is pretty close to perfect weather. If you just maybe took a little of the humidity out. How about where you're at? Uh, you want to guess throughs? Wintertime? And that's Canada. It's probably snow and ice, right when I got home from the gym. It was minus twenty five degrees Celsius. That's not including the wind chill. I don't never even experience that. I've never in my life felt I've never been called club that cold coming up in the wintertime router. So before I asked, told him my last question. I appreciate his time. And as I said, we're trying a new format here. And if I don't get the recording, I'll have the bug him again and the deer to If you'd be kind enough to give me ten minutes of his time again, it's really wonderful prize on the night of Christmas. Um So before I asked Tony this question, this is my legal disclaimer. This is strictly entertainment and education purposes. We're just talking. Don't do this at home, so I'm forty four years old, Tony, I've got a couple of years. I got to give her what would be your ideal stack for someone in my situation. Hypothetically speaking, of course. No. And it looked like you still had some fat that you could lose. Yeah, but you have that power lifter type spot. You're strong. I got Lena. I got lena and want to be strong, but you want to lean out? Yeah. You know, obviously trend Bologna's is amazing. Amazing steroids, but with side effects and it flying longevity is a priority. But I think you know easily at your age it is. Then drink belongs not a good not a healthy choice prima bowl. And I've got good feedback from guys who want to stay a leading part, but not the super huge. Yeah, I got a huge though. Okay. Testosterone for Vyron. Um, and master own master own? Yeah. Three workout worlds. We work out, my adrenaline has power and a drawing on it of a past dispenser I can you handle and a draw pretty well. Your blood pressure, everything. Oh, yeah, I think I could. Yeah. Guys, if I was to do that, hypothetically speaking, I wouldn't have my doctor watching the every month with blood work. It doesn't matter if you go. Yeah, and it's pretty *** to me. It doesn't matter so much which steroid it. Lately, what I've been focusing on is injecting free workout so that the concentration of the stewards is much higher during work out of the post workout window. Is not putting as much stress on my body the rest of the day always maintain a foundational level of in a bar, Alex. But then just spiking. And during that time, especially since you like, listen hard and heavy that helps. It helps almost like adrenaline, you know, has one of the ones that we've been experimenting with this his metal Tran alone, or how people like to call it method trend. And that's been pretty has been pretty amazing, not how very healthy. But it's a short half life, only four hours. So you consider taking less healthy, more powerful one three work out even at your age, Um, versus like being on a higher dose of other stuff twenty four hours a day and not letting the body rest. Yeah, there's something to be said there, too. So that kind of two directions to go on just the hired those tall time for spiking the dosage. Pre workout now one. General Jin, what do you know? It's when you go off growth hormone. What do you notice after you come off the joints? That sari is more staff. I just noticed that I look dryers Look, leader. Um, yeah, I do. I like taking breaks from it because I feel like it over the hymn number. This a little bit of that, actually, the achey joints while I'm on growth hormone. And then when I come off, sometimes my joints feel better and I lose the water retention and it's you should've breathe. Your heart isn't working. It's hard, it's not. It holds a little bit of water, but it's not like a wind strong coming off when Charlie he joined feeling Ah, you know when I come off No, no, no, I don't. I don't get a key. Afterwards, I would beam or a key when I'm on. Then when I moss usually so Tony again. I appreciate your time. And, you know, hopefully this format works because I hate to bug you again to do this over, but is there anything you'd like to say? The viewers of the house, the games at all? Before we sign off, I just I I I love your perspective and the few videos that I've washed ul of your style, too. So I'm looking forward to what other transformations you make, especially everybody, including need, loves transformation. Absolutely not. You're on my level of experience on this, and then we get to teach other people the information so that they can make a transformation in the whole of your life. Man, there's no better feeling. So I'm excited to watch your transformation. Absolutely. Man discreetly appreciated. And, you know, as a channel grows, hopefully I can have you on again or if you're up my neck of the woods. I got a great gym free to train. Not would be good to hang out with you guys and shoot some video. Of course. Danny's Danny Dream Body Savage. He's been on on surveys. Us actually grew up just a few minutes down the road from there. Oh, then then you know what a troublemaker is? Way have some mutual friends, but he's going to actually be on the show again. I have no desire to go to Mexico anytime soon, but I expect you'LL tell stuff that's greatly appreciated, Tony and you know you have your saying Freedom meant any Danny's. So yes, I know, I know he's a character will have him on. I. I always wonder what pre workout he's on, but ah, yes, But anyway, I was going to say really quick that I have, like, some clips of him on my phone. Sometimes I just go backto watch him. Justine, you pumped up for just a lash. It looked like I always tell him. I say he looks like a really Jack Chris Qattan from Saturday Night Live. Remember night at the Roxbury? Yes, yes. But anyway, on our channel, we we sign off, we would say, You know, friends don't let friends go kind of bought here. There's the games. And of course, you always say be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution. Thank you so much, Tony. It's been a pleasure, and we'LL talk tio. So it says your burger since with cattle raisers they're using hormones or still is, could you put them back in for my burger Possible? Unfortunately, I don't think you're serious.

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