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river too big even for first class. From up, they double Trevor. It's age that we are to meet our anti aging muscle building balancing hormones. You've got what you girls one hears athletes teach the audience. Next, we would like to know what to do, what you should wonder. Customs and immigration cars are too big for this training house, right next train. He must paid over. What? How do you alert arrived? Who is that mystery audio? I want you enhanced athlete bus for the week went through the Bronx like I needed a van that big Trevor's eighteenth alcoholic drink of the day. His choice. Strawberry Dockery. Open and look. The diet starts tomorrow on TV. What is it? It's like YouTube data or something. Yeah, Night before the New York Pro Bishop is making his pro debut. This is his first time on stage as a professional i f B B body. He's got some shiny panties to wear on stage. My morning vitamins. I'm going to using TB five hundred to prevent injuries. HCG to get my balls full in Milan Attan to start getting a tan again in the New York bro. Guys, the scene of the New York pro prejudging. I'm gonna try and get some footage of fish up when he goes up on stage. Any Trevor watch the bishop first. Rocha. This's Rowley Winkler's brother actually thinking about getting in the BDs m Friends from protease protein chips. What do you got in there? Seriously? Where did you think that it's in their PC? A. Chapstick. But holy cow. Now it's all sweaty. Oh my God, it's so sweaty in here. The bodybuilding show here and here. A police officer. I really don't think it's appropriate for you to be one of these. Find your just don't tell my check. Hadi alerts. We got California and New York representing California, New York. Friends of freedom here just called at Mark Low Blinder. Mark only what they want. They want you to try and match their dead lift the next time they see you because they beat you. Last competition now dead with remark represent. Here's the last time they did some dead lifting with you. There you are marked important question of the day. Have you seen Matt August? I don't see Madam Barney. He's getting ready to go on stage for classic physique at the pro level Berwick and stand by where the bodybuilders, we're coming out right after they get on stage. I know why everybody takes pictures from the front. I think we should take people to turn around and take pictures from the back here in the audience, resting until finals six physique Competitors aire up, go shopping and to rest. Then we'LL be back for the night show saber lessons. We have some certified Jet I trainers trading the children how to use lifesavers for self defense to use *** right now. What do you know? Chin Testosterone in a cream form. Topical ten percent bioidentical as soon as your pocket. Are you happy to see me? But actually it's just a sort of bishops heading into finals. I told him to pose and needed geeky pose this body building that G Q. Reviewing pro natural physique, competitors all sky. What is it? Suck on this. Yes, Flowers. Trevor People Flowers straight. Be professional about this. I'm serious first what you did first. Trevor, these glasses that have camera built into him, we call him ladyboy Visions. You can see first hand what it's like to make love to a lady boy to the finals of the New York pro perfect view of women's cleavage to zoom up on from here. Me pro physique. Guys, man, they look like bodybuilders. Huge bodybuilders Air up. Bishop's gonna be upset is a great show. The physics are amazing at this, so I mean, there we go. The physics are amazing at this show. Came about Dino. So it is time for a nipple check. Is there any lactation? Oh, no. There is three of twelve class at the New York pros. Have you seen any lady boys? Because we can't find Trevor. So it's probably where Wei is. Sergio, believe a junior performance bodybuilding Open class. Pose down, Sergio Believe Junior. Just one. The New York throw. Sergio Alleva, Jr. I like to see posing with the pros. I just keep missing pants or tighter contest. Let's see who wins. I can see my but I could see who's gonna win this Facebook page updating the fans on his progress. You, who's gonna be running d n be next week? Oh, my God! Look at that. As I have not found the hidden steroids of much of teacher these supplements will have to do to make up for my horn. This diet in New York are on our way to Bev Francis Gym in New York. Where's it at Trevor What City? Long Island, New York City board. The Steroid Express. All about to shoot a gf desk pre and intra workout R I G F deaths lined up and we reconstituted it with vitamin B twelve instead of be a seawater. I mean my current weight to nineteen point two. We could charge a lot of money for this. People paying came bishop to rub lotion on himself. Board the Steroid Express. All about to shoot a GF desk pre and intra workout. My gf death lined up, reconstituted it with vitamin B twelve instead of be a seawater. I mean my current weight to nineteen point two. We could charge a lot of money for this People paying came bishop to rub lotion on himself. Here