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Hey, i'm trying something fairly new for me it's to drink an intra workout drink, which means during the workout, uh, and it's gonna be packed with protein and carbohydrates and no fat because i'm gonna try and spiked my insulin during the workout really shuttle all the nutrients into the muscles. So what i have here is the ninja blender, and i put into it, uh, rice, white rice. I put one hundred and i put three hundred. Yeah, well, anyways, white rice is about one third it's weight in carbs. So the net amount of carbs in the rice i put it was about one hundred and fifty grams of carbs. And then i put another fifty grams of dextrose powder, which is just pure sugar prayer pure glucose glucose, as opposed to for toast, because glucose has an affinity for the muscles instead of being stored in the liver. Then i added some honey for flavor, which does have a little bit of fructose it's, about half for toast, half glucose broken down into sure components. And then i used two different protein powders that are known for digesting very quickly because they're they're basically pre digested. This one it's hide way hydraulics eight so this one way hydraulics eight, two different brands. Uh, and i actually mixed in a little bit of disappearing with seventy five grams of protein, so we're two hundred grams of car, seventy five grams of protein. I fit it into two different of these shakes that i'm gonna drink during the workout right there. And i'm the reason why i chose these ingredients is because i know it doesn't cause any bloating, and it won't take a lot of blood flow from my muscles while working out in order to have digested so which is shuttle right into the muscles, and the reason i didn't just use pure dextrose on lian yu dextrose absorb so quickly. Uh, you would have to be in order to keep your blood level of sugar sugar levels stable during the workout, you would have to be sipping it every couple minutes, as opposed to when i add the white rice it digest just a little bit slower, they just for quickly, but a little bit slower so that i could be i could sip on the drink maybe once every five minutes instead and still keep my blood sugars stable. I don't recommend that everybody do this. This is me trying to rebound from the bodybuilding competition, try to put on some weight really quickly on two hundred fourteen pounds. Right now, it competed at two hundred four pounds. That was a week ago, so i put on ten pounds in one week, so i'm taking advantage of the anabolic rebound and it's working well, and i think that this insure work out drink is gonna help me get the last little push out of the anabolic rebound. Hope that's helpful.

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