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professor here is from here for my three thirty extra credit appointment. I'm ready for you. Injectable Lasix, Bodybuilding diary tick. Dr Tony. Huge guru. Mean hottie alert. Now, this topic is something I'm trying to get Coach Trevor to discuss for a long time. But I couldn't get him drunk enough. So the reason why Coach Trevor wouldn't discuss this because it's very dangerous. One of most dangerous things you could do in bodybuilding. And if you do it, you are likely to die. Now, I talk about DNP. I take DNP on camera. I don't feel the DNP is dangerous. I feel that it's healthy. I know it sounds ridiculous, but just to compare the danger of DNP versus the danger of what we're about to talk about I mean, it's like this. Okay, no joke. This is something that I very hesitant to even try myself. Guru Amine has a lot of experience with injectable Lasix. He's walked people through protocols and monitor them very closely. And they have not died. No one has died under your supervision. Nobody has died. Okay? Nobody. And that's because he knows what he's doing. Don't you guys even try this But this is the truth of no value. A hospital leader. So injectable Lasix. Why injectable versus the tablet Lasix that most bodybuilders take timing it potency and timing. But first I want to get into this when we were talking about queuing up on the danger side of all this stuff. OK, there has been a death from this, and it wasn't. It was before my time. Its name was behind Aziza. It was pretty well known that he died from taking injectable Lasix. Okay. And so will you talk about aural versus injectable? When you're talking about is a timing that's guaranteed from when you inject it. There's a certain amount of time you tapped right here. Does that mean you inject it just intra muscular. Its use the insulin syringe, so, like it's just the same. Is this stress that you take your brother? You don't need to do it ivy or anything. It's the only time you never have to take it. Ideas is if it was an emergency, like you know, you're in a ambulance or it's the doctor's giving Teo ivy. But for bodybuilding, we would do it in her muscular. And now here's the thing. This is the big, big, important thing that's extremely important to remember for dead about injectable Lasix, period. Unless you've built a reservoir of potassium chloride, which is also extremely dangerous. No city boulder, these two go hand in hand, and they're very dangerous. They inject the belay. Six gets rid of potassium chloride. Potassium chloride can slow the heart rate down, but it also pulls water in the cell. Okay, so what we do is we make sure that the waters in the cell and I actually make sure that the body, the body builders, that I do this with me and I'm watching them constantly. I'm staying with them in their room, and you know, I'm watching them literally. I have them flex for me about every hour every two hours. Once they start twitching, it's a twitch is different from a locking cramp. A locking cramp is when you don't have enough sodium. Most everybody's experienced a cramp lock. There's an endurance cramp that's, you know, from working out of the milk, your forms or there's the you know, the locking cramp, which you see backstage. I, you know, like that. And then there's the twitching cramps, which you never really see. It's like it's like twitching like a twitching thing that's too much potassium. So when I do, they enjoy the ballet. Six. I'm doing it to get rid of giving someone an excess amount of potassium when other people have used it dangerously, they would give the person the injectable Lasix, and then they start crapping and then trying to fix the cramped with the potassium afterward. You it's how many minutes do you have before you got to get a ivy? And I mean, it's too late that so there has to be a protocol prior. They even taking the injection. Or else it's It's dangerous to the point that not only going to be flat, but you're going to lock up crap and you're not going to make it on the stage. When do people usually take the shot of injectable Lasix? The night before the show, The morning of the show. Okay, again, business. This is my protocols. And you know my protocols, Air beast, particular protocols that we're talking about the most extreme protocols that I've done on people. Okay, I've used it for three days. I've used it for three days on people. No, we just talked about diary ticks. We talked about all data tone and how it's only beneficial the night before. But the reason why was because it was potassium loading to you. Cramp. Take the Lasix to get rid of the potassium tasking learning to Ukraine. So I was continually forcing glycogen with insulin in Oliver's while the car loading the whole time all carb loading and then using the injected Lasix to get rid of any sub. Q water. Wait, when we take diary ticks for bodybuilding competitions like Object on Designer World Lasix, we always run the risk of going flat and cramping up on stage. Feeling like crap. Crap getting dehydrated. So how is it that you don't mean injectable Lasix being even more more powerful? How do you not get flat? How do you not cramp up the potassium chloride? The pharmaceutical grade. But it's about pre loaded. It's preloaded. That's how you build a reservoir. I mean, you literally put so much. Okay, It's not just regular over the counter potassium. It's gotta be pharmaceutical potash, and it needs to be the time release because the potassium chloride you can get the new soul the no salt new salt. A lot of people know we talked about that before. It's it's basically assault substitutes over the counter, but there's no there's nothing time releasing it. So you have to have the time release because the Lasix continues toe work. So unless you're prepared to continually take spoon after school after spoon of potassium because it's not time released, it's extremely hard to get the reservoir prior to the injection. How, how many? And if you do it over a three day period of time, how many injections per day are we talking about? It was about okay. On average, it's about total. It's about six to eight CCS for the competition total for the over a three day period or shorter period of time. That's it. So it depending on when we started. But is this something that has to be injected every couple hours or not once a day, types, you know, a tte the most. It will be three times a day like every eight hours. You don't you wouldn't do it any more than that because this still residual effect from the prior shot and then you're getting a built up, effective Lasix. And remember, you're trying to match it by just getting rid of the excess potassium. It's not taking a diary tickets. It's a hole. It's a whole one eighty degree thinking of a way we were taking direct. Let's say I don't want to go all the way Extreme ***. I'm not competing in the Olympia stage. I'm competing on the, uh, lesser competition, and but I want to put dip my toe in the water. Are we talking about doing just injectable Lasix? Maybe one day and be seen loading one day? Yeah, you again. It would. Then you have to use both the short and the fast because you've got to use the time release potassium to make sure that you know the residual effects of the Lasix don't continually cause negative side effects. But then now, because we're talking about one day, we've got to do the no salt, too. I thought that Lasix also gets rid of sodium, too, but you're not talking about adding sodium. Well, that's true. But when I do all of this, it's a It's a giant process. It's been labeled as hell week by some for bodybuilders on it involves a combination of multiple different things. All of a wish if you're not doing him properly, could lead to not anything. But if I have found a formula and it's been successful, people have known a lot of the people that I've worked with, one successfully using this system. And it involves zero carbs with hundred red scarf depletion while sodium voting. And then that switches to a sodium, depleting potassium loading, carving up insulin, injectable Lasix and a little bit about dark tone to help the sodium potassium think is what is that? That don't do whole potassium blocks sodium. And so when you do something like this, then you hear about my guys eating pancakes the day of the show looking crate. That's why because if you do that, then you're you know the pancakes will fill you out, let you look incredible. You you really, really get so dry using it that the key is is just keeping up with nutrition, keeping up with the fluid. You don't wantto drop the fluid and then take injectable Lasix and do everything it wants without somebody monitoring the situation. And again, this is not something that I recommend anybody do without monitoring the situation toe. Actually see whether the person is going to go into one of those type of cramps or not, because after that, it's not credible. Ivy time. I give you guys this knowledge because I want to give you all the secrets that I'm learning. And I've teamed up with some amazing, intelligent people that are also willing to share their information. Crack this whole secret body building industry open so you can see what the path. In the end, the Wizard of Oz looks like the end of all this to see if you really want to even embark down this road and be a professional bodybuilder when you know what's really involved with it. At the highest levels be swollen school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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