we go, boys. Francis Trevor shooting a chest workout video. And here's what the scene looks like. Francis, with all the crows doing their photo shoots. One of my favorite things to see. Yeah, just working. That's a wrap one peace. Gloria Bar Evers got to also What is that? A Oreo and a Snickers downtown New York City. Follow the light to find the hidden stat orange of March through pre chew Really bad neighborhood in New York and check it out. The liquor store, everything behind laughs. You have to order it through a little low. Soon as your pocket. You're happy to see me. Actually, it's just a sort of a professional classic. Physician competitors at the New York Pro What's your opinion on how much arrest between sets to build muscle like, uh, going short rest. But do you feel like that? Doesn't get your all of your strength back if I'm doing legs along with everything else, Okay? We're on sleeping pills right now, which makes us incredibly smart and incredibly funny and talented. Right. Which reminds you of something. Okay. The funny thing was, is dear alcohol. You are supposed to make me smart, funny, and a really good dancer. I saw the video way. Need to talk guy on drugs personally last night to a bunch of crap. So we got hottie alert. One staying in there. Howdy. Learned Tuesday. Thank you, Jake. came to visit Spends time We'LL stay Look. It is before and after one session of art fixing his lap pole. That was done by a Pat Newcomb. Beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day in the neighbor way I got a joke. I Oh, God, oh God, There's no e flat. You want my body food crusher Trevor. He's like flex the muscle harder so I can see it much harder. Flex harder. Like when a girl says Harder, *** me. Harder, going as hard as I can. Look out Levitra Far Den Ifill Foreign Credible pumps. No pre workout comes close to Viagra or Levitra. Free workout. The powers ofthe New World Nutritionals may have helped me locate the hidden steroids of much of beach. We shall injected now and find is Trevor. You are too big for cows. You must pay double for enhanced sadly shaker cut. We've got to get one for all the brothers in the house. That is that anabolic. If it's anabolic, will take it says it's a new type of fat burner is going to make me amped up good for pre workout. Burn a lot of fat. All right, I hope I'm doing this right, guys? Is it like this? Is that what I did? How's it feel to be single handedly responsible for so many people getting into lady boys when they see you do it and making it look so cool? Enhanced athlete bus has arrived to meet one of our new special guests. Here's the crew. Everybody you see there is making history here in human evolution. All the new rage little spinner thing you flicked like this to get your what? *** technique up? Yes, Office in there than the playroom. Meeting rooms like a Google tender. I will have, uh, two shots of trend and one shot of the queue, please. Yes, sir. This is Trevor. It's diet. You guys want to know what's up with this bodybuilding? I think these air actually gummy lady boys from seeing this correctly. Fact about Tony. Huge is he is undefeated in food. We found the New York Rats. They're all over the street. It's in that midnight. So there. Look at him. Look how many there are downtown jazz bar. They're about to start playing the music. I wanted to see what a downtown New York like realized underground. Looks like you just help me demonstrate with a pool cue How to do a proper injection. Second part of the video is going to be in the bedroom. There are no lady boys here. So Sky's gonna help stimulate Trevor by performing the Lady New York City. That place is my God, New York pizza. Look where they're getting into Esther. Now that's an impressive parallel parking job. Good morning, New York. It may be that I have field the hidden steroids much Pete, you kicking this morning where everybody is to follow the Trump sign. Whole Foods. One World Observatory. It's like nine eleven Museum. Look at the size of a building. OneWorld Observatory for the nine eleven Memorial Giant waterfall. Here's the view from this side right building back in the one world before what this is the memorial for nine eleven kicked out of the memorial for taking a picture because we were having a good time in the picture. Gotta love America. Freedom. Clear your perfectly fine to take pictures. You can't just be happy for having fun in the picture at the memorial. They think that's disrespecting, and it's against the law the doors are right. Where spectacular three hundred sixty review of the city that you of Liberty Bikini competitors showing us what beats New York City. This is the best view of New York I've ever seen Is the one hundred and second floor to shoot on. We're gonna go base jumping now. Beautiful. Those little brownie cookies. Nine hundred twenty California into the airline. And I think travel should have to pay double. I'd like to talk a lot more than men. So see my two girls there they get to occupy themselves all day and have conversations. Saves me a lot of conversation.

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