IGF-1 LR3 and DES Muscle Growth | Dr. Tony Huge

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GF Questions of the week is acetic acid needed to reconstitute the gf And can it be injected inter muscularly or subcutaneous Lee? I'm Dr Tony huge. And first of all, this is not medical advice. Don't do anything that I do this for informational educational experimentation Purposes only don't do anything without Dr Supervision. GFS insulin like growth factor one of the most anabolic compounds that ever existed. I'm on I g f right now personally, And, uh, I do not mix it with acetic acid. I reconstituted with standard B A seawater, which is just water with a little bit of alcohol preservative in it. And people are saying that gf goes bad really quickly. If it's not reconstituted with acetic acid, will, I don't want to ever inject to see the gases. That stuff is freaking painful. I mean, I've only done it once, and it was one of the most painful injections I've ever had. So I prefer to find anyway, around using acetic acid possible, uh, as faras idea whether it lasts long after reconstituting. Remember, I used one hundred micrograms a day, which is an extremely high dosage. I'm gonna do another video about dosages and why most people might not want to do one hundred micrograms per day like I do. But since I do the high dose of Jack and feel it, I can feel my muscles full. I can feel them a key. I can feel them growing. So I know whether any individual shot of GF is working, period. I don't need to see a lab analysis. I don't need to get my blood tested. There is no mistaking the feeling of GF of re ally G f like at a dance athlete dot com. So when I reconstitute my idea f with seawater, and then I use it for about twenty days afterwards because that's how long the bottle last me. Ten to twenty days, fifty micrograms per day. Last twenty days, hundred micrograms per day. Last me ten days. I've even had what bottle in my fridge for thirty days and guess what it's still worked with. It recalls to with B A seawater thirty days later. Now, whether the um whether it lasts forty days, I don't know. But I definitely know the I G f when kept in the refrigerator and re costume with B a seawater from personal experience still lasts. Uh, thirty days. So I don't need to reconstitute it with acetic acid, right? What? I mean, what's that going to give me another fifteen days of forty five days, the vials gonna last after reconstituting. I'm gonna use it in ten to twenty days anyways. Okay, so I definitely don't need to see the castle on The second question was injected into her muscularly or subcutaneous Lee, I've injected i g f darn near everywhere in my body, and I notice absolutely no difference. Remember, I can feel the i g f. So when I inject it, even if it's desk, desk or G f if I injected subcutaneous in my kneecap, I still feel it just as much in my biceps when I do a set of biceps. If I inject it in my vice, my left bicep, I feel it just as much in my right bicep. So I don't understand why people and, uh, wantto do like half a dose in the right bicep and half a dozen there left bicep. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. It probably has a ten percent greater benefit in the muscle. That it's injected into, but it's probably only ten percent because I'm telling you, I can feel the I g f working. I can feel it working in every muscle in my body, no matter where I injected. So the local effect can't be extreme. It could only be a little subtle benefit, but it's got to be injected somewhere. So I totally understand injecting it in a site where poor growth is wanted. Why not? Right? I often inject things into my upper chest isn't gonna make any local growth? Uh, probably not much, but it's a convenient place to do it. And if I have any where I can pick to grow a little extra muscle that it's gonna make a difference to inject a small amount, why not? The upper chest will be swollen, swollen by friends of freedom. My pioneers of human evolution

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