How Synthol “Builds” Muscle & Why It Was Invented | Dr. Tony Huge & Bart?

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I'm Dr Huge here with part of Muscle Factory Jim, and he knows the whole history of synth all why it was invented in its application. How is it really supposed to be used in orderto build permanent muscle? You've got to use the analogy like if you're if you're going, can you get a flat tire? And I put the jack on top of the roof. You put the jack under me, so same principle applies with since you go really deep into the muscles, I mean ride, I need the muscle. Then you stop putting this in so I don't need the muscle that muscled and starts *** up. The whole purpose of it is is to stretch the fascia. It's a fascist stretch there. When you try and biceps, the muscles can actually grow and breed. If it's tight and you start pumping your biceps, all you're doing is putting more pressure on the fashion synth off. When I spoke to Cristal, keep black invented sinfully said no, put it underneath the muscle and pop it up. So you continuously all day stretching the cashier. Then when you stop, stop using the center of the world dissipates and the Muslim has room to grow. That was when he spoke to me. I was that feed on s. And when he first came out with it, this is the explanation. I gave him the guess. You can use it for side enhancement, he said. But most guys, they put it on top of the biceps and it's gonna look retired any side because now suddenly retired around Stupid Delta Stupid pride guys, you have never neither using safe because they don't we'LL do more videos on the correct way to use synth all be swollen school friends, freedom pioneers, human evolution

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