How I Stay Ripped Year Round Traveling the World

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I came home from school. You're not going to refrigerate. I prepared my home banging body, put it on ice cream in a friend of raina. She love the target's, help me, she brought away with the whole family, cutting back, she talking, but we all go on a diet. Sometimes i have to ask myself, how do i stay so lean, so shredded three hundred sixty five days a year. It is very rare for someone to stay. It is good, a condition that i do a ll here around most bodybuilders don't do it. Don't you see on stage ? That are super shredding look incredible on stage, they usually look like bloated messes other than competition time. Trust me, i meet them and the guys that all cutting instagram or facebook in person, they don't usually look neera sze good as they do in the pictures and videos. So when people come up to me as fans in thailand or other places in the world and they say, man, you look even better in person than you do in the photos and videos photos, videos, don't do you justice. How do you stay so muscular and so shredded at the same time ? Despite all of the travel, despite the inconsistent diet, the inconsistent training and the lifestyle that you leave well, there's four drugs i want to discuss with you number one is met furman and also slimming pills. Number two is anabolic ce number three is growth hormone and number four is or lestat let's go through each one of these and how i used them to stay shredded all year round basically be ableto have a diet starts tomorrow diet every day because i just got done eating breakfast up here and i ate two and a half breakfast plus, i eat frequently throughout the day, so it's a lot of food. So how do i do that without getting fat ? And using these drugs ? Let's go through each one or less that's a fat blocker, it blows my mind that it's not more popular this because it is fda approved and it's astri extremely effective, it's just that people don't know it by the name or list, that so they go out and they pay four times the price for ali, or all these different over the counter ones that cost so muchmore but do the same thing because they don't know that the effective ingredient name is actually orla staten that they can just buy or less that even either over the counter in countries like this or from enhanced athlete dot com, next is the met foreman or the slim pills met foreman is a type two diabetic drug that prevents our blood sugar from shooting up. Re senses us to insulin. It gets rid of car was kind of like a carbohydrate blocker, kind of like blocking the carbohydrates from the food is one way to understand it, but it's much more complicated. And how it works in that it does have some nutrient partitioning properties, so mohr carbohydrates or going to the muscle, then we'll go into the fat, which is thie key behind my diet starts tomorrow lifestyle my preferences, the slimming pills s l i n slim pills because it has more of a nutrient partitioning effect to allow the muscles to absorb more of the carbohydrates from the food so inversely it doesn't get shuttled into fat. Instead, it goes into muscle, because if you calories, it's going to go somewhere, they're going to fat or it's going to muscle. So the key with these drugs that i'm telling you about is to help shift it over to going into muscle or being burned rather than storing his fat and met foreman does that, but slim pills do it even better because it shuttles maura the carps in the muscle instead of just getting rid of the carbs. But when i ran out of slim pills like here in thailand, i just go over the counter and by metformin it's so cheap it's ah, fifty cents for ten tablets, i think, and take two tablets per day, so it's practically free to buy metformin, but as soon as i could get another shipment from enhanced athlete back home of the slim pills, then i'll switch back to the slim pills and i'll take ah met foreman with my biggest carbohydrate meals like one five hundred milligram tablet in the morning and with breakfast and one five hundred milligram tablet. If i have a big dinner and sometimes i'll take three in one day and sometimes i won't take any, it just depends, and same with the slim pills, i'll take two capsules with each large carbohydrate containing meal to prevent that meal from drinking too fat and allow the muscles to absorb more of those carbohydrates. Next drugs anabolic ce, anabolic, sw by nature cause nutrient partitioning into the muscle of nutrients rather than fast cells. So things like testosterone steroids, sar mes my current protocol is t r t testosterone, which is just a minimum dosage of testosterone of one hundred fifty milligrams per week that was prescribed to me and then adding on top of that thirty milligrams of austrian per day. And this is not medical advice. Don't do what i do, i'm just telling you. What i take from nutrient partitioning properties since you're all curious how i do it next, his growth hormone for fat loss purposes lower does growth hormone more frequently works really good. But i noticed that if i have a really big meal that would normally put on a lot of fat, you know, two thousand calorie or more meal at my low body fat, i can feel if two thousand calorie meal i can actually feel and see the fact come on from that meal i know it's only probably a third of a pound of fat that stores from a two thousand calorie meal at the most. But a third of a pound of fat on my body is is easy to see or a fourth of a pound of body fat. So i noticed that when i take growth hormone, then it prevents me from putting on that fat in the first place. In my experience growth hormone is that ok ? Fat burner, but it's even better as a preventative measure, too, prevent me from putting on fat from overeating. So, like last night, i weigh too much food and i had cereal two giant bowls of cereal before bed with milk with the fat in the milk that's an incredible amount of calories and i wasn't going to take growth hormone last night until after i ate that much food. So i took growth hormone and i wake up this morning and i didn't put any fat on from it. And then finally, the fifth thing is the most important and most powerful drug for nutrient partitioning. Prevent me from getting fat on my diet starts apart, diet is exercise, there is no better nutrient partition er and no better way to burn calories and make the muscles hungary for nutrients so the muscles soak up food like a sponge instead of going into the fast cells, then exercise and the science proved and nothing comes close too heavy or hard. I should say resistance training or high intensity interval training as faras the nutrient partitioning goes so those are the five drugs for drugs, plus one activity to go over again. Real quick is the airless that to block thehe fat blocks twenty five percent of the fat intake from diet growth hormone, anabolic ce met foreman or slim pills and exercise diet starts tomorrow. Be swell in school, my friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution.

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