How to Cure Acne Fast?

You guys wanted to know some more cures for acne so today we’ll be talking about DEXAMETHASONE. We discuss Dexamethasone injections with Dr. Ban Truong and how it can cure acne.

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you guys wanted to know some more cures for acne. And I already told you about a couple I told you about Accutane. Proper hygiene of your skin by how certain steroids affect the skin and some other remedies. Today we're going to talk about Dex and methadone. I was first introduced to Decks, a methadone in Costa Rica, when one of my friends had cystic acne and he got an injection down there. It's over the counter. So here's a prescription. Get an injection of it and all assists went away within a couple days. Forty eight, seventy two hours. All assist, cystic or cystic acne gone. And then I had this the bump on my leg. So if you have seen had bumps on my elbows and my legs were made contact with things and rub and then the hair gets ingrown and irritated and it just causes like an inflammation, information doesn't go away. And so I decided to try the decks of methadone Dr Bond here prescribing the decks of methadone, and I had the injection. You combine it with something else to I put in with the temperamental, so definite Medrano sort like a steroid that you see with Documentum both decrease inflammation, temperamental and so the moderate anti inflammatory but only lasts eight hour vs documentary Last seventy two hours. So combined together give you survey a short increase. Quick burst at beginning, but don't carry two seventy two hours, and usually that's when a it really helped. So it's definitely effective for these type of acne that I had will call. It's not exactly acne. It's an inflammation of the Yan or something. And so it's definitely works for certain types of inflation. Acne. What do people normally use it for? Allergy. So good things you usually you know and where we are. And the more the Central Valley during the spring hit me very hard, and a lot of my patients will have their and really allergies. Will your immune system get really sensitive to certain Paul and Zebra? Same thing. What? You don't do it. Your body immune system is doing that to your super sensitive. And so what blocks some of these reaction that's happening. The documents alone and temperamental, and you gave me a higher dosage than my friend had used in Costa Rica. What dosage of dexamethasone? I went as much as ten. And if they go Bigelow lower, mostly even a kid. So somebody a kid can have crew. So group. It's really inflammation in the land and they have our kickoff so you can give a kid's really about anywhere from six. You even ate aurally of this. It'LL help them with the information. So you being somebody lot bigger, them can have a much bigger does. How How easy it is it to get a prescription like this from a doctor in a Certain prescriptions are difficult. Doctors like hesitate to write it. Is this an easy one to get her heart Eyes that hard to do it just you know, some of the clinic, for example. Promise Here, doctor don't really carry that many of it. But usually from for where I'm from from an urgent care and also from the e r. Background, I give out this quite a bit of a lot of people come in with as you can give him from, You know, you could get for allergies. We talked about seasonal allergies. Somebody had really a severe allergic reaction we give to him, and what happened is your muse is doing this to you. Are you just quiet down the immune system or else is start to work against you, That's all. It was not active. S o make sure look up online all the contraindications and all the side effects of a drug like this. But it sounds really common. And I know it's very common in the veterinary industry. They use it on animals very frequently to reduce inflammation. And I'm not even sure what types. I just know that their constant getting injected with Dex Matheson by veteran by Veterinary Reince That's another act like here for you guys. Be swell in school, My friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily subscribe

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