How I Personally Achieve High Levels of Growth and Stimulation

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To me, the highest form of stimulation is to step outside of your reality. Into someone else's reality or some alternate reality. This could be done with drugs like LSD, mushrooms, D M T. Or it can be done by having extremely open mind and willingness to just step off the cliff from what you know is reality into someone else's reality and truly experience it from their side. Not from the judgments that you have based on your reality, because almost everything you experience, you're experiencing it from the outside of someone else's reality. You're experiencing it from your reality, and you're projecting all of your thoughts and ideas onto that reality, and that's not the experience. That's not stimulation. But there's also a piece into jumping into someone else's reality because just like pain, just like torture, there's a certain point where you just give it and you just say, I'm going to die all right? You're not resisting and any more you become one with death and the universe, and that's what happens when I jump into someone else's reality. At first it makes me extremely uncomfortable, and my body and mind is resisting, and it's like a workout. It's so hard for me to drop all of my preconceived notions to fully experience other people's reality and ideologies and philosophies and thoughts about life. And then once I just once I finally drop everything that I knew before to be true and accept the new reality, it's like a huge weight comes off your shoulders. It's an experience that I think very few people have have ever had unless they've done mushrooms or LSD or D M. T. But you could do it without the drugs, too, because when you've reached my status in life, where you've done all kinds of extreme things in traveled and owned crazy things and had sex with so many women and lady boys and other situations, you start running out of things that stimulate you enough for deep enough to allow you to grow. I'm one thirty five years old on having experienced all things experience up to age thirty is probably five times more than the normal person's life. So where do you go from here? After being stimulated so much? Do you just get comfortable and sit back and keep experiencing the same things you've experienced over and over? Not me. I look for even more crazy stimulating things into me. The most stimulating things is that I think things are to step into someone else's reality. And yesterday that's what I did on a couple different times on a cover. Different levels. The net effect is today. I've got butterflies. I'm scared. I'm nervous because it makes me completely question the reality I knew before.

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